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Super Secret Deck Tech #3

I’m really gonna get ahead of the game on this one. Calling it now: this is gonna be huge.

Now, it’s a widely known fact that Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs is the best mono-red commander. Possibly the best commander of all, but that’s still up for debate.

However, it is a bit of a challenge to fully take advantage of his Ogre-producing ability. I mean, let’s be real here, who would even dare attack into the 5/4 powerhouse that is Kazuul? Only fools, that’s who.

Thankfully, Wizards has finally released an answer to our problem. As seen in today’s spoilers:

Yup, you read that right. Now, each opponent must attack you each combat! And, if they don’t pay the toll of three (3) (!) generic mana, you’ll get an ogre from each of them. WWWWWHHHHOOOOOAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I expect this card to be worth at least $20. Maybe more. Probably around $100 for a foil. This is a seriously OP synergy right here, and I’m legitimately surprised that Wizards is letting it through. This is gonna be the competitive edh deck to beat in the coming months.

Remember folks, you heard it here first!

(But seriously, this deck looks just dumb enough to be really bad. I might have to make it.)

Topi’s Daily Card #1155:  Herald of Secret Streams

This card is a prime addition to any +1/+1 counter deck,. and the reason is pretty clear.  While he doesn’t add counters, he enables all your creatures with them to be unblockable, easily leading to a blowout if he’s not dealt with.  Atraxa, Experiment Kraj, there are tons of options when it comes to commanders with counters and blue.  Ain’t much else to say here, just an awesome niche creature for the right EDH deck.

so, about hld’s ending song

something that stands out to me more than anything is that this game very much comes across as an Art Piece. something that asks you, “what am i?”

alex preston, the guy behind heart machine, was born with a heart defect that has him in and out of the hospital. when you take that into the context of the game’s story, it sort of…turns things into a different angle. example:

you have an illness that limits your physical activity (guardian’s illness gets worse if you speak to them, presumably spurring them to help you more), limits your diet (drifter’s infamous “cloak jerky”), and you exhaust all your time and energy into searching for a way to get better, only to realize that the only thing in your power to do is to help those who come after you

as for that last point……gestures to the entirety of hyper light drifter

drifter destroys judgement and the cell. and then….they die [ ): ] and then they’re happy in the afterlife! [ (: ] and then…..they die ??? [ )’8 ] and we’re treated to this in conjuction with the renovation of the entire world as a peaceful song plays in the background

a piano song. the only song in the entire game without any synth, bits, or electronic influence in it. panacea.

this speaks to me very much of a man pouring a lifetime of fear and anxiety and even hopes into a game that may reasonably outlive him. the sort of realization that, while a true cure may one day be in reach, sometimes the only thing you have is the cure you make for yourself.

…..this got really rambly and i kind of forgot where i wanted to go with it, but this song still makes me tear up and i hope it does the same to u

You peeps feel up for a tiny teenie little event in August? Here’s what we had in mind:

Should you decide to take part, we ask that on Sunday, the 20th of August you pop some little teaser-stories into the ask boxes of your fandom friends.

  • Please go on anon to send the stories if you can - the guessing game is part of the thrill!
  • We thought a minimal length of 3 asks - that’s 300 - 350 words (longer is fine)
  • You have 2 weeks to prepare
  • Select your recipient(s) - this is for fun!
  • Consider what your recipient might like
  • The more the better, think a little avalanche of low-flying ficlets
  • All fictional Dean / Aidan pairings are a go
  • Please avoid parts of your own WIPs, we’re looking for new stuff
  • If you get one (or a couple) we ask that you respond to them in public, so others can read it too
  • Use tag #Gathering Secrets
  • Watch your mailbox like a hawk

Do we have a plan, people? Let us know what you think :)


Order of the Diadem | 1 | TEN

Genre: royalty!au | fluff angst 

Member: Ten / Reader

Word Count: 5,900

Warnings: violence

Part: one | two | three | four

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a conquering virtue

a conquering virtue
kolivance. not rated.
established relationship. kolivan and lance talk.
also available on ao3


War for the Blade of Marmora is information and subterfuge. It is the patient gathering of secrets, the careful construction of a plan, and the exhilarating rush of execution. Unfortunately, war for the Blade is also long stretches of waiting, and on days like this one—when there is nothing to do but idle—Kolivan feels old.

“Old?” Lance reiterates, wrinkling his nose at Kolivan’s quiet admission. “Really?”

“Yes,” says Kolivan. It is not hard to be vulnerable in the familiarity of Lance’s quarters, sitting together atop Lance’s unmade bed. “Patience has never been my strongest quality, but the last thirty-nine pheebs have taught me much.”

“Wait, how many pheebs?” Lance blurts. “I thought you were like forty! Which is old but not old old. Just… older? Firmly middle aged instead of feeble and losing your mind.”

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Thank God for AP Chem//Theo Raeken

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Omg can I have an imagine with Theo, where reader has to seduce him to get informations to know his intentions, Stiles and her want proves to show to the pack that he’s the bad guy

*Italics are Y/N’s thoughts*


“He’s a bad dude” Stiles told me “we need to figure out what he’s even doing here”.

Stiles was in the middle of ranting about Theo, who knew Scott and Stiles when they were young. They hadn’t seen him since the fourth grade, and found it suspicious when he tried getting close to Scott. Stiles had a bad feeling about Theo from the beginning, and asked me to help him “investigate”. This was not investigating.

Stiles basically told me to turn on the charm. The charm that I don’t have. I am the worst person for this job. How was I supposed to get information if I can barely string together a sentence in front of him? The only time I’ve ever talked to him was when he asked me for a pen in AP Chem last week..

What the hell was I supposed to do?

I needed a way to get close to him.. Fortunately for me, our teacher was getting us to pair up for a project to do over the weekend. Before I could even look around the room to find him, he was already sitting at the lab station next to me asking if I had a partner.

What if he was on to me? I thought, No that can’t be. I haven’t even said anything to him yet.

“Uh, yeah, yeah that’d be great” I blushed. God, he was so much cuter up close. After exchanging numbers, we made a plan to meet at him house tomorrow to finish our project. Once class was over, along with the school day, I met up with Stiles and told him what happened. Stiles then told me to “put the moves on him”.. What the hell does that even mean? I don’t have any moves!

Oh God, this is gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

The next morning, I prepared myself for seeing Theo again. I don’t know what it is about him, maybe the piercing blue eyes, yeah definitely the eyes, that just made my knees weak. I could barely keep focused in class yesterday, not to mention Stiles’s secret plan. I gathered all the materials we would need and packed up my car. Putting in the address he gave, I pulled out of my driveway with anxiety bubbling in my chest.

I have never had this many butterflies in my stomach than I do right now. I sat in my car, pretending to check the address on my phone while gathering my thoughts.

You’re here to get information Y/N. And do a chemistry project but mostly to get information. You can do this.

I got out of my car, picking up all the materials and made my way towards the door. He must’ve heard the car door shut, because he opened the front door while I was still walking up the sidewalk.

“Hey Y/N” he said, a huge smile plastered across his face. “Let me help you with that” he added as he took the poster boards from under my arm.

“Thanks” I replied, trying to contain my blush. As he leads me up to his room, I remember that he can probably hear my heartbeat, dang it, now my heart’s beating even faster now.

Way to go, Y/N. now he probably knows you’re nervous and you like him.

Once we sat down on the floor, spreading everything out, we got right to work. After a couple of hours of solving problems and fact checking our information, we were finally ready to start working on our poster. As I wrote the title on our big poster board, I noticed Theo’s lingering glances.

Was that a blush? Did I just see Theo blush?

As all the thoughts whirled around in my head, I reached over to grab a marker, only to have his hand meet mine. His hands were strong and soft. When our hands touched, he pulled his back as the small blush on his cheeks became more prominent. We both tried to ignore what just happened; the clearing of throats and the rustling of papers was all that could be heard.

We finished the poster and agreed that I would bring it to school Monday. He walked me downstairs and all the way out to my car. I opened the back door and laid our poster in the back seat before leaning against the side of the drivers side door. We said our awkward goodbyes before I turned around to open my door. Before I could, I heard Theo say my name in a soft voice. As soon as I turned back around, his arm was around my waist, other hand on my cheek, pulling me in for a kiss.

It’s about time.

After what seems like forever, the kiss ended and our lips broke apart. If I didn’t a blush on his cheeks earlier, I sure am now. His chest moved up and down quickly, and out of breath, he gave me a small “see you on Monday”.

The entire ride home, I couldn’t stop the smile on my face. Looks like the secret mission was a bust, but thank God for AP Chem.

Writer’s note: Not exactly seductive, but I hope you like it anyway! Requests are still open! -M


East Palace, West Palace (东宫西宫). 1996. Dir. Zhang Yuan (张元).

Zhang Yuan’s East Palace, West Palace is the first Mainland Chinese film to explicitly depict homosexuality. Based on a short story by renowned writer Wang Xiaobo, the film stars Hu Jun as a policeman on patrol at the Forbidden Palace, a location known for being a secret gathering spot for gay men at night. He arrests a young man and brings him back to his office for an interrogation which ends up lasting the entire night, as the young man engages the policeman in a seductive retelling of the painful history of his own sexuality. East Palace West Palace is a haunting exploration of the depths of forbidden sexuality and the unstable power dynamic between the state and the marginalized individual.

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The lab eventually became a hive, in which one could hear the loud scratching of insect husk grinding against the ceiling from the outside as the old, poor scientist created offspring to succeed him… And consumed the ones he deemed failures.

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1994 Interview All About Garak & Andrew Robinson

I’ve seen this great interview posted a bunch of times online, but it’s alway seems to be as graphic scans, which I have a hard time reading, so when I actually got my hands on DS9 magazine Vol. 9, 1994, I was psyched. I could read it AND I could scan it! So here it is, with all the text, plus photos. I’ll be posting the photos all separately afterward, including a few that don’t fit. Enjoy!

I love Garak and Andy so much. Also, I love that this interview is all after Season 2 (and I believe before Season 3 aired), so you have Robinson saying things like “I wish I’d get to do more plots with Rene and Avery!” and “It’s going to really interesting when Garak’s secrets come out!” He he. It’s really zero surprise he wound up writing a book. Or that the book would be well written – he uses great words in the interview, just popping in stuff like “apotheosis.” 


According to his former superior in the Obsidian Order, Garak has a “rare talent for obfuscation.” The same, fortunately, cannot be said of the man who plays him, Andrew Robinson. Given the chance, he willingly expounds upon the delights of playing this charming, yet devious, Cardassian. 

“This role has been quite surprising and wonderful,” Robinson says. “The way the character is progressing is a delight for me. When I auditioned and got the part, I had no idea that it was going to be a recurring character. They’ve been writing really interesting things for Garak; each time that he appears, there’s something more to play." 

What first attracted him to the role was "the mystery about the character. At the same time, there was also this wonderfully refined and urbane intelligence about Garak. Not only did he have a secret, but his secrets were very deep and potentially very interesting. I don’t know where it’s going from here, but I look forward to the day — if the day ever does come – when the truth about Garak emerges. I have a feeling that the secrets he has are going to be a great deal of fun to play." 

Because he didn’t receive any back ground from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers or producers, "I just created my own, so I had something to work from,” says Robinson. “I went for the approach of something that was reptilian, someone with cold blood, who would have that same deliberate, measured style. In terms of mystery, I played ‘I’ve got a secret.’ The writers and producers have been taking what I’m doing and building from that, as well as whatever they have in mind for Garak, which really is the best. Very few shows do this.
Very few.”

Not surprisingly, Robinson’s least favorite aspect of this role is enduring the makeup. “That’s the worst part of it. Garak is a three-and-a-half hour makeup job. Sometimes I’ll have a 2 or 3 a.m. call! There are seven prosthetic appliances that they put on, including the neck. It teaches you a lot of patience,” he admits. “Once I’m in it – and these are long days I put in on the set, 14 to 16-hour days sometimes — I just have to 'Zen’ out. Otherwise, if I start getting cranky, then I’m done; I can’t act or do anything. I really have to move into an almost beatific state. I have lost weight, though; that’s one good thing!” he adds, laughing, before relating a more serious makeup-related tale.

“When the earthquake hit in January, it was 4:30 a.m. in Los Angeles, and I was already in the makeup chair, along with Armin Shimerman [Quark] and a couple other actors. It was pretty bizarre: this earthquake hits, all the power goes out, and all these aliens in varying stages of makeup are milling about in the darkness! People like Armin and Ed Wiley, who was playing this Cardassian, couldn’t get through on the phone to their families, so they just jumped into their cars – Armin in his Quark makeup and Ed with his Cardassian makeup on – and drove through the pre-dawn streets of Los Angeles. I can only imagine what the other motorists saw – I think that would be more bracing than a cup of coffee!”

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I woke up in the middle of the night with this PC headcanon but was too tired to get up and write it and almost forgot:

In Arcane territory, it’s very common for interplanar or interdimensional disturbances to occur. Spirits, magical creatures, dream creatures, higher and lower reality creatures, all type of things can be glimpsed because the physical and magical veils are just naturally thin in the Starfall Isles.

And for beings who really want to get in, Pearlcatcher pearls are like a beacon that can guide them across. It’s a little crystallization of pure memory and essence, so otherwolders latch onto it like lampreys, hoping to give themselves a way to enter Sornieth’s reality. Some even believe that they will literally hatch from the pearl as new beings on that side, with all of the host pearl’s memory, effectively replacing the original pearlcatcher as a doppelganger.

To prevent this sullying or possible damage to their pearls or themselves, Starfall Isle Pearlcatchers may frequently be seen purifying or performing rituals over their pearls to either protect them or make them invisible to outsiders.

Rarely, when a terrible infestation occurs or something powerful attempts to cross planes, hundreds of pearlcatchers will gather to secrete their own mucous onto a single sacrificial pearl. The sheer amount of memory and essence is irresistible, and can even draw spirits away from pearls they have already latched onto. However, because it mixes so many different memories and essences, the pearl itself becomes warped and misshapen and the otherworlders become overloaded and confused, unable to parse out which memories are which, or even remember themselves as separate entities from inside the pearl.

Thus the sacrificial pearl acts as a trap, and the owner of the pearl is tasked to either destroy it or guard it until their death.

Admiration vol. 3: FIN

Bucky x reader (Bucky’s POV)

Final part, hope you enjoy :) 

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Falling back into routine, I stroll the market every day with a new found confidence. The same words keep going through my head: ‘next time I see her, she’ll know who I am’

Though I wonder if I can muster up the courage to even come close to her, it’s a nice thought to keep mulling over.

I’ve become acquainted with a lot of the people that work their stands at the market, and today I decide to actually buy something, because that empty fridge keeps haunting me.  

I hold up casual conversation with Jacob, the elderly man who runs the fruit stand, when I suddenly feel a presence next to me. The scent of Jasmine and honey washes over me, and I know without looking that it’s her. She’s right next to me, waiting politely for out conversation to finish. I turn to her to see her looking right at me, smiling like she did the first time I saw her.

'Hi’ she says sweetly, and I feel my knees go weak.

'H-hi’ I stutter and I just want to punch myself in the face.

She chuckles lightly, and turns to ask Jacob for whatever she’s planning to get.

It’s now or never.

'I had a dream about you’

My mouth moves and the words fall from my tongue before I even know it.

She raises her eyebrows and turns to me.

I groan and slap my forehead, dragging my hand over my face.

'Shit, I- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.. It’s just.. ever since I saw you; I can’t get you out of my head and you’re so beautiful.. Fuck. Sorry I don’t mean to sound so creepy’ I’m completely rambling and losing my mind. She must think I’m insane.

But she giggles and I see that blinding smile form on her lips.

'It’s okay, you’re not that creepy’

Her voice sends a shiver down my spine and when it passes, I immediately feel more relaxed. Hoping I don’t stumble over my words again I reach out my hand to her.

'I’m Bucky’ I breathe steadily.

'Y/N’ she says as she takes my hand.

The touch sends an electric charge trough me, her hands are so soft. She snaps her eyes to me, the surprised look on her features tells me she felt it too.

'So..’ Her voice trails, 'you had a dream about me?’ She smirks when she slowly lets go of my hand, as if she doesn’t want to lose the connection.

I let out an embarrassed chuckle, 'Yeah.. I did’

'What happened?’ She smiles curiously.

'I- uh, we..’ I’m not sure what to tell her. In my mind I’ve already seen her so many times, that I’m afraid to come off as some sort of stalker when I open my mouth. Then again, that ship has probably already sailed.

'We kissed’ I blurt out, fully aware of what I’m saying.

'Oh? Really?’ She smiles shyly and a blush appears on her perfect cheeks.

I can’t help but smile at the thought that I’m the one who’s bringing the color to her face.

'That’s, uhm..’ She’s searching for words as she looks down, as if she hopes to find them on the ground.

'Interesting’ she finally says as she looks up at me, stunning me with her beautiful bright eyes.

I laugh silently, 'interesting?’ I ask her with a smirk.

'Yeah, I mean..’ her eyes wander to my lips for a split-second, 'I do wonder wh-’ she clears her throat awkwardly, and I’m sure she couldn’t look more adorable.

'You wonder?’ I ask with a smirk I just can’t hold back. She’s getting all shy and worked up over me, and I feel a part of me that’s been buried for a while surface slowly.

'I- uh..’ She giggles embarrassingly and hardly dares to look me in the eyes.

The assertive part of me makes me grab her hand. She immediately falls silent. Her eyes dart from our encased hands, to my face and back.

'May I?’ I ask breathlessly, I have no idea what’s come over me, being so forward; but I decide just to run with it.

She stares at me wide-eyed and my confidence is dripping away slowly; but then she surprises me again. She shows another shy smile and nods.

I don’t hesitate to pull her in; her hands are now on my chest, our faces only inches apart. I wrap my arms around her carefully, afraid to crush her with that monstrosity of a metal arm. My heartbeat is deafening in my ears, it’s all I can hear; next to hers. I can hear hers too.

The distance between out lips slinks, as if in slow motion. Her warm breath reaches my skin, and I move forward, unable to hold off on the soft looking lips closing in on mine.

A gentle moan of surprise leaves her when we finally connect. Another electric charge flows through me, and immediately I’m addicted to the excitement of it. We don’t part our lips until we’re comfortable enough to explore each other with smaller, gentler kisses. She tastes so sweet, I revel in her scent; my metal arm stays around her waist as I bring my other up to gently tangle in her hair. She feels even better than I could’ve ever dreamt. She fists my shirt tightly, pulling me closer to her. It takes a while for us to part, both embarrassingly realizing we’re still in front of the fruit stand where Jacob works around us to help other customers. He smirks at us as he hands Y/N her forgotten order.

'Thanks’ her cheeks redden as she looks down.

'Walk with me?’ She whispers at me.

'Gladly’ I smile at her and she takes my hand. My left hand. I stiffen as she raises her eyebrows at the glove around it.

'Why are you..’ She questions, but sees the look on my face and stops.

A smile plays on her lips, 'it’s okay. You don’t have to tell me all your secrets right away’ she reassures me.

I exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding, and she laughs.

'Nervous about something?’

I laugh with her, 'well, it’s not often I’m in the company of such a stunning woman’ I give her a smile and squeeze her hand, careful not to crush her fingers with the metal prosthesis.

I see her flush red again, and I smirk at her, thoroughly pleased with myself.

'You’re quite the charmer for some one who drops the “I had a dream about you” bomb on a woman after just saying hi’ she jabs and I burst out laughing.

'You just had to use that against me, didn’t you doll?’ I sigh, still chuckling lightly.

'Well, I have to say, it was a pretty good pick up line’ she giggles. 'Did you really mean what you said?’ She suddenly adds, her hopeful eyes linger on me.

'About dreaming about you? Or the fact that you’ve taken over my mind and that I’ve been trying to find the courage to talk to you for almost two months?’

She stops in her tracks. 'You didn’t tell me that’ she smiles and bites her lower lip.

'No, but I mean every word’ somehow all the words come natural to me, as if she pulled back that part of me that I’ve been trying to get to ever since I saw her.

She closes the distance between us completely and takes my lips in a soft, yet passionate kiss. I instantly drop the bags of food -not really caring about my fridge at the moment- and pull her as close to me as I can. Savoring every curve, every movement of her lips; just to make sure I can remember this as vividly as possible. It lasts, and it’s beautiful. It’s soft and sweet, and I catch myself wishing that we could stay like this forever. 

We break apart only inches, our lips still touching softly.

'How about I take you out for a drink?’ I whisper, ghosting my lips against hers.

She smiles, 'Thought you’d never ask’

Two months later.

I’ve been living in a dream. Ever since that day, Y/N has hardly left my side, nor have I left hers. She’s so light and full of life; she’s been so patient with me and my quirks and my secrets, that I’ve finally gathered the courage to show her the thing that’s always with me. The thing that haunts me day and night; the metal stuck to my body, as much a part of me as I am of it. Out of respect she hasn’t pushed me to share everything about myself immediately, which is the only reason why I was able to hide this from her for so long.

She’ll be here any minute and I feel my stomach turning slightly as my heartbeat picks up. I take a deep breath as it hitches in my throat when I hear the familiar knock on the door.

Alright; it’s now or never, and I don’t want to find out what happens if it’s never.

Poisoned Youth

Who : Finnick Odair
Where : The Hunger Games
Inspiration : Centuries by Fall Out Boy 

I had wanted to turn this into a legitimate story but I just couldn’t find inspiration to do so. But I hope you enjoy it <3

They branded her as the Songless Siren, a name she couldn’t escape.

She had been reaped for the 67th Annual Hunger Games and little did they know, it would be the shortest match in Capitol History. They threw the fourteen year old girl from District Four a bone by sending her in a watery grave. The families of the fallen would claim that the game was rigged, making it fairly easy for District Four to seek victory again. Despite the Gamemaker finding her ever so entertaining, he played the game fair. It was her who had docked the heads off her competitors.

Sixteen in the first three hours.

She could hold her breath for an awfully long time and she was told to use that to her advantage if her arena should have any type of deep water lurking in itself. To her luck, that’s all it was. They had given the players only thirty feet of wooded land around the watery pit. Most were dimwitted and trudged into the icy cold waters to drown the youngest girl of them all. To their dismay, it did not work out in their favor. She’d sink to the deepest depths where the water was so dark, so numbingly frigid and wait for them to come to her. Even without trying, she lured them into her trap.

The Capitol loved her. They rooted for her to win despite most of them finding the game itself to be quite boring. However, the Capitol were quite impressed with her increasing number of victims piling at her feet. She had singlehandedly taken out more than half the competitors faster than they would have themselves. It wasn’t long before they came up with the clever name, making it the only thing they would ever call her.

Even back at home, her fellow District Four inhabitants wouldn’t call her by the name she had gone into the arena with. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had forgotten what she used to be called before she was pushed into a nightmare that would never end. It had become normal to answer to Siren or anything affiliated with the title the Capitol gave her. She minded her manners and did what she was told. Faking a smile and taking part in conversations that she no longer wanted to be a part of.

It was exhausting going back and forth from the Victor houses all the way to the Capitol for extravagant parties and foods so rich it made her stomach hurt. She wanted to be left alone, forgotten. It was difficult to put on a smile when she hadn’t slept for days or even keep her etiquette when the PTSD would kick in and she felt like she had no room to breathe. There was no one she could find solace in, her family turned their backs at what she had done and she couldn’t blame them. She entered as their frightened little girl and came out as a murderer. Even she wanted to turn her back but they were watching, always watching.

All she wanted was to hear her name, to be reminded that she was still in there somewhere. Hidden underneath panicked thoughts and guarded memories. She was tired of being glittered up in mermaid gowns and asked about what it was like living in treacherous waters for two days straight and how she kept her head during it all. That was the thing, she didn’t. She lost herself the second she dragged the District Two boy down into her cage and let him struggle to hold onto the bit of air he had hardly gotten. Every face of every life she had taken was imprinted behind her lids. She’d never forget.

“Red’s a good color for you,” She turned her head, her eyes trailing down the length of his body. Finnick smirked, “See something you like? I could let you take a closer look if you let me into that pretty little head of yours.”

She scoffed, how much his little charade annoyed her. “As enticing as that sounds, I’ll have to pass. You can gather your secrets elsewhere.” Turning her attention back onto the lights that flickered and danced in dark, she leaned further onto the balcony railing and breathed in the Capitol air. She missed her salty sea and it had been days since she had returned.

Finnick’s eye twitched as he closed the double doors behind him. “They say that we are legends."He stood next to her, nudging her, "You and I.” He scoffed under his breath, shaking his head. Letting his arm touch hers, “We’re the poisoned youth. Our names will be here forever, masked as something pure.”

She looked up at him, her eyes glimmering with her haunted past. “We were poisoned the minute we were born.” Chewing on her bottom lip, she turned towards him. “Please say it.”

Finnick matched her, his hand gliding down her shoulder and lacing with her fingers. Bringing them up to his lips, he placed a delicate kiss against her knuckles. “Waverly…”