secret life

Much appreciation for keeping sexual remarks away from my post or reblogs, since my posts are NOT intended to be sexual in any way.  Thank you All very much!  These are Family ‘n  Friends;  NOT   ‘webfinds’ -  Intent  is  Family Positive Parenting,  Advocating for FOSTER Care and Foster too Adoption of Americas Older Homeless / Orphaned Children. Just a Reminder,  Most all are UNDER  the age of 18  +  Have  N0  place  in  any  ‘adult orientated  site’  N0 Judgement on  Any Tumblr User here,  Just hoping to Find  Good  Parents, SINGLE  or  Coupled  to  Open their  Hearts + Homes ...  Yes we do  have  Fun,  so  Can  You -  We  TRY too show what  We do / did as  an  everchanging  Family.  Foster Kids come + go,  we simply  be  sure  they  are  Loved, housed, well  fed, appreciated + Hope  all  will  THRIVE  as  young Adults -  Thanks for your Consideration,  The  SL0B  Blog.
  • Boyfriend goes to bed in the morning, takes cat with him.
  • Cat sleeps there for an hour, gets up.
  • Cat begs for food.
  • Cat wants to sit in the courtyard.
  • Cat sits with me on the couch for a while.
  • Cat finds a sunbeam to wash himself in.
  • Cat indulges in a little bird watching.
  • Cat begs me for dinner. Unsuccessful.
  • Cat returns to sleeping in bed with the boyfriend.
  • Boyfriend wakes up an hour later.
  • Boyfriend: Oh Honey, the cat's so cute! He's been curled up with me all day!
  • Me: Yes dear. Sure.


Fear that something will go wrong and Hope that something will go right are both just thoughts in your imagination.

Depending on which one you think will determine the outcome.

Fear is using your imagination for something you do not want.

Excitement is using that same imagination for something you can’t wait to have!

Neither one have happened yet. Both are thoughts found only in your brain, so why not use your imagination to produce what you want? 

The choice is yours.