secret love

One day, years from now I will be sitting with my grand daughter and she will ask me about the one that got away and I just know that you are the man I will tell her about. You are the man I will be talking about even when I am 80. The boy with the stars for eyes and the devilish smile. She will ask me why I never married you and I will tell her that I never had to courage to admit my feelings to you. I will tell her that no one has ever intimidated as much as you did and that the more I fell for you, the more steps backwards I took. Till eventually I had lost you. You are the man I will tell her about when I encourage her to go all out for love and tell the boy she loves how she feels before it’s too late. You are the man who has always been everything I ever needed even when I did not know what I needed. You are the man I will forever carry in my heart.

5:33 pm


~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #31

While I love everything about this page, perhaps my favorite thing is what’s not here.

Misty’s cybernetic arm.

It was nice in a story about superheroes (where disabilities are so often depicted as something to be fixed) that we were able to depict Misty as a woman with an actual disability.  At the end of the day, she’s lost an arm and while it has been replaced with a giant metal one that’s very useful for punching bad guys, it’s not something you would want to wear to bed or for late night canoodling with your husband.  To my mind, that’s something that’s largely missing in comics that I wanted to make sure was here.  Guirhiru did a great job of depicting it and doing so simply and subtly.

She doesn’t say I love you like a normal person. She says it in the most subtle ways. “Drive safe, don’t text me while you’re driving. You’re stupid. I hate you. You’re an idiot. You’re crazy. I disown you.” My goodness if she ‘disowns you’, you’re a lucky man.

3:09 pm


~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #30


In a good drama can not miss those hugs that say it all………