secret diary of a call girl


- I’m good at it; I think, and uh… I just… I enjoy it. You know? I like getting to know clients, I like finding out their secrets. Kind of, like, a… private detective? Or a priest. Ish. Just with, like, better underwear. And just loads and loads of sex.
- Is it really that simple?
- Well, I never said it was simple.


prostitution / pros¦ti¦tu|tion /ˌprɒstɪˈtʃuːʃn: the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

“When you sit in a desk you sell your mind, when you dig a hole in the ground you’re selling the strength of your arms. We are allowed to sell everything about ourselves, but people have a problem with one aspect and that’s sex. You’re even allowed to sell your womb and have somebody else’s baby and that’s ok, people don’t condemn that to the level they condemn prostitution.” - Dr. Brooke Magnanti aka Belle de Jour