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Nine nice surprises

1. The dead are rising from their graves. They have come to tell us that actually the afterlife is really great and not to be worried about them, they just thought we might want to know, nice to see you again, back off home now.

2. An ancient scroll in a long-forgotten language is discovered beneath the Vatican. Judging by the pictures, it is a document on the keeping and care of kittens. For several years, most of the world’s conspiracy theorists devote themselves to obtaining obscure kitten facts in the hope of being able to translate the text. 

3. A super-secret government project is working on a virus which could transform human life as we know it. The laboratory fully and successfully abides by strict biosecurity protocols. The project is eventually scrapped, and all samples destroyed, when it turns out that the virus only works on mice.

4. Your business recieves an order for piranhas and tigers to be shipped to a sinister underground base on a remote island. This is because the base is being converted into a wildlife park in the hope of attracting tourists, having failed to sell at auction to any villains because of a worldwide lack of demand.

5. It appears that an asteroid is headed straight for Earth. This is because intergalactic mail vessels are usually constructed inside asteroid shells. As it turns out, this is Earth’s first shipment of intergalactic mail. There are enough alien junk mailshots to keep all of science and quite a lot of religion and politics busy for a very, very long time.

6. You start a relationship with someone who, unknown to you, has amazing mystical powers and is liable to be drawn into titanic struggles for the future of the Universe at any moment. It is quite a fun relationship and you remember it fondly. You both agreed to call it a day after a few months due to clashing schedules, but you remain friends and the parting was pretty amicable.

7. A giant tentacle rises from the sea South of Tokyo, enthusiastically waves hello, and disappears back forever into the ocean from whence it came.

8. You defeat a charismatic and sexy villain. They stay defeated.

9. A maverick scientist has brought velociraptors back to life. They are small and oddly cute, and they turn out to make great pets.

Riren/Rivaere Fic Reclist

1. Wrong Number (18k )-  Eren gets a wrong number, but ends up with something more than he anticipated.

2. A Matter of Perspective (Incomplete, 226k)-  Eren hates being an omega and is determined to defy his orientation and join the Survey Corps.  With every bit of his humanity and dignity stripped away, Eren’s world is turned upside down. Can Eren still be the hero he always wished to be while trying to deal with the changes occurring within himself?

3. The Thug (134k)-  Eren Yeager is on an errand when he comes across a girl in the underground city who is being held captive by two men. Putting his life at risk, Eren does anything to save her, relying on nothing but his determination and unwillingness to see her hurt. As they’re backed into a corner, they are suddenly saved by none other than Levi Ackerman, the strongest thug in the underground. Eren can’t help but feel drawn to him, but will his feelings for this famous criminal wind up getting him hurt?

4. The Raven’s Nightingale (47k, ongoing)- “Levi Ackerman, this jury finds you guilty of twelve counts of murder in the first degree and hereby sentences you to the maximum penalty equal to that of your crimes in the form of twelve consecutive life sentences to be served in a maximum security penitentiary without the possibility of parole,” a woman’s voice spoke through the speakers. Eren felt his heart clench.“Eren,” said a voice from behind him. Armin had come to visit once again. He felt a hand press onto his shoulder from where he sat, trying to garner attention away from his Raven. “Eren… This is unhealthy. You need to eat… You need to sleep… I need you to take care of yourself, please,” Armin said with a hoarse voice, choked by the state of his best friend.“No,” Eren said, shrugging off his hand. “What I need to do is be here for Levi when he needs me.”

5. Your Love Is A Menace (90k)-  Eren Jaeger begins to work as a 911 dispatcher to complete his community hours, but the job he likes soon becomes dangerous when the most notorious serial killer takes an interest in him and doesn’t seem like he would stop till he makes Eren his.

6. Dark Waters (169k)-  Eren, a young mermaid, meets his dark and intriguing mate, Levi, for the first time by the edge of a large lake in the middle of the wetland forests. Hanji and her team of biologists hide nearby to document the elusive merfolk and their interactions.

7. Officially Screwed (9k)-  Eren is stuck in a company meeting. Typical office horrors. But hiding under the desk, with your boss’s crotch in front of his face? Eren is absolutely petrified.

8. Butterflies Fly Away (108k)- Levi is less than thrilled when he finds out his uncle has decided they’re moving in with his girlfriend and her nephew. He’s never met the kid, but based on the fact that Eren is a cheerleader over at the omega High School, he’s pretty sure that living with him is going to be painful - with the younger teen being a manifestation of everything he finds obnoxious in the world.However, there’s a lot more to the beautiful omega than glitter and pom poms. Enough to leave Levi’s head spinning and wondering just what he’s going to do with the boy he can’t get his mind off of living under the same roof.

9. Breaking Down Walls (255k)-  In the Kingdom of Maria, in the small village of Shiganshina, a rare male Omega was born. 16 years later, he has learned to refuse his fate of being possessed. But what will happen when he meets a strange Alpha at a ball meant for a Prince?

10. Just Mpreg Things (308k)-  Corporal Levi has been able to handle every situation up until now. Will he continue to maintain that ability as humanity’s strongest after certain, shocking news? And what about his not all too secret love, Eren!?

11. Renovate My Heart (192k)-  Levi Ackerman is an Alpha and a contractor with commitment issues. Eren Jäeger is an unbonded and infertile Omega who has just moved to a new town and bought a new house. He hires Levi to landscape his yard and both are immediately struck with intense and potent attraction, highly compatible in ways neither of them have ever experienced before. Levi’s not like other Alphas Eren’s been involved with and Eren makes Levi feel in ways he shouldn’t. What happens when casual becomes complicated and lust evolves into so much more? Follow them as they redefine what it means to fall in love and learn what it really means to be bonded.

12. Shattered Facade (41k)-  After being disowned by his homophobic father during his senior year of high school, Eren’s only option was to move in with his boyfriend, Reiner. But Reiner soon became possessive and controlling of Eren, and it turned into an abusive relationship. Five years later, Reiner’s control over Eren is complete, until one night they meet a detective who will shatter Eren’s happy façade.

13. A Place For Hearts To Rest (169k)- Levi is Eren’s captain, and Eren assumed it would always be that way. Captain and subordinate, the way it was meant to be. But, when Eren’s heat hits and the two can’t resist each other, will the change be for the better, or the worse? Especially with the extraordinary circumstances that follow. There were orders they were meant to follow, rules that were not meant to be broken, and repercussions that would be dire, but no one can withstand the battering of wild instincts indefinitely and even taciturn captains sometimes have slip ups.Only with the help of their friends are they able to come to terms with the sticky situation they’d managed to get themselves into. But, will it be enough to save them?

14. An Exercise in Self-Restraint (10k)- Levi moves away from the only town he’s ever known, off to university and away from his two friends, Isabel and Farlan. Having roommates is a new experience, one that he thinks will be totally unpleasant, but when the last person to turn up is a gorgeous male omega, his perspective changes.Unfortunately for him, it’s bad practice to fuck your flatmate. Levi has a tough year ahead.

15. Weapon (Incomplete, 43k)-  Eren Jeager was fresh out of high school and running seriously low on cash, debating the merits of minimum wage work and higher education when he was invited to participate in a top secret and covert government project that his father had apparently been involved in before his disappearance. Interest peaked, the youth accepted the offer, after all, how hard could it be to keep an “angel” company? Eren doesn’t believe in angels anyway, but he’s not about to complain when all his expenses will be paid by the government.

16. Mark Me As Your Own (3k)-  When Eren goes into heat before his normal time, he rushes to find somewhere safe to hide out. Little does he know, he’s locked himself in Levi’s room. What happens when Levi comes back to find a half naked Omega in his bed?

17. A Walking Travesty (123k)-  Standing in front of a mirror now, he can’t piece it together – why can’t he do it? Why can’t he lose weight? He starves himself for days on end, and yet, here he is, his white cotton sweater straining against his beer gut. He doesn’t even drink beer. He doesn’t drink anything but water.

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hey! do you know of any mystery (fiction) podcasts i could listen to with my family? (i have some young teen siblings so it's got to be pretty family friendly)

So I’m not sure how young your teen siblings are but I’m going to assume they’re at least old enough to get into a PG-13 movie!

I’ll warn you that most mystery has an element of creepiness/horror. That being said, most of the “Journalists get into Trouble” podcasts would probably be fun to listen to!

1. The Lost Cat Podcast
I’ve just started listening to this myself so I can’t vouch for the later episodes, but so far it’s very promising! A guy loses his cat and gets into some very weird circumstances trying to find it. (The VA has a very soothing voice and there’s some nice music in it)

2. Rabbits
A new podcast by the makers of Tanis and The Black Tapes. A woman searches for her missing friend (who may, or may not, have disappeared after being caught up in a secret game.) It features secret societies and cults. There’s only 1 episode out so far and it’s mentioned that the friend is an escort - so I’d listen to it first to see if it’s suitable.

3. The Black Tapes
A journalist starts off with a slice of life documentary and quickly gets sucked into the world of paranormal investigations with a sceptic who may be part of some sort of demonic cult. (Don’t let this put you off though! It’s creepy, certainly, but in a slow way with nothing too horrifying.) This one is more fun if you pretend it’s real haha

4. Tanis
From the same people as the previous two, some of the same characters investigate a mysterious place that moves around the world. This one is more a mystery wrapped in conspiracy wrapped in secret societies. Again, this one isn’t “creepy” or “horror” but it’s more fun when you pretend it’s real.

5. Passage
A lifeboat from a ship that sank centuries ago washes up at a small port town in the Pacific Northwest. A journalist travels to find out what the story is and ends up stumbling into a murder mystery, reincarnation, and historical small town intrigue.

6. The Bright Sessions
I debated putting this here because it’s not reeeaally a mystery podcast. It’s based around a psychologist called Joan Bright and her patients - people who have superpowers. There’s a secret shadowy organisation who wants to keep track of them all and they do some preeeetty shady stuff. I’m recommending it because it is VERY GOOD at portraying mental health issues and I wish I had it as a teenager because it would have helped so much with my self esteem haha. I honestly think everyone should listen to it. (And if they like any kind of comic superheroes then they’ll probably like this)

7. The Bridge
Again. Is it really a mystery podcast? Debatable. It’s set in an alternate universe of the present day where a bridge has been built across the ocean. The hey-day has come and gone and we’re left with the rag-tag group manning Watchtower 10, sending out radio broadcasts to an empty and dilapidated road. Oh, and there’s a sea monster locked away in the basement. The mystery is finding out what happened to the bridge, and the people on it, and why they’re still there.

8. Archive 81
The first season is your run of the mill - guy gets drafted into a secret government project listening to some increasingly weird tapes. The second season turns away from the mystery slightly and heads more into horror. I’d give the 1st season a shot definitely, but possibly vet the 2nd season before you show it to impressionable younger audiences

9. Drywater
Not gonna lie I love this one. The only problem is that there’s a couple of episodes and they’re put out infrequently. Set in the future 2 guys (amateur radio presenters) find evidence of a government coverup and try and bring it to light. They get shut down at ever turn so decide to investigate on their own (which brings its own heap of problems)

10. Small Town Horror
This is…definitely more in the horror genre. Again, vet it before you let younger people listen to it, but it a good one. A guy goes back home after his dad dies and finds out that the creepy town game he played as a kid (and his subsequent kidnapping) may have more sinister connotations than he realised.

11. The Magnus Archives
Again, more horror mystery than anything else. The Magnus Archives are a collection of short creepy stories about paranormal goings on. There’s a whole larger story about the archivists and the possible murder of the previous head of the department. Definitely vet it, but give it a listen to.

12. Mabel
Still on the horror side of mystery. A carer for an old lady starts leaving increasingly weird voicemail messages for the old woman’s living relative. The 2nd season is when the mystery really kicks in. Definitely vet it as it’s possibly not that family friendly.

13. Hush
A student production that has an interesting storyline (and stuff at the end from their student radio on dealing with school pressures). A teenager comes home one day to find her grandma is missing. She ends up moving in with a family while a hunt is started. There’s also an old mystery where a whole bunch of people (including Andy’s parents) went missing in some local caves - which also seem to be a portal to other worlds. I’m not explaining it very well but I would definitely recommend this one!

14. Return Home
It starts of as sort of horror, but it’s not really. It’s more lite-horror than anything. A guy returns back to his town to find it over-run with secret societies and strange goings on. You’ll find creepy dolls and faeries but also an arc on were-bunnies.

15. Alice isn’t Dead
A trucker tries to find her wife on the long American highways. This is more horror than mystery and there are some definitely creepy moments. I’d listen to it before you let younger members of the family listen, but it’s a good missing person story.

16. Within the Wire
This has some horror moments - like the nurse but at the end - but nothing graphic. It’s mostly creepy in the way everything is so normalised. If you’re a fan of Portal, you’ll most likely enjoy this. The narrator is the voice on some relaxation cassette tapes, speaking to the patient listening to them. The mystery is trying to figure out how and why they’re in this mess in the first place.

17. The Elysium Project
A bunch of kids get experimented on by a shady government agency and gain superpowers. They escape but are left trying to figure out why them, what makes them so special, and why the government is so adamant at hunting them down. This one has a slow release schedule but it is so worth it!

18. Augustine
This one is a short little mystery podcast about the town of Augustine and what happened to it. It’s like a lite version of some of the others on this list and a good one to start off with.

19. The Tunnels
A journalist decides to do a podcast on a local feature. He accidentally stumbles on a conspiracy and possible monsters locked away in the tunnels that run underneath his city. It’s good and not any scarier than others on the list.

20. Help Me
This one is definitely more horror than anything else. I’m putting it down because it’s technically mystery but I don’t know if it’s suitable for the age group you’re wanting. Basically it follows a young girl as she investigates her friends suicide and discovers it may not have been a suicide after all, but the work of a demon that acts suspiciously like slenderman. It’s short but there are some moments that I don’t think would be suitable for anyone impressionable. Definitely vet this one before letting younger family members listen to it.

21. Limetown
Year ago there was a secret government town. Years ago something went horribly wrong and everyone in that town disappeared. You follow one young woman as she journeys to find what exactly happened to the residents of Limetown, and why it was covered up so hard. There’s only one season but it’s a really good season.

22. The Message
This has been renamed LifeAfter, but it’s 2 separate stories and the first of definitely worn a listen. The message follows an intern as she chronicles the first message mankind receives from an alien race.

MAD WORLD ~ Part 1: Spock


What happens when death changes from a permanent state into a blessing? How would you react when suddenly your life is uprooted, destroyed and your roommate tries to claw your brains out? What would anyone do when you go from simply living your life to having to fight for it?

Mad World Masterlist


Subject:               New research opportunity
Date:                    Tuesday 16 May 2017, 13:14

Dear Spock,

Hope you have been keeping well since our last meeting at the Virology Convention.

I’m getting in touch with you regarding a research project. I can’t say much at this point but can promise you it is going to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity. The R&D will be completely covered by the government and as I know you and your skillset I would value your presence on our research team.

I’d love to set up a meeting in case you are interested. Do let me know.

 Best regards,

Pr. Kronos Klingon

“Huh,” Spock mumbles to himself, eyebrow raised.

“Everything all right?”

Spock looks up from his laptop to find his research partner T’Pring standing next to his desk with a small smile, her long, dark hair up in a messy bun.

“Professor Klingon is starting a new project for the government.” He explains.

“Could be as much a grand disaster as an enormous breakthrough.” T’Pring muses and shrugs. “With Klingon, you never quite know which of the two will win. What is it about?”

“He doesn’t mention. Just says it’s funded by the government.”

T’Pring laughs and shakes her head. “What, like some secret government project?” She wags an finger at Spock and walks away, throwing over her shoulder: “Better watch it, Spock. Don’t want to get caught in some sort of bio-weapon project.”

Spock huffs and brushes a hand through his short, jet-black hair, leaning against the back of his chair, considering the offer in front of him.

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  • The commander: You were made as a secret government project. Your immense power is dangerous to humanity. You have tried to blow up the planet, your biological father is an alien overlord who has taken over numerous planets and enslaved and consumed its inhabitants, your creator went insane and chose to attempt to destroy the planet with a weapon of mass destruction. How can you prove to me, that you are not a creation of evil destined only for chaos and destruction?
  • Shadow: I have fucking fluffy white fur on my chest. What the hell kind of evil mastermind gives their weapon of mass destruction a small fucking hedgehog body

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Morgan's story is the best thing ever because it can go anywhere from hellworld heist to undead slice of life in her new zombie body

Fuck yes, that’s the best isn’t it. Morgan is MALLEABLE. 

But also that world is such a mess, allow me to lay it out for you just a bit.

Frances and Req are RP characters. Mine and Cel’s. Morgan was made to fill a gap left by an ex-friend, though her role has changed a ton. Thing is, we hung onto that story’s core elements because it was good.

So now you have a cyborg, a proto-sorcerer, and a secret government project chemist fucking up a teleporter test and accidentally teleporting themselves and most of the building they’re in to a parallel universe with a shitload more magic.

Chemist becomes alchemist becomes blood mage, proto-sorcerer becomes actual sorcerer, and cyborg sits on her metal hands because what good is an engineer in a world with magic spilling outta everyone’s pockets.

I don’t know what to do with this but i’ll figure something out. Frances is a Frankenstein’s clusterfuck of a character to begin with but I love her too much to change fundamentally, and I haven’t thought of anything better than teleporting idiots to make this story work.

So there you go, a peek behind the Py curtain! Oh no it’s all just lame jokes and hastily cobbled together piles of recycled RP content, don’t look!

In Defense of a Jewish Howard Stark

When allofthefeelings​ and I were waiting to meet brianmichaelbendis​ at Special Edition, she said to me that the one question she wanted to ask him was whether, in examining Howard and Maria Stark in the new Iron Man run, he would deal with the question of Tony’s parents’ religion, and whether either or both of them might have been Jewish.

She didn’t end up asking that, but it’s a question that’s important to me, too, and of course, when I saw this ask and answer yesterday, it’s the one thing that came to mind to me.  I read through the other commentary on the post and noticed some dick jokes, but no one actually talking about the question of what this might mean from a religious standpoint.  In the annals of Marvel Comics history, there’s no real evidence that either of them might be– and to be fair, it’s still quite common for most American boys to be circumcized, Jewish or no, and depending on what year you want to peg as Tony’s birth in the Marvel timeline, it would be likely for him to be circumcized as a Christian, but given that Ultimates Tony has a Latina mother who was also a scientist,  and the nature of Ultimates Tony’s birth and subsequent physical state versus what we know currently about 616 Tony’s adoption, the question of one or the other Tony’s religious heritage was absolutely the one thing that sprang to mind when I saw this.

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Seeing secrets: Trevor Paglen on photographing the NSA’s headquarters
Artist Trevor Paglen spends much of his time photographing places you’re not supposed to see, whether that’s desert military bases or mountainside listening posts or classified spacecraft. His first photographic monograph, Invisible: Covert Operations and Classified Landscapes, captured those secret spaces as hazy, nearly unreadable images: a collection of lights on the horizon, or a dark smear across the sky. He’s also reported on the CIA’s covert rendition flights and collected 70 military patches representing secret government projects. Most recently, he rented a helicopter to photograph several intelligence headquarters: the (now) well-known National Security Agency; the National Reconnaissance Office, which administers intelligence satellites; and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which provides mapping and geographical data to the government. Paglen released his images into the public domain. Via email, he discussed what intrigues him about such secret spaces and what images of them allow us, the viewers, to consider.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: why you should watch it, what you might hate about it, and why you’ll binge it anyway

Douglas Adams had a unique way with words that worked most brilliantly in descriptions rather than dialogue, and a knack for constructing elaborate, endlessly entangled, self-referencing, half-seriously philosophical, quintessentially British (ex absurdum), exhilaratingly confusing stories, that for all the reasons mentioned above are incredibly hard to turn into a successful TV show/movie; in fact, adaptations of his work tend to be varying in quality, but never quite satisfying.

So when I heard they’re (in this case, it’s BBC America) making a new one, I’ve been careful not to get my hopes up too much. Now, with the first season watched (and yes, we’re getting a season 2 next year), I can say with clear conscience: give it a try.

If you’re a fan of the books and you’re counting on an accurate adaptation, don’t. It’s loosely based at best, or not even that. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just a whole new story. It lost it’s Britishness in favor of some good ol’ American-ness like secret government projects, serial killers and life-changing road trips, and it sure as hell seemed wrong at the beginning, but it surprisingly works. Or it just rubbed off on me somehow. Just like the title character, who doesn’t even walk the line between cute quirky and annoying quirky - just repeatedly crosses it back and forth, lingering a tad too much on the annoying side, but I’ve eventually grown somewhat fond of.

And just like the plot itself, being one hell of a beautiful chaos: we have a guy whose life is in shambles, and his distraught sister whose weird mental illness might just be a bit supernatural; a self-proclaimed private detective, working on a premise that everything is connected, and thus he can solve a case just by kinda doing random stuff and going with the flow of the universe; a hired bodyguard who is every bit as kick-ass as prone to incidental paranoia and panic; a strange woman hell-bent on killing seemingly random (oh, but there are no real coincidences here…) people; a mysterious cult; secret agents chasing a gang of punks with paranormal powers; some confused policemen, a time traveler, a millionaire and his kidnapped daughter, a rock star, a kitten, a shark, and a corgi. And it all, I swear, eventually fits together.* Somehow. Hats off to the writers for that.

And if on the way it feels, as many people complain, messy, noisy, irritating and hella confusing… well. It is, sometimes, and I guess it could’ve been done better. But when I sat down to it expecting something absurd, crazy, highly quotable, compiling an improbable number of subplots, getting philosophical (the kind of philosophical your friend might get after a few drinks and just before he finally calls it a night) only to laugh it off, and yet not entirely… (check out this exchange between Dirk and Todd: “Something I’ve learned is that when I’m looking behind me… I can’t see ahead of me.” “Are you saying that dwelling on my past is holding me back?” “No. I… literally cannot see over there when I’m looking back there. Which is why it’s good to have you here. Together, we can look at two places at once.”) - I can’t say I was all disappointed. It’s not perfect, but it does not for one second let you pause for breath and a second thought on why the hell are you actually getting into it so much. It’s not a 10 out of 10, frankly, I don’t know what it is; but I know this: I got so hooked on, I just couldn’t stop watching.  I pressed on to get the answers, ‘cause it kinda makes you want to grab and shake someone (or your computer/ TV screen) in frustration and yell, what’s going on??!! (Don’t worry. You’ll find out.)

So if you’re looking for under 8 hours of mind-boggling entertainment - I say go for it. You really might like it, even if it leaves you wondering what exactly do you like it for. And oh, just wait ‘till you get to the finale…

*Except for the kitten. What happened to the kitten?!

Yes, this was actually a thing. Coming from McCall’s Great American Recipe Card Collection of 1973, Ham and Bananas Hollandaise was a secret government project introduced to distract an innocent public with something worse than the oil embargo. To create this potassium horror, I sprinkled the helpless bananas with lemon juice, wrapped them in ham, smothered them in mustard, and baked the lot for 10 minutes, pausing only to douse them in viscous hollandaise.

The finished dish smelled liked a banana slaughterhouse, but for the good of culinary archaeology, I dug right in. The end result was OK going down, but two cans of Coke and a mouthful of Listerine did nothing for the lingering aftertaste. Important note: If your face assumes a thousand-yard stare after eating something, there is something wrong with that food.

7 Gross Foods Your Grandparents Ate (That We Taste Tested)

“The Montauk Project”  Acrylic on wood panel, 2015

The Montauk Project is a series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero, the old Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel, mind control, teleportation, time portals, psychic manifestation, contact with alien life, alien technology, underground tunnels as well as connections to the occult. 

Stitch Me In (Part 1/?)

So I’ve never written fanfiction, but after the finale I had so many feels and I had to do something. I have multiple parts planned which means that if you like it let me know and I will post more.

Summary: Set after 1x10 in the hospital while everyone waits for Cameron to wake up. There will be some Camsten and possibly some Camus later on. :)

   Kirsten hadn’t moved from Cameron’s bedside. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been there, but she was hungry so it had to have been a few hours. “Kirsten, we should head home.” Camille’s familiar voice said from the doorway behind her.

   “I’m staying.” Kirsten said, her eyes never leaving Cameron. He was so pale, his lips had taken on a blue tint. His mouth was slightly parted, his long eyelashes casting shadows on his face. He look small and sick, nothing like the  nerd-boy she had come to know in the past few months. She swallowed hard, trying not to think of what she’d seen when she stitched into his brain.

   “Come on, you need some rest. It’s been a long day.”  Camille said, coming further into the room.

   “No. I need him to wake up.” Kirsten replied. “I need him to be fine.”

   “O-kayy. Just try to get some sleep.” She sighed. Kirsten focused on Cameron again, intently watching him breathe. She could still hear him flatlining, the ringing continuously in her ears and her own voice screaming his name.

   “Cameron… I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” Kirsten said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out the quartz stone he’d given her. To protect your heart, he’d said with a slight smile. She put the stone in his hand and closed his fingers around it. “You need this back. Your heart needs protection more than mine.” She whispered.

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If you were a brilliant geneticist, working on a secret government genetic engineering project, and your fiancee dumped you because your sperm were not viable, what would you do to resolve your mid-life crisis? Dr. Gino Conti creates his own son by combining reptilian and human DNA, but discovers fatherhood an extraordinary challenge when his son’s anger management issues include eating people.

So … this is a thing.

mountmultimuses has approached

The 15 year old walked through the streets thinking it was gonna be a normal day. But her usual days weren’t exactly normal. Hunting down and taking down villains and criminals. Helping in top secret government projects. You name it, she’s done it.

What will today hold for her….

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What's funny about the blue eyes thing (& I am one of those white babies who had blue eyes right up past the toddler stage before they turned an olive green) - is that no one - INCLUDING THE BABY'S ALLEGED MOTHER - ever connects the blue eyes to Banana's own blue eyes. In fact, no one ever remarks on any resemblance to her. No "Freddies," no one from B's own family. It's like Louis immaculately conceived a clone baby as far as they're concerned & B only carried it.

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