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Also. Please know that I want to fight Pledis forever and always for how they treat both Nu’Est and After School. :)

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Jackson ain't even following that girl and if it was secret why would the person openly comment on his post lol I saw a guy model comment on his post a lot but no one assumes they're dating

u know what!!! if anyone can be secretly dating Jackson… then can u help me spread rumours that I’m secretly dating Jackson… I comment on his Instagram regularly and he doesn’t follow me either! I fit the description 😉😉😉


Lala collapses into hopeless tears after Remy leaves. She knew she shouldn’t have slapped him, but she also knew that the way Remy treated her wasn’t right. She loved him deeply, more than she’d loved any man ever. There were moments when she was certain of his love for her too. Most of the time, though, she felt disposable to him. She was terrified that one day he’d walk out of her life permanently. She desperately wanted to get to the bottom of who Remy Holmes really was, but his true personality felt secret to her. 

A song lyric came into her head as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“How empty of me to be so full of you.”

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healthy people: *deals with their problems, confronts anxieties and fears, eats relatively balanced meals, sleeps at least 6 hours, goes on dates*

me: *plays mystic messenger*


Kdrama kisses

me and my little sister (she’s 12) were watching ouat and I said that I will murder the writers if the show will end without Emma/Regina hug. My sister said that maybe they haven’t hugged yet because they like like each other and are too afraid, and I was like

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So you are on your fourteenth shower in the last twenty-four hours and yet you feel dirty, your insecurities cling to you better than your skin and they even flow in your bloodstream. 

The word FAT refuses to go down the drain because it is too big to fit in through the hole and the word UGLY is hanging onto you by your nails, the word UNSIGHTLY is stuck in the mirror in front of you and the word LONELY just entered the bathroom. The word UNATTRACTIVE is still your closest friend because it never left, and the word PLAIN-LOOKING is the compliment you’ve ever felt