secret men's business


Sjin took his plane to visit the Hat Corp trio, those secretive business men that dealt in shady deals and very little else. They seemed very interested in the idea of treasure to be found there, and when he left, they were huddled together, whispering furiously between themselves. 

Meanwhile Xephos alone traveled to the north, to seek out their most powerful acquaintance, Kirindave, and hoping he was in a good mood. He met him under the cover of a dappled forest, where he was gently informed that he was expected, and that these matters did not interest him. 

Xephos was invited in for a drink, and in his mountain forest base, met Kirin’s two wards, Zoeya and Teep, both who were much more interested than Kirin was in the news of a newly discovered stronghold. He promised to inform them if any plans were reached.

-End Scene 3, Part 3 of 4-

(art by rebelinks , writing by nightingalelost )

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