secret performance

If you become admired by your good deed performed in public, then purify it by
performing it in secret, for performing it in secret is a purification of it.
—  Shaykh `Abdul-`Azīz bin Marzūq al-Ṭarīfī
  • Kevin: so this is my boyfriend
  • *Joaquin and Jughead perform their secret handshake*
  • Betty: wait you two know each other???
  • Joaquin: pffft no
  • Jughead: I would have to be connected to the Southside Serpents somehow...
  • Jughead: like perhaps through...
  • Jughead: a fatherly connection of some sort

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Dean still being so emotionally tongue-tied that he expresses his affection for Cas through little things. Cas mentions he would like a certain book? Dean: *unceremoniously plops it down on the table in front of Cas one day like it's nothing.* Cas smiles while smelling a flower? Dean: *grumpily hands him a bouquet of them with a mumbled, reluctant "here ya go"* Just Dean being sweet/romantic but not happy about it but also secretly really happy about it.


okay now that the pterodactyl screeching is out of the way, you have beautifully illustrated Performing Dean for us.

Dean remembers things that make people happy and he does his best to provide. Even if he has to pretend he’s doing it grudgingly and not because he’s a big ol’ softie who just likes to make people happy when he can.

And thus were spawned a thousand AU’s of Dean grudgingly doing stuff with the excuse that Cas was interested in doing them, but really Dean was just as content to do the thing with Cas. Even the things that weren’t personally interesting to him, just because dammit how often does he get to see Cas purely happy about anything?

(oh gosh seriously this is about 50% of all the fic I write… you have somehow uncovered my dastardly secret to the fluffiest fluffs)

I don’t have many notes today, apart from my James notes from earlier, and the following observations:

-When the boys are on top of the train, the lights in the strip across the back of the stage illuminate to follow the visible width of the train. Basically, when you can see the whole length of the train, the whole strip of lights is lit up, and when you can only see the end of the train, only the centre of the strip is lit up.

-James L did the back drumming on the second hug as well as the first (when Albus hugs Scorpius, Scorpius pats Albus’s back with his hands). Also, Scorpius made the most delighted noise when that hug happened.

-I loved Draco’s office today. It was really simple, just the two of them standing and looking at each other, but there was so much strength and determination in the two of them just facing each other and talking. Lovely.

-The end of the Owlery scene was incredible. Delphi grabbed Scorpius’s hand at one point, and held onto it while he was beginning to distrust her, presumably to stop him going for his wand. And Albus was just glaring at Scorpius the whole time. It was one of Sam’s best moments of the whole day.

-The scene in Harry’s office was devastating. Jamie broke so much earlier on than he has been recently, even before the second bit of Dumbledore’s speech. And Draco had a really long pause before saying that the day Scorpius was born was the happiest day of both his and Astoria’s lives. Also, he had to stop to wipe his eyes and gather himself together before he even reached ‘Astoria always knew she wasn’t destined for old age’. I’ve never seen him get so emotional so early on. It rivalled the very best Harry’s office scene I’ve ever seen I think. Both Harry and Draco spurring each other on to greater heights of emotion.

-In Godric’s Hollow, when Scorpius did his 'help, help, help!’ routine, instead of going across the stage on his knees, miming asking Harry for help, he took Albus’s face in both his hands and looked into Albus’s eyes, and did the 'help!’ bits to him. Albus was slightly bemused. (And James L told us at stage door that she wished she’d had that idea sooner, so she totally knows what she’s doing to use all.)

-After the battle, when Delphi was falling to the ground, the last thing I saw before the lights dimmed apart from the spotlight on Delphi, was Draco reaching out to Scorpius to protect him and check he was alright. <3

-The penultimate scene was really something. Scorbus shippers look away now. So basically Rose arrived and kind of planted herself in the middle of the stage, and she beckoned to Scorpius and he just went to her like he couldn’t help it. Then she adjusted his robes for him, and grabbed him by the jumper and reeled him in when she said 'okay, Scorpion King’, and it actually looked like she was going to kiss him. But at the last minute she let go and he went sprawling back and ended up in a grinning, dazed heap at the bottom of the stairs. He was delighted. And if anything could ever make me ship Scorose it was that. Such an electric moment.

-Pro-tip: when you next see the show, don’t think about how it’s the last/nearly the last time you’ll see Sam and Jamie do the last scene. I made that mistake and ended up crying. It’s just a bad idea.

[INFO] 170210 Seventeen in Carat Land Day 1 Setlist

Boom Boom
Highlight ot13 ver.
Quick Pace
Intro. Ment
Don’t Listen In Secret
Check In
Performance Unit Unreleased Song
Joseon Era School Skit
Dino Solo Song
VCR - Aju Nice 8bit Ver + Pacman
Games: Newpaper Game + Charades
Unit Switch:
Hip Hop Unit - Don’t Listen in Secret
Performance Unit - Lean on Me
Vocal Unit - JAM JAM
Secret Stage.
Emotional Ass VCR
Dk Cried
Everyone cried
I cried
You cried
Smile Flower
Beautiful ot13 Ver.
Adore U


Reader x Klaus

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“Master Mikaelson, (Y/N) shall be here soon, I have been sent to ask you to prepare for her.” A messenger said as handed Klaus the note.

“I’ll have everything prepared.” Klaus promised and the man hurried away, leaving Klaus to walk around the large house as he waited for you to arrive.

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For the past 20 years, I have had a fascination with the British monarchy. And by “fascination,” I mean an obsession that more than one person has expressed serious concern about, and which should probably keep me from being allowed in that country ever again.

One of the first things people ask me when they find out about my hobby / discover the secret altar where I perform blood sacrifices while chanting “God save the Queen” (hey, how do you think she’s made it to 90?) is what the point is of having a royal family anymore. After all, this is the 21st century, and we don’t need some stupid, unqualified person to automatically lead us just because they were born into wealth and power. We elect those people now. I usually answer by explaining the role of the monarchy in government, the importance of having a living connection to history, and their extensive charitable work.

But that’s all just an excuse. I want the royal family to stick around because their drama puts every soap opera to shame. No, seriously, it’s nuts …

How The British Royal Family Has More Drama Than Any CW Show