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The Archeron Sisters

Feyre - skinned knees, messy braids, chilly winds, a clear night sky, splinters, the first sunlight, sloppy kisses, frayed paintbrushes, the silence of the woods, billowing smoke, moonlight, worn out boots, the colour of bruises, dreams and nightmares, the smell of crisp air 

Elain - slim fingers, dishevelled hair, muddied shoes, the smell of gardenias, satin ribbons, grass stains, freckles, the buzzing of bees, squinty eyes when smiling, lazy mornings, blushing cheeks, sunburnt shoulders, secret romances, fresh strawberries, butterflies

Nesta - running a finger over book spines, a crackling fire, the clicking of high heels, curtains blowing in the wind, dark purples and light blues, sunsets that look like the sky is on fire, pomegranate seeds, thunderstorms, pale skin, exploring maps, piano music, corsets

Alright, I’m going to keep this short and simple. I’m Daniel Sharman, I’ve been on shows like The Originals and Teen Wolf. I will also be on Fear The Walking Dead very soon so keep an eye out for that. Anyway, I’m very sarcastic and I love dark humor so if you ever want a way to introduce one to me, just slide one in my messages. Anyway, if ya like this post, I’ll send you a message on the secret of looking so fresh and so clean clean.  @ wateer.slut

Saving Faith

Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Chapter 2: Last Few Words

Chapter 3: Keeping Secrets

Chapter 4: A Fresh Start?

Chapter 5: Saving Faith

“Honestly though, do frogs even have feelings? They just sit there!” Tracer exclaimed. She always had something to talk about and always seemed to get a good laugh out of everyone. Especially, who was currently in tears.

“My god Tracer,” she said snorting in hysterics.

“That was the funniest thing you’ve said yet!” Winston bellowed.

It was then the group noticed someone walk back into the room.

“Hey guys, did I miss any thing…” Soldier said scanning the room as he sat down in his seat once more. It quickly became so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Everyone held a face of astonishment, his obliviousness shocked them. When he couldn’t find Mercy’s lovely face anywhere, he started to panic, “where did…” 

The room remained silent, but not for long.

“FUCK! That BASTARD!” Soldier roared as he shot up from the chair, letting it fall to the ground behind him. Everyone sitting at the table jumped in their seats, causing them to look at one another in confusion. Without giving his friends a chance to ask what was wrong, Soldier fled the scene and to his room in hopes of finding Mercy. It took the group a couple seconds to respond to his actions before anything was said or done.

“Tracer, follow him,” Zarya said jumping from her seat, “we won’t be too far behind.”

“On it!” She shouted as she zipped out of the room. The rest of the team was in her wake as they all ran after Soldier. 

He was the first one to make it to the scene. 

Blood was splattered on the ground. Her body was hunched over in a painful manner. The masked villain stood next to her proudly. A deep chuckle protruding from his body. Soldier growled and ran towards them.


“Nice try Morrison, better luck next time,” he said before the two of them vanished. 

Soldier was seething with rage and pounded the wall next to him, putting a nice hole in the wall. He yelled out violently and sank to the floor in pain. He couldn’t lose her, not again.

“M-Morrision? Did I hear him right?” Tracer asked as she looked around the room at her friends.

“Yes…” Soldier huffed as he stood from the ground. He proceeded to take his mask off seeing as his cover was already blown and there would be no sense in saving it now. He then slowly turned and faced his small group of friends. Gasps were heard among them in happiness, rage and fear.

“It’s me guys, and I’m sorry I kept it a secret for so long,” he paused, “and I know there are a lot of questions, but, I think there is something more important on our hands,” he ordered as his mask hissed back into place.

The pain in her side was too much to bare. Her world spun in circles and the blur in her vision didn’t seem to help with her conditions. The deeper she breathed, the more pain she would be submerged in. What even happened to her? What was going on? As her vision began to clear, she could make out the white walls around her along with a dozen flashing colors.

Blinking her eyes furiously, she then noticed the person standing right in front of her.

“Well it’s about time,” she spoke in a heavy Mexican accent.

“Who… Who are you?” Mercy managed to whisper out.

“That is none of your concern blondie.” The term she used made her skin burn. There’s never been a word she hated more than blondie. She huffed beneath her breath.

“Leave the girl alone Sombra,” a woman with a heavy native accent said as she moved towards them. The closer she got to them, the more Mercy seemed to recognize her. 


“Aww come on, she just got here, how could I not mess with her?”

Widowmaker rolled her eyes as she knelt down in front of Mercy. 

“What a familiar pair of eyes,” she sang as she gripped her chin in between her fingers, “shame it won’t be of use anymore when the time comes.” She examined her face before she tisked at her and let her go, “besides, you never got anywhere you needed to be in time.”

Mercy panted from the pain. She wasn’t lying. This might just be the place where she takes her last breath. She looked down at the wound in her abdomen. It looked bad. In fact, almost infected. This would be a tough one to deal with when she got back to the base.

“Come on Sombra, let us leave her be.” Widow said as she dragged the woman out with her. Mercy let out a breath. She knew that help would be on the way soon, she just didn’t know when. Given that the pain wouldn’t be getting any better, she decided that she mine as well give the small room a look. 

The walls were uninviting and the draft the wind created didn’t seem to help. The paint was visibly peeling off the wall and the stench that came from an unknown substance made her want to vomit. An old clearly used cot in the corner of the room sagged from the weight of the world that had once laid upon it. A small rickety chair was toppled over in the opposite corner, groaning from the mold eating at its legs.

Was this really Talon’s head base? Old and destroyed from the years of life? Or was the organization just in really bad shape. She couldn’t tell, nor did she really care. With all the effort she could give, she hobbled over to the stool. She needed something to help her with her wound and the stool just might be the solution. The blood was still making little droplets from the soaked cloth she held against her body. If she could just stop the bleeding, everything would be ok, only she knew that it was more than just a small stab wound. She probably had a good amount of internal damage too. 

Oh god, how did she even get herself into this situation? Her thoughts were endless as she sat on top of the stool. Just stop the bleeding, she kept reminding herself. Everything will be ok once Jack gets here.

But Jack….

What if it was reaper all along? And this was his devious plan to capture and kill her? She didn’t really blame him. After all, what enemy would want the head medic of the other team alive? Her shoulders sagged as her mind raced on. What if the team calls her crazy for really believing that this random so called Soldier 76 was a good guy? Would they ever trust her again? What if they’re already out and doing the damage to Overwatch? How foolish of her to lead them all to danger. It was all of her fault. 

And now she was going to die here, alone. 

No one was coming for her and she could feel it. A single tear escaped her eye and her heart began to pound, a sign she was about to cry. First her parents, then the love of her life, and now her? Was god out to get her? What had she ever done to deserve such a fate. 

And then it began.

The sobbing.

In the span of her regretting almost every life decision she had ever made, the tears flowed freely. She didn’t hold back. Was this what it felt like to all of the soldiers that were brutally murdered? Was this what happened when she didn’t get to people in time? She soon became furious with herself and the thought of dying never sounded more pleasing. She really did deserve this. I should thank reaper for this. She thought. 


The more hours that flew by, the more tired Mercy grew. She had lost a great deal of blood and the unconscious beast was ready to take her down. Only before she could truly slip into a quiet bliss, the door to the room swung open. With barely enough strength to lift her head, she could only guess who had opened the door to the room.

“Mercy Mercy Mercy, what a time to be alive hu?”

All she could response with was letting her head bob up and down to the beat of her slowing heart. 

“You know, they say that Karma is a dish best served cold, let’s see if I can make it freezing for you my dear,” he circled around his prey, “there’s just something about you and time my love, it always seems to hate you,” pause, “you were too late for me, too late for Amelie, and certainly too late for Jack. But lucky for him, he didn’t need your help. Managed to make it out on his own. That fool. He was meant to die in that rubble alone. He was never worth your time, and you should’ve never been worth mine.” He scowled as he paced back and forth. His heavy combat boots slapping the ground with every step he took.  

From the slight appearance she could see from looking up, she could tell that he too had changed. There was no more kind hearted Gabriel left in his body. She had truly destroyed him. His long trench coat seemed more intimidating than it should be along with his long skeletal mask that was probably used to hide the remains of his face. 

“What do you want from me,” she managed to whisper out. With a fluid movement over to her he answered, “I want them to suffer.”

She looked up at him with her blue angelic orbs along with her shaking body. She had lost the sensation in her hands and toes a long time ago, making them turn a deep purple color, much like Amelie’s skin. He seemed to notice all the things going on in her body, making him smile demonically. Of course, she couldn’t see it, but it was well worth the try. 

“I want them to suffer for the decisions that they made, I want them to suffer the losses I’ve suffered, I want Overwatch to go down in flames. Maybe then the government will realize their mistake in placing commanders. 

You know Mercy, or should I say, Angela? You know what? He ruined my life, and you go on and decided to help him with that. Do you know how much you meant to me? How much I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you? Of course you don’t. You don’t give a damn about poor ol’ Reaper.” He scoffed and walked around the room some more.

“So when are you going to let me die?”

“When Jack Morrison can watch the life drain from your eyes.”

The flight over to Talon’s head quarters was quiet, too quiet. 

“We should be arriving soon Soldier.” Winston announced. Even thought the messages was directed towards him, the rest of the group lifted their head up in response as well. 

“Good,” he sighed, “Oh Mercy, I’m so sorry I didn’t do more.” He mumbled to him self. 

No one dared to speak a word. It was bad enough that their beloved doctor was taken from them, and only two seconds later it’s revealed that their Strike Commander is actually alive. The news was still a shock to them all. 

“10 miles in closing,” Winston announced once more. Soldier turned to the group he once called friends. Now he was unsure of what to call them all.

“Friends, acquaintances, my lost family,” no one dared to look at him. He hung his head and sighed, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for all the pain I may have caused you guys over the years. I didn’t mean anything to be personal. I just wanted an exit, and out, and end. I needed to stop tearing down Overwatch. I couldn’t bring myself to go back to the life I was living, I couldn’t keep putting you guys in danger. It was too much for me, and for that I admit that I am weak. I’ve let you guys down. And I hope you can forgive me.”

There was a deafening silence in the air as the team thought about what their Vigilante had just said. It made sense to most of them and the guilt started to eat away at them. Only then did they realize how much weight he had actually pulled during his time of being Strike Commander. The stress and the emotions he must’ve had were enormous. They alone couldn’t deal with that much stress even if the job was divided amongst the group. 

They suddenly came to their senses and forgave their lost bother.

“Why did you come back?” Dva piped up. 

“Well,” he began as he ran his hand through his worn silvery hair, “I heard that the members of Overwatch had gotten back together. It was maybe a couple months ago that I figured out that Angela was back on the team. I,” he paused, knowing that they had the right to know about their secret love affair, “I needed to come back to make sure that Angela was ok, I wanted to see how she was doing. I missed her, boy did I miss her. I know I caused her a lot of pain by making the choices that I did and I just needed to know.”

They all nodded their heads in understanding.

“You know she never stopped talking about you. How much she missed you, how much she wished she had come sooner. You were all she ever talked about.”

He smiled under his mask, hoping that she didn’t cause them too much trouble. 

“But she was utterly depressed for a time,” Zarya declared, “her first couple months back, all she would do was break down crying because she wasn’t good enough. If she couldn’t save the Strike Commander, what was the point of her being back on the team? Oh she questioned herself day in and day out.”

The group nodded.

“We’re glad you’re back Jack, couldn’t be happier,” Mcree voiced, tipping his hat.

“Yeah,” Jack sighed, “me too.”

Reaper wasn’t lying when he said that she would be hidden by the blackness of his soul. Not long after their little chat, Reaper hauled Mercy out to the main body of the building. It was a wide open area where many different trinkets were being builded, a perfect place for a battle. 

“I can feel his presence,” he chuckled as he waited up in the rafters with Mercy, “and soon he will be mine to torture.”

Her heart ached. After all he had been through, this would be one of the last things she wanted him to go through. What had she done? She was literally tearing the new born team apart. It was going to be all of her fault if she made it out of this dilemma alive.

Her heart beat was even slower than before when she watched them enter the building. First she spotted Tracer, then Soldier and the rest of the team. 

“She could be anywhere,” she exclaimed as she zipped around the large room.

“She’s got to be here somewhere.” Soldier huffed as he held his pulse riffle. The entire team scanned the area and as expected, came up with nothing. 

Mercy was literally counting down the seconds as she saw Widow get in her position in the rafters below them. Her aim was impeccable and her strength was unreal. No wonder why Talon had such a high kill rate. But the fact that she was a good assassin meant nothing to anyone if they were all dead in the end. 

Sombra too was in position. With her little teleporter in position, she would have a good shot or two in the ambush. The team itself didn’t even know of the new member they had added so diligently.

Everyone would die today. 

And it would be all of her fault.

There would be absolutely no more good in the world.

“Wait,” Soldier commanded. He slowly lifted his hand and his head as he looked up into the rafters above him. In the dimness of the darkness and the help of his visor, he spotted her.


The sound of Soldier’s gun exploding rang in the room.

Fortunate for Widow, he missed her and hit an explosive tank behind her.

Fire infiltrated the oxygen around them, making all of the attackers break out of hiding. 

From there the only thing Mercy could hear was screaming and gun shots. She no longer had the strength to open her eyes and watch the horror that occurred beneath her. 

Just a little longer… Just a little longer…. 

She pleaded to herself. 


The rope holding her high in the rafters above her gave way.

She came crashing down like the fallen angel she was. 

This was the end for her.

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