secret get away


I’ll meet you in our secret place
Where no one else can share you


JACOB’S   LADDER (2017) 

Nicole Beharie

Michael Ealy

Karla Souza

Jesse Williams

that gay pilot promo pic is actually fucking me up cause at first glance for like a millisecond i was like “oh what’s this gay british mid 2000s queer as folk rip off that looks like a mid-budget softe porno” and it’s like dfhshjghfjfd oh wait

Holy shit, I knew my mom spent most of her teens and twenties bearding for gay men, but she’s only now telling me stories of being chased down by drunk military men trying to beat them and having to escape via car chase. She was just casually like “Oh yeah, so I got really good at doing donuts and stuff. The secret to getting away is to pull into a driveway with other cars, turn the car off, and hunker down.” MOM HOLY FUCK


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Secret escapes for couples

When was the last time you went on an adventure with your partner, or gotten lost in a new city? New experiences bring couples closer together, and between the hustle and bustle of work in the city, a little adventure might be called for once in awhile. For couples looking for new activities to discover together that are off the beaten path, here are some hidden gems that Dubai has been keeping secret.

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llllllletssnipe  asked:

waves nervously!! Just wanna throw out that you have AMAZING artwork. It's adorable and you're one of my favs!! BUT UH. My friend and I have this cute mini headcanon(?) that fahc!Ryan and Ray own their own secret garden (Where they get away from the madness/crew to relax) and SINCE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS.. IF YOU WANNA DRAW THEM GARDEN TENDING TOGETHER I MEAN..

thank you so much i’m screaming?????? and also god bless. i love it

(Hahaha. I thought y’all thought I was done. NOPE. I LIVE IN THIS SCENE NOW FOREVER OKAY.)

I don’t feel like we’ve done enough.

The last post was really to examine the three second pause. But look at what he says.

First, out of all the things going on in that beautiful blond head, the only word he can express to fully encompass all of his emotions, is ‘Wow’

Because he is absorbed in the mastery of her bravery.

Stunned by her grace and skill. 

He has so much that he’s going through that it feels as if human communication cannot accurately relate his wonder and dazzled state.



It doesn’t matter who is under that mask.

Adrien doesn’t care what Ladybug looks like. He doesn’t care if she is nerdy or popular or smart or dumb. He doesn’t care if she’s rich. He doesn’t care if she’s poor. He doesn’t care if she has facial scars or if she is maimed or what things might have happened in her life.

If ladybug’s civilian self were blind? He doesn’t care.

If her civilian self had a pair of crossed eyes? Nice. What ever.

If her civilian self had weird BO or couldn’t speak or couldn’t hear or whatever. It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Because Adrien knows that underneath that costume. Underneath the Magic that they’ve been granted is one of the most impressive and brave people he’s ever met.

It doesn’t matter who is she is.

Because he loves her.

Love is patient. It is kind. It is gentle and it is accepting.

I know we talk a lot of about the relationship between Chat and Ladybug as an action couple. But I just want everyone reading this to understand that Adrien is still under those ears and that mask. And he KNOWS that there is someone under Ladybug’s magic too. He knows that Ladybug is a real, breathing, living person who isn’t always in a superhero get up saving Paris, just like he’s not always a superhero.

And he wants to know her. 

Because he loves her.

Adrien knows he’s more at ease with the world under the cloak of anonymity. He knows that he can be more real with his actions, his words and his reactions. There is no fear of censure or reproach in this way. And if that’s the case for him? That’s the case for her.

Marinette takes on a persona when she transforms, true.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s a different person or that the persona isn’t here. It’s not as if Ladybug is separate. Instead, she can act with more confidence and that is so incredibly attractive.

Whoever that girl is? He will love her when he finds her outside the mask. Because he loves her now.


It’s you. It’s you.