secret diary mine


Very recently I’ve really understood the power of manifesting. I truly do believe that knowing exactly what you want, and then taking all the right steps in working towards the goal manifesting itself, is a very powerful tool. I think the way to control our destiny is a combination of hard work, a positive outlook, ambition and focus.


Guess what hole I’ve been hiding my art in forever 😂

So I made this just now, based off of the famous Mystreet x Heathers AU whose idea originated from… wait… actually idk.

Well the point is, my choice for Duke was Laurance bc idk

I really dont know

Also these are really crappy rough drafts, I only made them like this bc its just a sketch of what I would like my future drawings of the three to be.

Liochant - Mcnamara
Garroth - Chandler
Laurance - Duke


Thats all

Hope you like :D