secret moonacre

“Matter of Pride”

The Secret of Moonacre is a ridiculously cute movie~!! I watched it completely on a whim for background noise and ended up falling in love with it~!! It’s a children’s novel originally, though I haven’t read it, so I’m only familiar with the movie-adaptation of it~!! I so strongly suggest people go watch it~!! I absolutely loved all the characters~!! 

AND THESE TWO~!! Maria and Robin~!! If you have no other reason to watch this movie, or somehow end up disliking it, then nonetheless watch it for the COSTUMES!! My gosh, are Maria’s dresses the prettiest things I’ve ever seen and I did NOT do any of her outfits justice in my little sketch~!! 

Gah~!! These two were just so perfect…everyone in that movie was perfect!! Please go watch it~!!