secret flask

girls in the bathroom, summoning satan. drawing pentagrams with that lipstick we always seem to be carrying around but never using. eating a man’s heart  while we talk about how cute your dress is. yes you’re tall but don’t feel bad, sugar, we’ll make space in the spell for all our sisters. adjust each other’s bangs over cauldrons, comment on how the fumes are good for pores and bubbling is a good white noise to fall asleep to. drunk off of those secret flasks that can hide on your thigh, talking about which poison is the right one to murder him by. no, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a real woman, real women are those who know eldritch horrors and don’t flinch and maybe kissed one (it still counts if it’s just cheek). real women know how to use holly to bind someone to a curse. when we open our mouths a howl comes out. there are teeth that extend too far. fixing our makeup and then immediately cursing the president. that kind of thing, you know, the usual.

jack in potc1: this is captain barbossa. he led a mutiny against me and stole my beloved ship. i despise him completely. i have relentlessly hunted him down for a decade. he is my most loathed enemy. he is one of the only men i shall ever kill onscreen.

jack in potc5: this is hector and he is my bestest buddy ever. he has a really cool wooden leg with a secret rum flask inside and one time we even teamed up to help him get revenge on blackbeard. we have saved each other’s lives multiple times. hector’s such a great guy

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Did your Hawke get invited to Avenline and Donnic's wedding, and did she behave herself?

of course she did and of course she didn’t

Keep Your Eyes On Me - Chapter 1/? (Rated T)

It all began when I got an idea in my head for a Kagehina fic involving grinding on the dancefloor. But (haha butt), this isn’t just about that. This the start of a fic about misunderstandings, about assumptions, about how complex navigating the world can be for a young queer person in very different ways. With that in mind, this is also the start of a fic with a main char who isn’t always the good guy, even if he is a good guy. Written with love and care and a teensy bit of criticism of the queer community I was surrounded by in college. 

Mild Warnings/Tags: Gatekeeping language. Hookup culture. Alcohol. Derogatory language as endearment. Ensemble cast. Eventually NC-17. (I don’t do unhappy endings, just FYI.)

Thank you to @beleghir for their thorough Kenma read-through and lovely, thoughtful comments! <3 If anyone else wants to talk to me about this fic and the issues I’m attempting to address, my askbox is open.

The room was low-lit in purples and blues and pinks, some projectors borrowed from the theatre department casting wild shapes and sparkles over the ceiling and walls of what was usually the student café on campus. As if the disco balls and rainbow balloons and iridescent garlands weren’t enough…

Well, to the Queer Resource Center’s events committee, they probably weren’t.

Hinata Shouyou tipped his head and slurped at his soda, a little bored. Tonight, as it always happened a month into fall semester, the first QRC-planned dance for the year was going off without… too many hitches. Hinata had a bunch of friends on the events committee, who were all scurrying around trying to make sure there were enough snacks and no one was tripping on the amp wires or doing stupid things college students did (or at least too many stupid things). Which was why Hinata was leaning against the wall near the DJ booth, bored and slurping, instead of socializing.

“Hinata, babe!!” someone yelled over the music, and Hinata rolled his eyes even as his mouth twisted into a smile. He looked across the crowd and saw Bokuto waving a long arm in the air as he bounded over.

“Hell-o,” Hinata said over the thumping bass, eyeing the glitter smattered across Bokuto’s cheekbones, collarbones and shoulders, complementing the kaleidoscope of a crop-top he had on.

After bussing Hinata on the cheek, Bokuto looked down at Hinata’s drink, frowning. “How ya doin’, sweetie? Are you properly lubricated?”

“Gross,” Hinata grumbled, but tipped his plastic cup up as Bokuto pulled a flask from his very tight pants. The pants were a funny color between copper and bronze, which he probably knew set off his bright eyes in the right light. Hinata always felt a little intimidated by Bokuto’s ability to be over-the-top for every occasion, when Hinata usually just put on his white high-tops and his tightest jeans and hoped for the best. At least Hinata had a good relationship with his hair gel, which Bokuto… no, that was probably deliberate, too.

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HOF look + earring + just the way he's watching so intently... sooo good. I'm gonna be the psycho requesting all the Dean/Mox things now haha What would Mox be like with a cold? I feel like he would be the worst "man-flu" survivor ever XD

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- Coming over to yours late in the evening, the exact moment he finally admits defeat, all snotty, disheveled and pale. He couldn’t bear being in his shitty apartment any longer but hates being a burden.

- He really looks like shit. In fact, you’ve seen him bloody and bruised and hungover to hell but he’s never looked more pathetic and helpless as he does right now.

- Helping him get undressed and he groans and sulks the whole time. Being all grumpy as you try and get his exhausted body out of his clothes and into a clean fresh bath. He’d be muttering to himself about how much he hates your floral your bubble bath smells is and how he doesn’t remember the last time he had a bath.  But he reluctantly admits he likes it when you wash him.

- Lots of whining and moaning while you try and look after him. 

- Lying on the sofa in just his underwear coz he refuses to put anything else on.You bring him a big white fluffy blanket to sit under and cover himself up a little bit but he’d rather you were there to keep him warm.

- Picking up all his mess and snotty tissues because he just throws them around. Good job you love him or you’d kick his ass straight out for being such a gross mess.

- Making him hot honey and lemon and then pouting when it doesn’t have any whiskey in it. Telling him off, coz he should lay off alcohol for while he recovers. Although he has a secret hip flask in his leather jacket, he’s too achy and weak to go get so just accepts what he’s been given.

- Sheepishly putting his head on your shoulder coz he wants to cuddle but doesn’t want to ask, Hoping you’d get the message.

- Laying on your chest and letting you hold him. Playing with his hair and giving him little head kisses. He doesn’t even care that it’s off his personal brand, he just likes the sweet touches. Mox sort of hates himself for enjoying it as much as he does but its so comforting while he’s sick,

- Rubbing vapor rub into his chest, He pulls you into his lap and digs his fingers into your hips, rocking you into his crotch just to get a bit of friction against himself. You don’t understand how he can be so horny while being so sick, even though he wont act on it. He just likes the feeling.

- Mox wanting to kiss you but also doesn’t want you to get sick too so for once in his life he keeps himself under control. 

- Normally he doesnt move in his sleep or make a sound, but you feel so sorry for him tossing and turning trying to get comfy and then once he’s asleep he’s a massive snorer. Its annoying but kinda cute.

Alcohol, Juggie, and his dad.

Did anyone see Jughead hide FP’s flask after the jam session, when he and Archie are talking?
Whatever you do, don’t imagine Jughead watching his father drown out his troubles with alcohol. Don’t think about how Jughead watched his dad fall into a spiral of doom, one bottle at a time. Don’t imagine Jughead despising alcohol for all it’s done to his family- tearing them apart.
Avoid contemplating whether Jughead dealt with a drunk FP Jones every night or so, listening to his liquor-induced ramblings about how he’s failed his family. Don’t wonder whether our resident writer spent almost every night worried that his father would drive under influence, and end someone’s life. Maybe even his own. Stop yourself from deliberating the number of bottles or flasks or secret stashes Jughead has probably had to hide.
Just don’t. Because I did, and I’m crying.

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In your opinion, who is most likely to be caught jamming out hard to Bodak Yellow?? Who is most likely to be found with their arm stuck in a vending machine??? Who is caught taking shots from a secret flask at a christmas party with a straight face????

Did you really asked this question ?! OF COURSE IT WOULD BE THE SEIJOH BAD BITCHES

A secret flask? It does not need to be secret, especially not when you are Akaashi Keiji and spend Christmas with Bokuto and Kuroo, WITHOUT Kenma

As for being stuck in the vending machine… I’d say Nishino-

*Noya, casually sliding a dollar and an old candy on my desk*

-SHIMA. Tsukishima would probably get stuck in the vending machine.

Fight Song - Both Ending - We Are Family

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Warnings: Language, alcohol, mixing meds with alcohol, etc

Pairings: Bucky X Reader X Steve

Word Count: 6269 (A Lot I know bear with me)



“(Name) stop!” I hear Steve yell out and I freeze in my footsteps.

Why? Why did I stop? What the hell?

I go to move again but I find that my feet won’t listen.

Okay, what the actual hell?

I feel a hand in mine and I turn to see Steve standing next to me. “It’s okay,” He says as he offers me a reassuring smile.

“How?” I ask, the need for answers filling my eyes. “How is any of this okay?”

“What do you mean?” I hear another voice ask and I turn to see Bucky standing on the other side of me.

“I-” I turn to see everyone still staring at me and I let out a heavy sigh. “I don’t wanna talk about it here. Can we go somewhere else, please?”

“Sure,” Steve says as he grips tightly to my hand and leads me to the elevator with Bucky close behind us. Walking inside I stare at the floor as Bucky and him stand beside me. The elevator doors close and instantly reach up and wrap my arms around myself.

“Stark?” I hear Bucky say and I clench my jaw.

“How am I worthy?”

“What?” Steve and Bucky say in unison.

“How could I lift the hammer,” I pause for a moment before looking over at Steve, “When-when you couldn’t?”

“(Name),” Steve starts but I instantly stop him by shaking my head and saying, “I don’t get it. You’re captain freakin America; you save people, you are the American dream. I’m a partially unwanted child with a shit ton of baggage; How In the hell can I lift Mjolnir, and you can’t?”

“Things happen for a reason.” Steve says and I roll my eyes.

“Like Thor says, ‘The hammer chooses the worthy’.” Bucky says imitating Thor’s voice and I smile. “Ah I won, she smiled.”He calls out a bright smile covering his perfect face.

“Shut up Barnes,” I say my smile growing brighter.

“What Buck means is that, Thor’s hammer is magic. It has mystical properties that no one, save for him and his father, understand.”

“Besides think about it, how is Thor worthy? Huh? Answer me that.” Bucky adds and I chuckle.

“I just can’t see how someone who has done all that I have, is worthy of anything.” I say my smile fading as the depression washes over me.

“I think you’re worthy.” Steve says a smile covering his lips.

“Me too Stark,” Bucky says smirking.

“I don’t think I’ll ever truly believe that I’m worthy of anything.” I say honestly rubbing my shoulders.

“Well maybe one day that’ll change?” Steve says and I smile softly at him.

“I hope you’re right.” I say as the elevator doors open revealing that we haven’t even left the floor the party had been held on. I look forward to see Thor smiling brightly along with everyone else in the room and I take a deep breath before I let Steve and Bucky escort me back to the table. I look down at Mjolnir sitting back neatly on the table and I raise an eyebrow playfully. “Hey Thor I have a question?”

“Ask away Lady Stark.” He says smiling his cheeks tinted pink from the alcohol.  

“Since I can lift the hammer, does that mean I can go to Asgard?” I ask making the room go silent.

“But of course, Mjolnir has found you worthy; therefore in the eyes of Asgard you are an honorary Asgardian.” Thor replies a soft smile covering his lips.

“Did you hear that old man,” I say turning toward Tony, who still seemed to be drunk given his rosy cheeks. “I get to go to Asgard and you don’t.” I smile cheekily before turning back to Thor and winking. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!” I yell out my heart feeling light making everyone else laugh out around me. “Can the birthday girl get a drink?” I ask and I turn to see looks of disagreement on Steve and Bucky’s faces and I roll my eyes.

I want a celebratory drink and no one is going to ruin this for me.

I giddily walk over to the bar and winking at the bartender order up a Jack and Coke. He sets the made drink on the bar and right as I reach for it, I see someone else take it and down it. “That was mine Barnes!” I yell out angrily knowing full well the hand belonged to.

“You’re on meds, heavy ones at that, so no alcohol.” He says making me groan inwardly.

“Fuck you and the horse you rode in on,” I say as I motion for the bartender to make another one. As this one if set down I grab it before he has a chance and bring it to my lips. I go to take a drink and I instantly feel the glass slips through my fingers and I follow it to see Steve bring it to his lips and down it. “Oh hell no! This is not happening! DAD!” I yell out as I turn to look for my inebriated father. I find him sitting next to Pepper on the couch, at the sound of his name his head snaps toward me.

“Yeah Peanut?” He replies in-between hiccups.

“The super soldier duo won’t let me drink my celebratory Jack!” I pout pushing my bottom lip out.

“Sur- Ahem-Well, you are on meds.” He replies after an elbow in the ribs from Pepper.

“Are you taking their side?” I ask raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yes?” He replies more like a he’s asking a question and I roll my eyes.

“Fine, then my worthy ass is going to bed.” I say as I stomp past them and head back to the elevator.

As I step inside I turn to look at Steve and Bucky staring after me and I smile devilishly. They start to move toward the elevator but it’s too late. The doors close and I smile brightly. “Stark 1; Super Soldiers 0.” I laugh as the elevator lifts me up to my floor. As the doors open I practically skip to my room, which turned out to be really stupid on my part as my leg started to throb, and reaching into my nightstand pull out a secret flask full of Jack. Setting the ring box containing my grandfather’s ring down on the nightstand I smile as I bring the flask to my lips and chug.

As the liquid slides down my throat I smile inwardly at the taste. I loved Jack, that wasn’t ever going to change. Setting the flask down on my nightstand, I stretch my arms above my head and let out a happy sigh. “I’m an Honorary Asgardian.” I smile at my words. “Alright time to get out of this dress,” I say as I untie my sash and gently set it down on the bed. I reach around and start to unbutton the back of my dress and right as it falls to my feet Steve and Bucky suddenly burst through my bedroom door. I let out am involuntary scream causing them to instantly turn their backs to me.

“We are so sorry!” Steve calls out as I slowly make my way to my bedroom divider.

“You better be! Jesus what is it with you two and trying to catch me naked?”

“It wasn’t deliberate!” Bucky yells back.

“Of course it wasn’t Terminator!” I say sarcastically making him tense.

“Fine, you want deliberate?” Bucky challenges making my eyes widen.

“Bucky don’t!” Steve yells out but it’s too late. Bucky turns around and stomps over to the divider. Before I have a chance to react I see him standing there and I jump. Bad idea considering the dress was tangled with my feet; because I trip on the hem and end up falling backwards. Before I hit the ground, I feel strong arms catch me and I look up to see Steve’s eyes gazing back into mine, his cheeks flushed pink. Steve helps me back to my feet and the sudden movement makes my head start to spin. I smile like an idiot as I turn to Steve and say, “Thank you Stevie, you really are my hero.”

“I take it she had something to drink?” Bucky asks and Steve nods.

“Come on, I’m not that bad!” I say as a sudden hot flash fills my body. I wave a hand at my face before I unconsciously start to once again remove my clothes.

“(Name), what are you doing?” Steve asks his eyes widening.

“I’m hot, therefore I am getting naked. Wanna help?” I ask wiggling my eyebrows at him.

“And you’re drunk.” Bucky says and I shake my head.

“Nope, just have a really good buzz.” I say smiling.

“Right…” Bucky says unconvinced.

“Come on you know you wanna help me outta these clothes. Hell I know I would if I were you.” I chuckle as I have a sudden drunken epiphany. “Oh I have an idea!” I say as I instantly start to tug at Steve’s dress shirt.

“Whoa! Whoa! (Name) What are you doing?!” Steve says as he gently but firmly pushes my hands away.

“I am trying to even out the score here dammit!” I yell out causing a hiccup to emanate from my lips.

“Okay? What score are you talking about here?” Bucky asks slowly putting himself between Steve and I.

“You two have seen me naked how many times now and I have yet to see either of you completely naked. I want it, I *hiccup* wanna see it right the fuck now.” I reply accidentally stomping the foot of my injured leg. I bite my lip as I try not to let it show that I was really regretting my sudden movement.

“Oh is that all?” Bucky says and Steve flashes him a warning look. “What she wants to see us naked and she’s not going to stop until it happens, right?” He directs the final word to me and I nod enthusiastically. “See, so I say we give the girl what she wants.”

“Bucky, No.” Steve replies pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Bucky, Yes.” I interject as I reach over and pull at his shirt. Steve instantly grabs my hands and pulling my away from Bucky says, “(Name) no, you’re drunk. Go get in bed, and sleep it off.”

“But I don’t wanna!” I whine my shoulders slumping.

“No buts Stark,” Steve says instantly sweeping my off my feet and into his arms as he carries me over to my bed and gently lays me down. He goes to pull away but I instantly grip tightly to his shirt holding him in place.

“The only way I’m staying in this bed is if the both of you join me.” I say sternly making Steve’s face flush. His eyes were a mixture of both lust and fear. “I mean it Rogers, I will jump outta this bed the moment you leave the room.”

“She sounds serious Steve,” Bucky says as he moves to the other side of the bed making my eyes follow him closely. “Now I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that she’s not talking about sleeping.”

“Look at Barnes using his brain,” I say as I giggle playfully. I slowly turn back to Steve to see him still staring at me and I use what drunken strength I have to pull him down into the bed with me. I giggle as I wrap my arms around him tightly. “Ah, So warm.” I say softly as I bury my face into his chest. I suddenly hear his heart start to race.

Ahhh, How cute.

I quickly pull one arm away from him and reaching backwards hold my hand out for Bucky. “I need my Bucky Bear.” I say earning me a chuckle in reply. Without so much as a reply the bed dips behind me and I instantly feel Bucky cuddle up behind me his strong arm wrapping possessively around my waist. “Now I can finally sleep.” I say taking one hand of theirs into each of mine intertwining our fingers together. It still surprised me how easily I felt at home and wanted when I was in their arms. Licking my lips I dare to push my luck as I say softly, “I know Steve loves me; but what about you Barnes?”

“Steve told you he loves you?” Bucky says suddenly becoming tense and starting to pull away from me. I tighten my grip on his hand as I keep him from completely getting off the bed.

“He did,” I say rolling over onto my side to get a better look at Bucky’s face. It was completely devoid of emotion. “Bucky,” I say softly sensing that he was on the verge of leaving. “I know you told me you liked me before, but I need to know how you feel now.”

“I can’t answer that.” He says pulling his hand completely from mine leaving me to stare in panic at my empty hand. My throat goes dry as it suddenly becomes hard to breathe.

“Why, why can’t you answer?” I ask panic lacing my every word.

“Drop it Stark,” He says as he suddenly gives me a regretful look and turns leaving the room. I stare off after him completely frozen to my bed my eyes focused on his receding figure.

“Buck wait!” Steve calls out as he runs after his friend making that feeling grow to a crushing size.

“I should’ve kept my big mouth shut.” I say as my lip starts to tremble. With them both gone I could suddenly feel the silence enveloping me. It was extremely sobering. I glance around the room and then with a quick nod climb from my bed and start to pack all my clothes.

What happened to not coming between friends? I fucked that plan to hell.

I pull on a Stark Industries t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans before I walk over to my night stand and grabbing the ring box containing my grandfather’s ring I open it and swiftly pull the ring out. I stare at it for a moment as tears sting my eyes. “You’d be so upset with me grandpa. I’ve fucked up so bad.” I run my fore finger over the engravings before I gently stuff it into my jean pocket. I hobble over to my bag and pulling it over my shoulder take one last look at my room. I had enjoyed my time here with everyone but it was time to go. In my mind I had clearly overstayed my welcome. I glance over to see the dress Natasha had bought me lying on the floor an my heart wrenches.

Taking a deep breath I walk over and reaching down pick the dress up and lay it gently and smoothly out on the bed. I give it one last touch before I squeeze my eyes closed and leave the room. Walking to the elevator I say, “FRIDAY, do you know where Blake and Mikey are?”

“I believe they are in their room miss. Would you like me to page them for you?”

“No, will you just let them now I’m on my way to them?”

“Sure thing miss.” She replies and I let out a heavy sigh as I climb into the elevator. I needed my best friends. Maybe they could tell me how I fucked up and what to do now cause the only thing I could think of to do was to run. Run away and never look back. No matter what I cared or felt for both Bucky and Steve I couldn’t break them up. Bucky needed Steve, and vice versa. They were all each other had. I on the other hand had everyone in this god forsaken tower and I still couldn’t get used to it. The elevator dinging pulled me from my thoughts and as the doors open I look up to see steel grey eyes staring worriedly back at me.

“You Okay Darlin?” He asks and I shake my head.

“I fucked up; I really fucked up this time.” I reply tears falling from my eyes. Suddenly his arms are around me holding me close.

“It’s okay Darlin, I’m here.” He says calmly as he starts to rub circles on my back.

“I should’ve kept my mouth shut.”

“Now hold on a minute Darlin and tell me what happened?” He says as he leads me toward the living room area of his and Mikey’s guest room. As he sets me down I am suddenly given a cup of hot cocoa and I follow the hand holding it to see Mikey gazing down at me with worry.

“It’s made just how you like it. Not too much chocolate and loads of marshmallows.” He says winking at me lifting my mood ever so slightly. Giving him a thankful smile I quickly tell them about what had happened after I left the party. When I finish recalling my Story I see Blake looking far away with his brow furrowed, while Mikey’s face was filled with curiosity.

“Okay let me get this straight, you got drunk, made a fool of yourself, told a guy that said he liked you that his best friend-slash-brother is in love with you, and then he walked out and wouldn’t tell you if he loved you too?” Mikey replies and I nod.


“Well in my honest opinion I think he loves you too but is just putting his feelings aside for his friend.”

“Honestly,” Blake interjects his face hard, “I don’t blame Bucky,”

“Blake!” Mikey yells making Blake glare at him.

“Let me finish,” He replies moving his gaze from his boyfriend to me, “Think about it from his perspective (Name), His best friend, someone he has always put before himself not matter the consequences, says he loves the same girl that Bucky does, what do you think Bucky will do? He’s gonna bury his feelings in order to make sure his best friend gets his happiness.” Mikey and I look at each other before Blake continues, “Okay let me put it this way, Lets say that mikey and I weren’t gay, well bisexual in his case, and that both of us were in love with you. If Mikey came to me and said that he loved you I would do my damnedest to bury my feelings and let him be happy.”

“Okay, I get that. First off, your example sucks because I know firsthand that Mikey can’t stand me.” I joke tryig to lighten the mood and it works for Mikey as he chuckles but instantly stops as Blake glares at him. “Second, it’s not that I don’t understand WHY Bucky is doing it, it’s that neither of them even thought to ask me how I felt about them.”

“And how do you feel about them?” Blake asks as he pulls the warm coffee mug still full of cocoa from my hands and gently sets it on the coffee table in front of us. “Honestly and sincerely, how do you feel about Bucky and Steve?”

“I…” I pause as tears start to fill my eyes making Blake instantly reach out and take my hands in his. “I love them. I love them both so much that I can’t even stand that I put them in the position where they have to choose. I love the way that even thought Bucky acts all playful and childish he’s smart and wise. He knows me better than I even know myself. And Steve, god where do I even start. He never lets me get away with anything for one,” I chuckle through my tears as I continue, “I love how sweet and innocent he acts around me. I love how he treats me like I’m the only girl in the world. These past few weeks have been like heaven with the two of them. I can’t choose one of them over the other.”

“Then don’t,” Mikey says and Blake nods.

“Wait-what do you mean?” I ask confusion filling my face as the tears start to slow.

“Don’t choose, just take them both.”

“They aren’t gonna share me.” I state and Blake shrugs.

“You never know until you talk to them.” Mikey says and I raise an eyebrow.

“Well would you share Blake with me?”

“Bitch I already do!” Mikey says tossing a throw pillow at me.

“He has a point, although sex between us would be really awkward.” Blake replies and I nod.

“That it would.” I run a hand through my hair and pushing myself to my feet say, “Then all I need to do is have a sit down with them whether they like it or not. Tell them it’s either the three of us together or none of us at all. God that sounds like an ultimatum and I hate those.”

“Yeah well shit happens,” Blake says smacking me on the ass making my glare at him. “Go on hotpants, go get your men.”

“Jesus sometimes I hate you guys!”

“Hey you came to us for advice, don’t forget that!” Mikey calls from his seat.

“Definitely a mistake on my part.” I joke as I grab my bag and head back to the elevator. “FRIDAY do you know where Cap and Bucky are?”

“They are currently arguing on the thirteenth floor. Would you like me to contact them for you?”

“Nope, but I’m on my way to them.”

“Hey leave your bag here!” Blake calls out and I quickly drop it in the foyer.

“You got it Babe!” I call back as the elevator doors open. Walking into the elevator I turn and as the doors close in front of me I let out a nervous sigh.

What the fuck am I gonna say to these assholes??

I groan out in annoyance as I rub my forehead. This was gonna be a bitch. Folding my arms over my chest I tap my foot as I wait impatiently for the doors to open. Once they did I was met with angry yells.

“Bucky just talk to me!” Steve yells out making me walk onto their floor and peek around the corner. I see Steve standing behind Bucky who is staring out the window with a cold expression on his face.

“There’s nothing to talk about Steve. Honestly, I’m fine.” Bucky says and I can instantly tell that it’s a lie.

“Buck we’ve known each other for ninety years, I know when you’re lying to me.”

“God dammit Steve will you just drop it!”

“No I won’t,”

“Look I liked her okay, I won’t lie; but I don’t love her.”


“Buck that’s a lie and you know it. If you didn’t love her you wouldn’t be this upset.”

“Okay fine,” Bucky yells finally turning to look at his friend. “I do love her. okay, I do; but what is that gonna change? Huh?”

“If you love her then I’ll back down.”

“See this is exactly why I didn’t tell you.”

“Oh so you’re allowed to bow out but I’m not?”

“HOLY MARY OF MOTHER FUCKING GOD DO EITHER OF YOU ASSHOLES EVEN CARE WHAT I WANT?!?!?!” I yell out at the top of my lungs my anger filling my face causing the two of them to jump in shock.

“(Name)?” They both say in unison making me roll my eyes.

“Okay first of all, no one is backing out. Okay? so listen carefully cause I’m only gonna say this once.” I say folding my arms over my chest. I wait for them to show that they are listening and I take a deep breath. “I love you. I love you both so much that seeing you fight between the two of you is killing me. I cannot for the life of me choose just one of you okay, that shit can’t happen. Reason number one being I will not come between the two of you. Not ever.”

“(Name),” Steve starts and I hold my hand up to stop him.

“Mother fucker I ain’t done yet.”

“Yes ma’am,”

“The only way this is gonna or will ever work is if we are in this together. All three of us. Think of yourselves as Brother Husbands. There will be one girl, me; and two boyfriends, that’s you two. And you will share me just like I will share you both. That is the only way this is gonna work out. If you can’t do that then I’m sorry to say I won’t choose either of you. I’ll choose my damn self. What do you say?” I say the last sentence my anger receding as it is replaced with fear and worry.

Bucky and Steve look at each other as they silently discuss it with their eyes. I glance back and forth between them as I start to fear the worst. Suddenly Bucky breaks the silence as he says, “Whatta ya say punk? I know it’s not what we’re used to but, I don’t think I could choose to be without both of you.”

“You’re right Buck; I don’t think I could either.” They smirk at each other before turning to me and saying, “I guess you’re stuck with us.”

“THANK GOD!” I yell out as I close the distance between the three of us and wrapping my arms around them hold on tight. “Oh and let’s wait to tell my dad. He might kill us all if he finds out.”

“Too Late Peanut!!” I hear said father yell out over the intercom and my face blanches.

“Well you two are fucked.” I say as I slowly pull away and chuckle at them.

“I’ll talk to him.” Steve says as he heads to the elevator and I roll my lips as all the sudden possible outcomes start to flash through my mind.

“Hate to be in that meeting,” Bucky whispers into my ear making me shiver with excitement.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine.” I reply as I turn to look up at him. After a few seconds of us staring into each other’s eyes we both say in unison, “We should go help him.”


The sudden ringing of my landline fills my home and I quickly run over to it my heart racing from chasing my youngest child, Peggy who’s four, around the living room. Lifting the receiver up I say, “Hello?”

“Is this Miss Stark?” I hear the familiar voice of my twin son’s elementary school principal say on the other line and I sigh inwardly.

“Yes this is her.” I reply as I already anticipate what the call could be about.

“This is Principal Waverly of Grove elementary school; I’m calling you because it seems your sons have started a fight and have been suspended for three days. I ask that you come and retrieve them please.”

“Yes, of course. I’m on my way now.” I say as I quickly hang up the phone and let out a heavy sigh.

“Mommy? Are you okay?” Peggy asks me her bright blue eyes gazing up at me worriedly.

“Of course Sweetpea, just, we have to go get your brothers.”

“Those boys are trouble.” Peggy replies as she turns and heads toward the front door to grab her shoes making me chuckle at her reply.

“Smart girl.” I say as I follow after her. Peggy, or Peggy Marie, was my youngest child. If you hadn’t already guessed who her father is then I’ll tell you. It’s Steve and he loves her tenderly. She has that man wrapped around her little finger.

“Alright mommy let’s go get stupid’s,” She says and I snort.  

“Oh will you run upstairs and grab mommy’s wallet pumpkin?”

“Yup!” Peggy replies and I watch as her curly golden locks bounce up and down as she climbs the stairs.

Taking a deep breathe I reach out and right as I am about to open the front door it swings open to reveal both Steve and Bucky walking through it.

“You two made it just in time! Set your stuff down and come with me.”

“But I want a shower.” Bucky whines and I shake my head.

“Oh no you two both have to be here for this. They are your sons after all.” Without another word Bucky turns on his heels and heads for the Jeep.

“Where’s Peggy?’ Steve asks as he looks past me into the house.

“She’s upstairs getting my-”

“DADDY!!!!” I hear our daughter squeal loudly and I wince.

“There she is!” My girl definitely had some lungs on her.

“Hey Pumpkin!” Steve yells back as he falls to his knees just as Peggy launched herself at him. “How was your day?”

“It was fun, until Mommy got a phone call.”

“Yeah, yeah, you can beat them up later.” I reply as I lean over and give Steve a kiss and retrieve my wallet from Peggy.

“No mommy we have to go!”

“Yes ma’am!” I say as I quickly salute her and head out the door. Steve closes it as he follows after me. He quickly places Peggy in her car seat and buckles her in while I climb into the driver’s seat and leaning over the center consul and kiss Bucky on the cheek. Before he has a chance to say anything I pull away my nose scrunched. “Dear Lord you smell like a chicken farm!”

“That’s because I was on a mission dear.”

“Yeah well Steve doesn’t smell like that.”

“Well good for Steve.” Bucky replies rolling his eyes making Steve and Peggy chuckle in the back seat. After Steve climbs into the back seat I put the car in drive and quickly make our way to the school. “So what’d they do?”

“All I know is that they were fighting. Don’t know why yet.”

“You know they had to have a reason to fight someone.” Steve chimes in as he leans forward.

“I know, they wouldn’t just start throwing punches. Unlike me.” I add the last part a smirk covering my lips.

“Who called? Their teacher or?”

“The Principal and he was a little rude in my opinion.”

“Was he disrespectful to you?” Bucky asks his eyes going dark.

“Not exactly, it just seemed like he expected it of the boys. Like it was their fault. Kinda pisses me off now that I think about it more.”

“Clam down Stark,” Steve says from the back seat and taking a deep breath I try to force the anger away. We drive the rest of the way with Peggy recalling every single thing she did while Steve and Bucky were gone. When we arrive at the school I climbed out and waited patiently for Steve, Bucky, and Peggy to join me. Then we all walked in as one united family cause that was what we were. We quickly make our way to the principal’s office and as I open the door leading to it I see my boys sitting alone with bruises on their sad faces and my heart clenches.

“Phillip Rogers. Timothy Barnes.” Was all I said and their eyes shoot toward me. I stop dead in my tracks as I stare at them. Phillip looked so much like Steve with his sandy blonde hair and sea blue eyes while Timothy looked like Bucky with his dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Sometimes I forgot that they were actually twins. Superfecundation was what they called it, when Twins have different fathers, and before you ask yes, we had a threesome. It was amazing, but after I had the boys there was no way in hell I was risking that again. I am about to say something to the boys when the principal walks over and says, “Ah Miss Stark, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Rogers; how nice to see you. I wish it was under different circumstances though.” I glare at him as his pretentious tone of voice filled the air.

“Breathe Dear,” Bucky whispers into my ear and I nod slowly.

“It seems the fight started when your boys attacked some of their schoolmates.” He said the word attacked like it was nothing new for the boys and I started to see red.

“Excuse me?” I say in disbelief making Steve grab my hand. I nod slowly as I pull away from him and walk over to my boys. Kneeling down in front of them I say, “Now you know you can’t lie to me, it’s not in your DNA, I want you to tell me what really happened.”

“I already told you Miss Stark.”

Mother fucker you are about to get hit!

“I know what you told me Sir, but I want the truth. My boys have never in their life lied to me.”

“Outrageous,” He exclaims as if believing my children was the wrong thing to do.

“Okay you need to walk away.” Bucky says sternly before I can flip out.

“Boys, come on, whatever you say I will listen.”

“You promise you won’t get mad?” Phillip asks his eyes borderline wet.

“That all depends on why you fought.” I reply and both boys look past me to their fathers before their eyes come back to me.

“They called you names.” Timothy says breaking his silence.

“What?” I ask clearly confused.

“They said you were a whore.” Phillip says his eyes focused on the ground.

“Okay, I believe you, what else did they say?”

“They said they heard the teachers saying that our family was dirty and shameful.”

“And you stuck up for us?” I ask and they both nod.

“We’re not dirty are we momma?” Timothy asks his eyes filled with sadness.

“No baby, we’re not.” I reply and then suddenly hear a scoff behind me and I see red. “Hold that thought.” I stand up and turning toward the Principle, “Did you have something to say?”

“Of course not.” He says looking from me over to my two towering husbands.

“Oh I think you did.” Bucky says and I narrow my eyes.

“Steve take the kids outside.”

“(Name),” he replies cautiously.

“It’s either I deal with him or Natasha does when she finds out.”

“Good luck sir.” Steve says before he turns to the boys and says, “Come on boys, we’ll get you some ice cream on the way home okay? And since you have three days off we’ll go see grandpa. How about that?” The boys erupt in yells of happiness and I roll my eyes as they all follow Steve outside leaving me and Bucky standing toe to toe with the principle.

“Now, would you like to tell me what that scoff was about? Do you think my family is dirty?” I say calmly to the sweating principle.

“Of course you are! How many men have you been with that all your children have different fathers?” He exclaims and I hold my arm out to stop Bucky from stomping a mud hole in him.

“First of all, my children don’t all have different fathers. My daughter that you just saw has the same father as Phillip. Timothy is his son.” I say sternly pointing to an angry Bucky. “You have no right to judge my family when you are cheating on your wife with oh how many teachers here now? Three? Four? Oh and your secretary over there as well.” I say with a nod of my head to the now angry secretary sitting a few feet away. “Oh I guess she didn’t know about everyone else. Sorry, that’s my bad.”

“It’s different when guys do it.”

“Oh my god, are you fucking serious? No, no, there is a completely different way you are doing things to the way I am. You see I am married to both my husbands. They are the only men I let in these pants. Sorry but I’m not a whore like you.” He starts to stammer as I continue, “If you don’t stop treating my kids like crap let me remind you one thing. I am the only Heir to the Stark Industries conglomerate and if you pull this shit again I will not only tell your wife about your other women, I will make sure you don’t have a person or a thing left to turn to. Also I want a list of all the teachers who think the way you do.”

“Wh-why?” He stammers suddenly afraid.

“No big reason, just want to have a little chat.” I say with a smile. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some ice cream to go buy.” I turn and taking Bucky’s hand in mine start to leave the room when I hear the principal say, “Fucking whore,” Before I even had a chance to react I felt Bucky’s hand slip from mine as he turned and punched the Principal smack dab in the middle of his face breaking his nose and knocking him out. I see Bucky raise his arm again and I instantly wrap my arms around his waist and say, “It’s okay, stop! I’m okay!” He instantly relaxes under my touch and I let out a thankful sigh.

Looking past him I look down to see principal lying in his own blood and then look over to see the secretary who just shrugs and says, “I didn’t see a thing. Bastard deserved whatever he got.”

“Thank you.” I say causing her to nod at me in recognition. I pull Bucky from the office and when we are out in the hallway I place both of my hands on his cheeks as I say, “You okay?”

“Yeah, he just-”

“I know, He’s a tool.” I say smiling up at him. Bucky nods before leaning forward and gently kissing my forehead.

“So how about that ice cream?” Bucky says and I nod.

“Sure let’s go.”

As we walk outside to meet the rest of our happy little family I smile and think about how I wouldn’t change anything. No matter what anyone said or did we were happy, and we were together. That was all I ever really wanted. And that was exactly what we got. Family.

This was a  long time coming lol. but the ending just for Steve will be out soon :D 

What I heard in Back to the Barn

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little clod? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Kindergarten, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Homeworld, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gem warfare and I’m the top technician in the entire Homeworld armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another pearl. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of flask robonoids across the galaxy and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the cluster, maggot. The cluster that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, clod. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Diamond Authority Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.