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Abysstale secret  part 1

Hi guys. it appear that no one found the secret of turquois soul Evolution yet. I give you a another clues about this dialog will be used for the comic Abysstale. of which scene. it will be random.

Clue number 1 : “ Abyss Gaster : the Abyss Entry number X , I discover we’re aren’t  the only one living in the universes call ” Alternate Universes. “ It’s where we have a different version of ourselves  like a parallel world. I’ll observe they Aus for long time. None of them have the turquoise soul similar to ours. Guess where’re the only Au possesses this extraordinary power. 

Clue number 2 : ???: Why do you choose them over us. You know we have goal. Your one of  the highest  evolutionary chains. Yet you didn’t listen to us… Those inferiors being could never understand what we feels. They saw us as threat because we are the massager of change, benevolent or malevolent  no one can the escape change. Those fool thing they can always living like this forever. Nothing can last forever.

Clue Number 3 : Gaster (Othertale ) Talking to Color. :  …Abyss power is quite complicated, after he gain the second orb. The power of the abyss is getting replace by a new power slowly. Abyss is aware of this awaken power. But something  do bothers me. I know it sound odd, between the power of the abyss and the strange turquoise color on his soul. Which one is his truth power? But why. it like this thing is protecting him but what reason…


9 by Shane Acker “Understanding that the backstory of 9 is steeped in ancient occultism gives the movie’s storyline a specific color: It describes the world as seen by members of occult secret societies. The evolution of the characters in 9 tells it all.”

Darcy/Loki, Secret Marriage

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8. Secret Relationship/Marriage

Loki’s lips pressed firmly against hers the second the door slammed behind them.  “Did you see the look in his eyes when you said no?” he murmured.  “He wanted you and had no idea you were my wife…”

Darcy snorted back a laugh.  “I think you get off entirely too much on this secretly married thing.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was a kink…That guy just wanted to get coffee, nothing else.”  

“You’re telling me it’s not the slightest bit arousing to think that no other woman but you can have me?”  He asked, his lips trailing down her jaw towards her throat.  “And he wanted more than coffee, Darcy…”  

She hummed, losing herself in his kisses.  “Whatever freezes your ice, Babe…” 

PREMIUM: UB-Adhesive “Evolution” Secret USUM

The USUM website seems to put UB Adhesive into the spotlight more than the other UB’s, including it on the front page and referring to it as “mysterious”. This might not mean anything at all but perhaps it could point to a possible evolution of the UB.

Hint: Mysterious UB Adhesive points to a rumor first U-B to evolve in Ultra Sun Moon

Evolution most likely to be “simian” in form with a new ability, like Type Null to Silvally?!

UB-Adhesive: Beast Boost

UB-Obstruct: New Ability?!

Possible name for UB Evolution: Obstruct

prevent or hinder (movement or someone or something in motion), another word for Adhesive, Sticky since UB’s don’t have “real” Pokémon names.

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Every night - when the sun disappears and the sky goes from golden into a deep dark blue - Then I get this feeling of wonder, of reaching out. For out there actually. It actually feels like reaching out for all the “nothing” that surrounds us, out there… But on the other hand I get this great bunch of adrenaline feeling the soft meaningful Hollywood breeze, the smell of something great and meaningful. Like fate or destiny…

So I ask myself if I do mean something; if WE mean something - or if even any of all that means something- There has to be a meaning… because if there wasn’t, then WHAT? What is the sense of all this…

Now look how far we’ve gone. What we’ve been through. What we’ve learned, discovered, invented - centuries, wars, science -   

If we look back for the very first human being we would never be able to understand how or that it would be possible - not even in a MILLION years - that he was the fountain of ALL what makes us to what we are…

There is this inner conflict that reminds us of who we are and where we’re from and stuff in contrast to the present, our life and our shortwhiling existance. Sometimes this stuff I think about just makes me feel good -like finally meaning something. Being able to change it to move and to influence and not to be forgotten like most of us.

I’d give up anything to be seen and to be important and to be meaning something for the history of existance - a Hero!

Rather than being like everyone ELSE - just spending their lives on earth not caring about death because it will be there anyway…- We have to look all AROUND us: Nature, animals, water, cities, stars, sun, earth- EVERYTHING is IN this dynamic system FULL of life and movement called “existance”- How can you accept to LEAVE someday?? We have to be curious about WHERE this LEADS, what GOAL we’re heading to (bc we DEFINETLY aim at a giant Goal in a distant future). Will it be the END of the world or some Kind of paradise - or still infinite infinity?

Everytime I try to imagine what there is BEHIND all the loads of galaxies and planets and stars, my brain just cuts off - like a cliffhanger. And RIGHT THIS is what we HAVE TO DISCOVER! THIS is our SECRET, our MEANING, DESTINY… This is in my opinion the final question of existance that we are living for - so personally I couldn’t barely afford dying without knowing this.

So until then I will do everything that I can do to keep this world save and steady so that humanity will someday meet THIS PARTICULAR DAY OF CHANGE and embrace their and OUR ….. DESTINY-

-Personal Opinion.



Since Saitama’s secret for getting strong has finally been revealed in the anime, I share a couple ways your average every day otaku could go about getting some serious badass results with this workout routine and Knock a fools block off 

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