secret hook up

Imagine an AU where Stiles is the son of the President but he has a tendency to slip away from his guard, Peter, and run away to get himself into danger and mischief - drinking and partying at nightclubs or running the street and getting involved in shenanigans. One day at the local night club, he meets a super hot guy and starts grinding with him only to be interrupted by a gorgeous man that could only be described as godlike. His original dance partner leaves to get drinks and returns with one for Stiles. Stiles drinks it and heads off, only making it as far as the alleyway before realising his drink was roofied. Her first dance partner returns only to be fought off by the other guy. Stiles doesn’t remember anything else, he only remembers waking up in a strange bed to the smell of sausages. When he makes his way out into the lounge room of the apartment he sees the other guy he was dancing with, the god-like beauty, now dressed in a tight-fitting Henley and a pair of jeans. The man introduces himself as Derek, ex marine who served his time in Iraq and stepped in to help Stiles last night. The two grow closer, meeting at a lot of parties and secret hook ups. Then one day, at a gala, a mad man with a gun attacks and Stiles and Derek are rushed out the back exit. Stiles is ushered into a car but Derek stops, picks up a walkie talkie and says the two words that break Stiles’ heart: “Miguel secured.” He shuts the door and Stiles is driven to safety, now knowing the man he trusted (and maybe even loved) had lied to him. Derek was part of the Secret Service all along.

“What if nothing ever gives you that same thrill again?” -Ian to Fiona.

This was personally one of my favorite, if not favorite, lines for Ian on 7X10 and here’s why:
Ian broke up with Mickey because he was in denial of his bipolar disorder, Monica got in his head, and he didn’t want to take his meds and he knew Mickey would want him to, correct? Well, now that he’s come to terms with his disorder I think he realized what Mickey did for him. Not only that, but he had pushed back all those memories when he started dating again and started to live a “normal” dating life. Straight up dinner and movie dates. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but, when you’re a Gallagher, it doesn’t really suit you or last long. Mickey and Ian fought for their love. For years it was secret hook ups, fighting with each other until they passionately had sex, the drama of Mickey coming out to his family, and Ian literally melting every time another piece of Mickey slipped through the hard cracks of his shell and showed Ian his true feelings.
“What if nothing ever gives you that same thrill again?” He’s not satisfied with Trevor anymore. You could tell the second he found out Mickey was back. He tried to convince himself that he was still into Trevor but, like he said, he couldn’t get Mickey “out of his head.” And Caleb? The only “thrilling” part of their relationship was Ian finding out he was HIV positive and him cheating on Ian with a woman. Gallavich, their love wasn’t something boring. It was dangerous, surprising, passionate, and true. You can’t fake what they had/have. Nor will they probably ever find somebody that could even match that level of “thrill” and Ian knows that.
I hate to compare their relationship to Monica and Franks because of how toxic their relationship is but, I will say this. No matter what happens to them or how long they are apart, Frank and Monica always find their way back to each other in the end. Their love is too catastrophic for each other to ever end. This is how I see Ian and Mickey. Even if in the next episode or two they leave each other again, they will find a way back to each other. We may not see it in the show or the show may end and they are “broken up” but, this episode put in stone that they are a powerful force. When they are together, nothing can stand in the way of that.
Now, I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the next episode. I honestly feel like the writers will never give us a happy ending on film with them since they made it their mission to trash Mickey every chance they got whenever somebody would speak about him. I just hope that, if they do break up in the next episode or the finale, Mickey gets the recognition he deserves. He gets a fair ending. He shouldn’t get belittled or made into the bad guy because he asked Ian to go with him, not forced. He told Ian to tell him goodbye but he didn’t. Ian made the decision to go with Mickey himself. Nobody else made him go. BUT there’s a chance they don’t fuck it up and give them their “happily ever after.” Cameron is set to start Gotham and film 5 indie movies soon. There’s talks of him leaving the show (not sure if it’s for a season or forever but). If they give Gallavich their “forever”, I need two things to happen:
-Ian tells Mickey thank you for taking care of him while he was really sick and in denial of his bipolar disorder.
-I need to hear Ian tell Mickey he loves him to Mickey’s face

My perfect Gallavich ending:
The cops find Ian and Mickey. They are running from them and find a place to hide, the cops are running past them not knowing where they went. Mickey turns to Ian and says “Gallagher, you with me?”
And Ian simply replies with “Always Mick.”

Truth || Mikey Pearce

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Word Count: 1.3k+

Summary: When a game of truth or dare turns into more, neither party can bring themselves to regret it.

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, its my first Mikey imagine ever so I hope that it’s okay!!xo

“Oh, I hope you’re joking.” (Y/N) sighs tiredly as she walks into the living room of her shared apartment and finds every single one of her bestfriends gathered around her coffee table with the football on the TV and beer bottles littered around the room carelessly. “Christ, please tell me that you guys have atleast eaten some proper food.”

Joe looks up and pats his chest proudly. “I made sure we ordered in food for lunch, because I’m the responsible adult here.”

“You’re sat on my carpet with a beer stain on your shirt and dry ketchup on your cheek.” She points out, pursing her lips in amusement as he frowns and begins wiping his face furiously. “Alright, you know what, I’ve had a shitty day at work and I have the day off tomorrow. So, what’re we drinking?”

The boys all begin to cheer as she plonks herself down onto the empty space on the couch, taking off her heels and throwing them over her shoulder carelessly, listening to them crash to the floor with a relieved sigh.

She takes the beer out of Jack’s hand as he offered it and pecked his cheek in thanks, gulping down at least half of the bottle before allowing herself to relax back against the sofa, and glance up at Mikey, who was sat beside her and was watching her with a smirk.

She gives him a small smile before looking away and hugging the rest of the beer, exhaling loudly and eying the TV obsessed boys with a groan. “God, you guys are so boring. Can’t we attract play a drinking game? You know I hate football.”

Eventually, after quite a few minutes of pleading, the TV got shit off and everyone gathered around the table in a circle, (Y/N)‘a empty very bottom lying down in the centre as she took a sip from another. “Who’s going first?”

Caspar volunteers quickly and doesn’t hesitate to lean forward and spin the bottle, watching as it landed on Joe and wiggling his eyebrows mischievously. “Joseph, truth or dare?”

Joe narrows his eyes at the blonde’s smug tone but shrugs it off and carries on with the game. “Dare.”

“I dare you to read out your last tinder conversation to us.” Caspar smirks, and (Y/N) laughs and cheers, the rest of the boys following suit causing Joe to groan and pull out his phone from his back pocket.

It turned out that his last tinder conversation hadn’t been all that great, a little awkward if you were to ask (Y/N) for her honest opinion, but she wasn’t exactly a pro at relationships.

Joe rubs his hands together with a cartoon like evil laugh before spinning the bottle, his eyes lighting up when it points at (Y/N), who eyes the bottle with a snigger; the buzz from the alcohol giving her a new found sense of confidence. “(Y/N), my dear best friend, truth or dare?”

She could’ve easily chosen dare, but decided to keep that for a little later on; too sober to even consider doing anything she knew Joe would challenge her too. “Hoeseph, I’ll take my chance with truth.”

Mikey laughs loudly at her nickname for Joe, causing her to glance over at him with a small smile. Joe hums and tilts his head to the left as he stares at her, and everyone else waits in anticipation. “Who was the last person you had a dirty dream about?”

Joe knew this. Joe knew exactly what he was doing, and judging by the smug grin on his face as he wiggled his eyebrows at her: even after a few beers he was more than prepared to tease her for hours on end about the dream she’d told him about by mistake.

But she was prepared, and challenged his smug expression with one of her own, staring into his eyes and not showing a single crack in her resolve. “Danny, from Greece.”

Joe sighs and rolls his eyes as the rest of the boys eye the two in confusion, feeling as if they were missing out on something important but brushing it off when (Y/N) leans in and spins the bottle; smiling widely when it landed on Conor, who’s eyes travelled from the bottle up to her face slowly. “Oh god.”

“Con, truth or dare?”

He watches her cautiously, running his hand through his hair nervously and exhaling in defeat. “Truth.”

“Have you ever had sex to one of your own songs before?”

She was genuinely curious, and now seemed like the perfect time to ask. She was sure she’d heard him listen to his own songs before, which was obviously more than okay, but she’d always silently questioned whether or not he’d had sex with anyone whilst one of his own songs played in the background.

He laughs, his shoulders sinking in relief as he shakes his head. “I was once given a lap dance to Vegas Girl, but I’ve never actually had sex to one of them, no.”

Spinning the bottle without another word, he watches it come to a stop and squinted at Mikey, who’s eyes widen at the mere sight on the older Maynards’ face. Conor grins. “Mikey boy, truth or dare?”

“I think I’ll go for a dare, mate!” He says loudly, in perfect Mikey fashion.

Conor nods and strokes an invisible beard, making both (Y/N) and Jack snort in amusement. “I dare you to show me a picture of the last chick you pulled.”

It was a well known fact that Mikey was relatively secretive about who he hooked up with, but when he sighs and unlocks his phone, (Y/N)’s eyes widen in shock. She can’t help but look down at her hands, slightly uncomfortable as Conor takes the phone out of his hands and begins to laugh hysterically. “Holy shit, that chicks like a carbon copy of (Y/N), just a whole lot less hot!”

Looking up, she furrows her brows and holds out her hand, ignoring Mikey’s words of protest as Conor hands her the phone and she zooms in on the girls face. “I look nothing like this chick; but I swear I recognise her from somewhere.” She looks up at the ceiling as she thinks before gasping in realisation and looking over at Mikey in disbelief. “Oh my god, that’s the girl you met in Utala! Wait, you haven’t pulled in four weeks?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s absolutely ridiculous! I mean, I don’t know what’s happened. One day I was good with everyone that came along, but now? It’s like my hearts making me wait, you know what I mean?”

Joe chuckles as he takes a sip of beer. “Don’t worry mate, there’s always a girl for you. You just gotta find her.”

The rest of the boys nod in agreement, at the stage of drunkness where they lost all need to tease and instead felt sympathetic toward their friend, who glances up from the floor when (Y/N) crawls over and hands him back his phone with a small smile. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have looked at your phone without your say so.”

He shrugs and pockets the device, “s'alright. Just a bit embarrassing when people find out how long it’s been since I got a girl.”

She nods in understanding, making herself comfortable next to him as the boys began to talk between themselves. She leans her head onto his shoulder and sighs. “If it makes this situation any better for you, it’s been a while for me too.”

That night, friendship was tossed out of the window and everything they’d known previously meant nothing anymore. No longer were they just friends with petty crushes, and no longer had they both suffered without sex for a while.

They laid asleep in bed that night, (Y/N)’s head on Mikey’s chest and his hand wound up in her hair. The perfect fit, like two pieces to a puzzle. God was she glad she’d forced the guys to stop watching football.

you know what….the girls bathroom haunted by Moaning Myrtle would be the ideal place for Hogwart students to hook up….bc really if they made any noises no one would think something was going on, they would just think it was Myrtle, and no one goes in there so its like prime privacy. plus Myrtle doesn’t talk about anything but herself, so no one would find out, and shes not always there she does follow the pipes. 

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I know people talk about Jack being a not straight NHL player and there's stories about him coming out but has anyone talked about Kent the same? He's been in the NHL longer, how did he feel about being in a culture that well... still has more improvement needed? Is he out in the locker room, does anyone know? Has he tried going out with others or only thought about it because he knows there's too much on the line regarding his career?? I just want more Kent being a gay hockey player please

God I get so emotional over this all the time, like Kent has everything, Captaincy, a cup ring, presumably a spot on the USA olympic roster and he has no one to share it with, like do any of the guys in that room know, has he told his closest team mates, the inner core of the aces, or is it an open thing where one homophobic chirp on the ice and suddenly you have the weight of the Aces 4th line bearing down on you. Or does he keep it a complete secret, using hook up apps when he is out of town, and relying on LV being a non standard hockey town to pick up. 

How many times has he thought about it, coming clean and dealing with the consequences, because Kent wouldn’t just be the first out NHL player, he’s captain of the las vegas aces, the post boy for american hockey, he knows how this narrative is supposed to go. Stanley Cup. Olympic Gold. A hot girlfriend with great wife potential. When he wins the cup he almost does, only stopping himself from taking a picture with the frankly banging looking guy he is making out of because he knows this is not how he wants to story to break. Maybe if he had someone, someone serious he would do it, out himself with a cute selfie and brush it off with a smile at the next presser. But he doesn’t so instead he takes pictures with his cat and hooks up in secret and waits for the day when it isn’t.

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GOOD NIGHT ADMINS can you guys rec me some awesome special smuts with love tension (you guys know this therm? hope yall do), or awkward cutie nerd taehyung with glasses and all that stereotypical sh*t, or maybe an fakeshy!taehyung (perv taehyung pretending that he's shy). AND THAT'S IT!! *sending good vibes*


  • love tension:

Secret Relaxation Hooking up with Jeongguk, the university’s resident bad boy enigma, is the perfect way for Taehyung to destress. Just don’t tell Jimin about it.  

(the smut in this is just amazing i feel so attacked every time i read it)

Now I’m here to give you all my love (so I can watch your face as I take it all away)In this game of push and pull, it’s only a matter of time before the players stumble and fall. 

(SO.MUCH.FEELINGS. this destroyed my heart idk man)

Pour Up (Drank)  If you can read this, take another shot.

(41k of frat!au and every single word is beautiful tbh)

Of Hatred and Stupid Bet He thought they hated each other. Their friends thought they just got sexually frustrated by one another.

(*heavy breathing*)

Kindly, G.T.F.O. (aka: F-ck Off)  In which Taehyung is the self-proclaimed “King” of the 2nd floor university library and Jungkook is a threat to his reign.

(the characters are so epic here, 10/10)

Serve & Protect  After a grueling two years of police university training, Kim Taehyung is excited to join the ranks of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s new recruits. But getting partnered up with senior police officer, Jeon Jungkook, just might be his biggest challenge yet.  

(pollice!!!!au!!!! it’s still ongoing but it’s really good~)

cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you)  taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best.

(i honestly think everyone knows of this fic but oh well, it has A LOT of tension) 

- admin H

Emmerdale: 17 moments we really loved from Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle's special episode

​A shipper’s dream! 😍​

If you’re a huge fan of Emmerdale’s Robron, we can bet that you’re probably on a pretty big high right now.

The ITV soap kicked off its explosive week in style on Monday evening (October 17) with an episode which was a real gift to the popular couple’s loyal fanbase. Well, let’s temporarily ignore the fact that they might be about to die horribly…

Here are 17 moments we really loved from the episode:

1. How the writers got the gratuitous topless scenes out of the way early

Emmerdale’s writers were clearly working from a ‘pleasing the Robron fans’ checklist - and this came early on in the episode.

Cheekily, we can’t help but wonder what came first - the 'let’s show a flashforward of Aaron drowning’ idea or the 'let’s put Danny Miller in a bath’ idea.

2. Victoria as the world’s biggest Robron shipper

Victoria was on top form throughout the episode, backing Robron all the way and asking the questions that we really wanted to know the answers to as well: “If he says yes, does that mean he has to buy you a ring?” (Turned out Robert had broken the bank and bought two rings, the old romantic.)

Victoria also performed one of the most awkward backtracks we’ve seen when she thought Robert had already proposed, got all excited in front of Aaron, then realised he hadn’t: “Shall I crack open… the crisps? Smoky bacon do you?”

With so much overexcitement, we reckon Victoria probably ran off afterwards to do a few #robron tweets…

3. Robert’s nerves over the proposal

We’re used to seeing Robert as confident and cocky in most situations, but he was obviously pretty nervous about popping the question to Aaron.

“Maybe I’ve got this all wrong,” he admitted early on in the episode. Well it’s the action-packed and stunt-tastic Super Soap Week, Rob, so your timing could certainly be better…

4. Robert asking Paddy for his blessing to marry Aaron… and not getting it

Okay, so not everyone can be a Robron shipper! It’d be pretty unrealistic if Paddy was as enthusiastic as Victoria after his dark history with Robert, so we’re glad that the show didn’t suddenly brush everything under the carpet when Robert asked for Paddy’s permission to marry Aaron.

“Blessing? You’re the worst possible person for him,” Paddy moaned. Don’t hold back, Paddy - tell us what you really think!

5. Robert putting Paddy in his place

We think Paddy was asking for this one. Stung by Paddy’s harsh comments, Robert was quick to point out how he wasn’t there for Aaron during his traumatic ordeal with Gordon earlier in the year.

“Worst possible person? What does that make you, then?” Robert asked. Good question. Paddy was definitely caught off guard. Although, all things considered, he was probably just grateful that the ever-resourceful Robert didn’t trap him in a grain pit again.

6. Robert rejecting Rebecca… again!

Emmerdale couldn’t resist winding up the Robron fans just a tad by sneaking in another 'Robecca’ scene, where she expressed her dismay over just how much Robert had changed since she last saw him.

Robert still wasn’t interested in reigniting their affair, though. Okay guys, we get the picture - Robert is faithful now! Phew.

7. This exchange between Robert and Lachlan

Lachlan: “I know you’re doing her.”

Robert: “I was talking to her. You know, the part you tend to skip, hence the need for a lot of therapy?”

Who says Robert’s lost his talent for one-liners?

8. Aaron dunking Lachlan’s head underwater

Not that we condone violence - even towards evil twisted teenage supervillains - but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate Lachlan getting his comeuppance, right?

We’re just grateful that conveniently-located water tank was ready and waiting at the scrapyard.

9. Robert’s bizarre proposal setting

Looks like Robert hasn’t forgotten the good old days when he and Aaron could only meet for secret hook-ups in random abandoned barns around the village.

With this in mind, Robert decided one of those barns would be the perfect location for his proposal. Not yet in on the secret, a baffled Aaron moaned about the smell and asked: “You do know we’ve actually got a bedroom now, don’t you?”

10. Robert’s shock over Aaron’s kidnapping antics

Robert couldn’t believe it when he found out that Aaron had decided to deal with loopy Lachlan by bundling him into a car boot and kidnapping him. He also found the whole thing slightly hypocritical.

Robert: “There’s a teenager in your boot.”

Aaron: “Yeah, I know.”

Robert: “'I thought you’d changed, Robert?’ 'Abducting people’s bad, Robert?’”

Aaron: “Yeah, but he’s a sick little liar.”

Robert: “Who won’t have to lie about anything anymore, because we’ll be up for kidnapping!”

Aaron: “It worked with Ryan, didn’t it?”

Ah, Robron. Never a dull moment with you two. And we particularly liked Robert asking: “What now, Cain?”

11. Robert giving Aaron a few tips on kidnappings

When Aaron got Lachlan out of the car in the middle of nowhere, the terrible teen immediately overpowered him and ran off.

Robert: “You know, tying the legs together is kind of key.”

Aaron: “Yeah, well I forgot I was with the expert.”

Robert: “Yeah, well the expert reckons we’re both getting arrested unless you catch him.”

Kidnapping fail!

12. The 'Robron on a cliff edge’ scene being a red herring

Turns out they weren’t going hurtling over this very steep drop after all.

*breathes temporary sigh of relief*

13. Lachlan being put BACK in the boot

After they’d all narrowly escaped death on that cliff edge, surely Robert, Aaron and Lachlan could be friends for five minutes? At least let Lachlan sit in the back seat of the car?

Erm, nope. Lachlan’s insinuations over Robecca earned him a spot back in the car boot with duck tape back over his mouth. Back where he belongs…

14. Robert’s past and sexuality being explored

With Lachlan left in the boot to think about what he’d done (who are we kidding - he was probably dreaming up his next dastardly plan), it gave Robert and Aaron a chance to have a proper conversation about their relationship. At last!

After so many eventful storylines, we can see why some Robron fans think there haven’t been enough proper conversations between the pair. But that all changed with Robert opening up about his sexuality for the first time - including the sad story of his first feelings for a guy - before finally identifying himself as bisexual.

How great was Ryan Hawley as Vulnerable Robert?

15. When Robert and Aaron got stopped by the police

Robron had left Aaron’s car - complete with Lachlan in the boot - to have their deep and meaningful conversation. Not their smartest move, as a curious police officer was determined to investigate the abandoned vehicle.

Fortunately, reports of erratic driving elsewhere stopped the policeman in his tracks, but he couldn’t resist a gag before he went: “Next time, lads, get a hotel, eh? You’ll catch your death.” Looks like Robron’s reputation for sexytimes in random places precedes them…

16. Robert’s very irritated proposal

Robert was delivering romantic lines by the second in the episode (“I met you and you changed everything” / “No-one comes close”) but Aaron still wasn’t convinced, fearing that he’d move onto a new man or a new woman before too long.

So Robert suddenly offered up one of the most unconventional proposals ever, angrily pulling out the engagement ring while Aaron was driving.

Robert: “I would have proven it by now if you hadn’t kidnapped somebody and ruined it!”

Aaron: “What’s that for?”

Robert: “For you, you idiot. So I could ask you to marry me.”

17. That shocking ending

We may never find out what Aaron’s answer is, as the final scene showed Robron about to crash into something in the road.

But still, it wouldn’t be Robron without some drama or other, would it?

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Jet Black Heart - A Peter Pan x Reader Fanfiction Part 5

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and for those who do not Happy Sunday!! I hope you are all having a lovely day and get to play with at least one puppy because puppies are the greatest. Here is the next part lovlies!!!

Part one  Part two  Part three  Part four  Part six  Part seven  Part eight  Part nine

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Holster/lax bro?? :)

“Dude, I have a roommate, so locking the door doesn’t really do anything. And I live in the attic, which isn’t exactly conducive to hasty retreats out the window. Overall, not the best secret hook-up location.”

“I live across the hall from my captain,” Nico points out.

“I am the captain,” Holster retorts, “And the other captain is my aforementioned roommate, Nico.”

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part one 

The air was thick with smog as you continued your assigned task outdoors. Although it was simple work, it was starting to become more unbearable as you could feel that dense haze cover your body like a blanket. The brim of your face was lined with sweat, the salty substance making you feel as if you just finished running a 5k marathon. 

Damp, indigo clouds rolled in; the grim, smoke-like puffs setting an eerie tone to the camp ground as they continued their slow venture across the sky. It made the calm lake look rather frightening; the usual clear lake looking like liquid gun-metal, making you almost scared to touch it. Due to the harsh wisps of wind, the lake had an interesting ripple to it. It moved in small, frantic zig-zags; as if that was it's way of saying that it was scared for the storm that was about to come.

Since the weather decided to take a dramatic turn, the campers were brought inside for a combination movie night and crafts in the mess hall. You weren’t sure how it would work, seeing as that the only ‘movies’ you remembered being here were some pirated copies of the most popular SpongeBob episodes. However, the loud sounds of laughter carrying all the way to where you were standing let you know that the kids were more than happy with the cartoon being played for them.

You unfortunately, got stuck with doing something a little less exciting than watching the many adventures of Spongebob and Patrick. You were asked to do the outdoor clean up duty, seeing as that you were one of the people who was paying the least attention to the orders being given, you got stuck with the not so thrilling task. You had to make sure that the boogie boards, paddles, and whatever else you could find laying on the grass and sand were all put away before the heavy storm made it’s grand appearance. It wasn’t such bad job though, since you had the help of another person. That person being your secretive hook-up buddy, Luke.

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hey everyone just a heads up when you are making your secret twitter dont hook it up to your phone number because all your phone contacts will get this notif

April Fool’s Part 3 (Calum Hood Smut)

Requested: Yes 
This is for, thanks for requesting <3
could you please write a part 3 of april fools ??? it was literally amazing
Definitely do smut but you could add some fluff cause it’s always nice :)
Plot: Getting official with Calum and rewarding him in your favourite way
Word count: 1.735
Links to part 1,2 and 4 are at the bottom 

You pulled up your Levi’s and buttoned it up as you smiled back at Calum who was still resting in his bed. You were just about to leave his house from one of your recently frequent hook up sessions, before his mom came back from her late shift at work. You picked up your book bag and were ready to head of home, as Cal’s muscular arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you back against his naked torso.
He softly pressed his plump pair of lips against your which lingered into a short passionate kiss.
“See you tomorrow, love” His hot breath tickled you ear, as he whispered his goodbye.
You took one last glance at him and answered with a pleased smile before you left his room and closed the door behind you.

It’s been three weeks of secret dates, random hook up sessions and loads of texting, since your first time with Cal at April Fool’s Day.
You both didn’t really interact in school though, because you thought it would be better to keep your fling a secret until you both decided where all of this would lead. The only time you both showed your attraction to each other on school ground, was during the daily hook up sessions in the back of Cal’s car whilst lunch time or sometimes even after his football practise, if his mom didn’t have the late shift at work and you weren’t able to go to his place.

The day after your last hook up was a very special day for you; today you got your acceptance letter into Australian National University. Although you normally wouldn’t approach Cal in the hallways you were way to excited to keep the news from him or tell him over text. As soon as you reached the school grounds, you stormed through the entrance and headed towards Calum’s locker, where he was chilling every morning with his other bad-boy band members and some of the girls of the cheerleader squad.
The minute his eyes caught your radiating ones, a small smile formed on his lips, before he gave his attention back to Michael, Luke and Brittany, the head cheerleader.
“Calum” You yelled, waving your letter in the air.
His eyes grew wide as it became clear you weren’t just walking by his group like normally.
“Oh my god look, loser girl tries to interact with us.” Brittany laughed hysterically at you, her voice dripping with despisement.
“I don’t try talking to you, it would be pointless anyway, I try talking to Calum, who actually can hold up a conversation other than about make-up and breast jobs.” You fired back, standing up for yourself in these halls of hell for the first time in the last 4 years.
Loud laughter escaped Michael and Luke’s lips, sending accretive glances at you for your more than true remark, Cal giggling slightly to himself and some of the students strolling in the hallways, stopped to track your argument.
Even if Brittany didn’t know about your affair with the school’s bad boy, it somehow gave you more self-confidence and belief in yourself.
“Wow the nerd got a voice. At least I know how to use make-up, if you want to, I can give you lessons. Maybe that would help hiding your ugly ass face.” An evil smirk was placed on her face, as she left you standing there dumbstruck at her blank beastliness.
“Woah Brit, calm your tits. That goes a little too far, don’t ya think?” Luke stood up for you, always being the most caring one out of the gang of players. Calum on the other hand just looked down to his hands fiddling with an unlit cigarette, avoiding your gaze and denying you any help.
“Oh come on Luke, as if any of the boys would actually talk to that loser. What have you got there anyway?” She mocked while tearing your acceptance letter out of your hands and studying the peace of paper. “Nerdy girl got accepted into ANU. Maybe you’ll find somebody who actually likes you there.” With those last words she tore the paper in two, causing tears forming into your eyes.
Calum finally looked up, proud being present in his eyes at your achievement, but seeing your watery eyes and sad face he couldn’t keep it in anymore.
“Brit shut the fuck up and leave my girlfriend alone.” With a deep dangerous voice Cal growled angrily at her, wrenching the crinkled pieces from her hands, as Luke and Michael’s eyes widened in surprise and incredulity. Whispers and sounds of astonishment made their way through the now filled hallway at Cal’s announcement.
“You’ve got to be kidding?” Brit asked disregardful, eyeing both you and Calum who had put his arm around your back in the meantime.
“Just back the fuck off” Those were Cal’s last words, before he ignored Brittany completely and gave his full attention to you.
“Are you okay baby?” He asked while whipping your tears away with his thumb, lowering his lips against yours, pushing you against his locker softly.
You nodded your head throughout the kiss and a smile formed on both of your lips, as you heard the other student’s whispers start getting louder behind you.
“Did you really mean it when you called me your girlfriend?” You asked Cal with the biggest smile ever on your face after the both of you broke apart.
“Yeah,… I mean only if you wanna be officially my girlfriend?” He replied shy and insecure all of a sudden.
“Of course you idiot” You laughed into his neck, holding you boyfriend tight “I think somebody’s deserved a reward tonight”
“Why wait until tonight?” Calum smirked at you, before pulling you with him, away from your still amazed classmates into one of the less crowded parts of the school.

Carefully Calum opened the door of a random classroom, checking if somebody was in there. After he knew the coast was clear he pulled you inside and pushed you against the closed door, which he locked with his right hand while kissing you roughly.
“I’ve missed my girl since yesterday evening” He hummed into your ear while shoving his hand under the fabric of your summer dress. His hands soon started to caress you through your panties, shoving the thin material aside and gliding his thumb up and down your wet folds. A loud moan escaped your mouth as he started circling your clit in slow motion.
You bit your lips to prevent further moans slipping out your mouth and thus getting caught. Completely aroused from your boy’s skilled fingers, you unbuttoned Calum’s black ripped skinny jeans and shove them down to his knees. The tent in his underwear was enormous and you began palming him through his boxers, before you also tore them down. Deep sounds of pleasure were being heard from Calum as you let your hands glide up and down his shaft, your thumb smearing over the small amount of pre cum, lingering at the top of his head. You brought your thumb to your mouth and licked it clean while staring into Calum’s eyes full of lust.
“That’s enough babygirl” He growled before letting go of your heated core and turning you around. You were now pressed against the cold wall, Calum pulled down your panties and pushed your dress over your hips.
“Did you already start the pill baby?” He asked while pushing his trousers down a little further, to create a bigger moving space. You nodded your head and he pumped himself a few times before gliding his dick up and down your core to get slick and pushing fully into you with one hard thrust.
It was the first time for the both of you without using a condom and you groaned in pleasure at the new feeling of his silky and hot shaft thrusting into you without a condom separating you.
Calum pulled your head around and shove his tongue into you opened mouth while picking up his speed. He pulled nearly fully out before shoving his dick into you again, massaging and stimulation every inch of your sensitive flesh. He drove you insane with his plump pink lips on yours, his kisses wet and animalistic.
His hand wandered under the material of your dress, shoving your bra to the side, massaging your breast roughly, twitching your nipples between his fingers, exactly how he learned you liked it.
Your moans became louder and louder, Cal’s breathing getting heavier as his deep penetrating thrusts got sloppier and his head wandered to your neck kissing you there, sucking on your skin.
You felt Calum getting closer to his orgasm and let your hand wander down to your pussy, circling your fingers over your clit.
You were still working on yourself, as Calum suddenly lifted your right leg, your bent foot being pressed between you and the wall. The new angle allowed him to get deeper into you with each new thrust, your sweaty and wet bodies clashing into each other every few seconds.
You felt the familiar knot of lust form in your stomach and soon waves of pleasure were flooding through your beaming body.
Your walls clenched around Calum’s dick as he shot his load into you and rode out both of your orgasms.

After you both calmed down a bit Cal pulled up his jeans and afterwards bent down to pull up your panties for you again. He arranged your bra and dress again and softly caressed your cheek.
“Hands down the best sex we ever had” He said smiling, while taking your still wet hands, licking it clean from your liquids and interwining your fingers after.
“Let’s get out there and face that bunch of idiots. I still have to properly introduce you to my bandmates” Calum laughed, wiggling his eyebrows in a funny way.
With one look in the mirror next to the blackboard you realized your tousled hair and the bright purple hickey on your neck.
“Damn Cal, I look like a mess.” You groaned, trying to place your hair over the hickey and hide the big mark.
“Well… at least now they know you are my mess.” He placed a soft peck on your lips, shove your hair behind your ear, took your hand in his and opened the door to face your new lives… as a couple. 

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