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Why the fuck do so many companies have no grasp of what their customers want?

Apple: better hardware? Nah, let’s remove all the necessary components to make it thinner

Clothing Companies: lol pockets

Movie Studios: Hear me out: a Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji

Facebook: you know how users have been demanding a dislike button for 10 years? Let’s periodically find new ways to remind them of how cringeworthy they were 3 years ago

Cartoon Network: You don’t want Steven Universe, you want Teen Titans Go!

Valve: Why would we want to make Halflife or Portal 3? We make operating systems now

Gamefreak: Mega evolutions? Secret bases? Missingno.? Fuck no, let’s make another Pikachu knockoff!

The United States Government: Affordable tuition and healtcare? Nah, let’s give them a fat nazi cheezit


get to know me meme : [2/5] favourite male actors ➩ David Duchovny 

My favorite parts of work as an actor and a director are those unplanned mistakes that do happen, because it’s like catching lightning in a bottle. It’s the best part of what we do.❞



Since Saitama’s secret for getting strong has finally been revealed in the anime, I share a couple ways your average every day otaku could go about getting some serious badass results with this workout routine and Knock a fools block off 


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You know what, I’m bored and still not feeling…

Amourshipping vs Kalosshipping

You see, here’s the problem with trying to turn this into a debate.


And this:

Are not the same character. They are similar and have similar origins, but their backstories and characterization are wildly different. One of them has skirmishes with Team Flare as she and her friends travel across Kalos for Professor Sycamore to try to uncover the secrets of Mega Evolution, while the other travels with Ash Ketchum and follows her dream to become a Pokémon Performer and Kalos Queen. 

Doing an “Amourshipping VS Kalosshipping” is like doing “Pokeshipping VS Specialshipping”. They don’t even have the same characters in them. Why pit them against each other?

And the only reason I even responded to this war-bating was because there’s no discussion to be had here.

Here’s some of my favorite reads from this year❤️ I can’t wait to read more in 2015.

Why is it that I’m usually fast asleep every time we get new Pokemon info? (Or at work?)

But yea, we have our villain team now, Team Skull, apparently lead by the fluffy-white haired guy, Guzuma. (The girl, Purumeri, must be an admin.) ….I wonder if the boss will have a Skuntank, a Weezing, or a Crobat. As a villain team tho, I’m a little underwhelmed by them being obviously evill, but I’ll wait to see what their goals are. (Rockruff also is said to have a secret evolution, which they’ll reveal next month.)

We get Alolan Meowth, which is a Dark-type, and Alolan Marowak, a Ghost-Fire-type. We had hints of a Fire-type Marowak last time, so it’s a safe guess this is Kiawe’s signature Mon.

Two evolution chains are also revealed.

We have the Ghost/Ground Sunaba and Shirodesuna, and Nuikoguma, who evolves into Bewear.

We also get Yowashi, a new water-type Pokemon in its Solo and Swarm formes. I have to say, I really like the Swarm form.)