secret boxes

None of this happened because Red was keeping a secret. Red keeps all kinds of secrets. A box of bones in the dirt wasn’t hurting anyone. Tom’s pursuit of it brought all this down. Red tried to tell him, ‘nothing good will come from digging up secrets.’ Along with the suitcase, Kaplan dug up Tom’s grave.

But I get it. The writers need some way to actually pry these things out of Red. Whether it be Liz looking for answers or Tom just not stopping, no matter what.

I’m glad they’ll have to find fresh ways to keep the reveals coming.

Yes, I do teach creative writing: your opening scene

The opening scene is the most important piece of your novel. This scene determines whether your reader is pulled in or puts the book down. Here are some important do’s and don’ts.

DO write it as a scene, not a data dump. You may have a fantastic premise, a marvelous alternate history or post-apocalyptic world or magical realism to die for, but if you don’t engage your reader in an actual scene, you will bore them.

DO write a scene that immediately introduces a character that the reader can root for. Yes, I know Stephen King has had great success introducing victims that are then shortly afterward killed off. That’s a horror trope and we expect it. But if you are caught up in world-building and haven’t dreamed your way into a character who is worth following through 100,000 words of writing, your story is pointless. I have read many pieces of fiction by would-be writers who can’t grasp this essential concept, and without exception, they fail to engage the reader.

DO introduce the stakes right away. In case that’s a challenge that needs some exposition to develop, create some immediate stakes (a life threat works) that keep the tension high and the reader engaged until you can lay out the larger stakes.

DO begin in medias res, which means “in the middle of things.” Most beginning fiction writers make the mistake of starting too early in the plot. Meet the monster on page 1. 

DON’T include a flashback in the first chapter. Work on a scene, which means time is NOT compressed. It should include dialog, action, description, setting, and interior monolog. Keep everything happening within that scene for at least the first chapter. You can bring in a flashback in Chapter Three.

DON’T shift points of view within a single chapter. Let the reader establish a strong bond of interest (even if it’s with a POV villain) over the course of a whole chapter.

DON’T open the story with your character waking up unless it’s because she’s got a gun in her face (or a knife to her throat – you get what I mean). We don’t need to follow a character through their mundane daily routine. 

DON’T be coy. Beginning writers often have this idea that they need to hold back on revealing all their secrets – what’s in the box, who’s behind the curtain, where they’re going next, etc. Their well-meant plan is to slowly reveal all this over several chapters. Trust me on this one: tell your readers instead of keeping it a mystery. You WILL come up with more secrets to reveal. Your imagination is that good. Spill it now, and allow that revelation to add to the excitement.

codename-bewareofthefangirl  asked:

YOUR ASK IS REALLY OPEN?! WE CAN ASK FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL ART?! I'm crying...what about SecretAgent!Iwaizumi x ProPlayer!Oikawa?😍 Everything is fine, I just love the two of them in any au and your art is perfect! Take your time and have a wonderful day!

Here you go, @codename-bewareofthefangirl for the SecretAgent!Iwaizumi x ProPlayer!Oikawa… and… this is what happens when you told me to take my time? X’D Since you didn’t mention anything specific I just come up with Oikawa as Iwaizumi’s target X’D
So thanks a lot for the prompt! It makes my imagination runs wild!

It’s the first time Iwaizumi gets unwanted attention from his own mark instead of random passer-by.

Small things that make me happy

Ok yes this image is a little creepy, I admit. However what it represents to me is really important, so I thought I would share. (Warning: unnecessarily long story below)

So I was born without either of my top two (adult) lateral incisors (The second to front). When my baby lateral incisors fell out the adult canine teeth came through there instead, and so I ended up with four canine teeth. We didn’t discover this until I went to get braces, at which point the orthodontist determined they would have to remove the baby canines, and move the adult canines to their proper place before they could put in some form of fake teeth in the gaps. This made the process of having braces more painful than in a more typical situation, but it also left me with gaps in my teeth while I waited for the teeth to slowly move to their proper positions. You can imagine how awkward that must have looked, and how upsetting that would’ve been for me and my self-confidence. When the gaps were finally big enough they attached some fake teeth to the brackets, and they were good although of course I was still in braces so it didn’t resolve my insecurity entirely. When the braces came off they couldn’t stay, so they gave me a clear retainer with teeth painted in, which was far more effective than it sounds. The problem with that was that I had to take them out whenever I ate, and unsurprisingly taking a retainer out of your mouth at a time when everyone is gathered to eat isn’t a great way to avoid people noticing you are missing teeth. Luckily they soon gave me an a custom denture that I’ve worn since, and it looks fantastic, indistinguishable from the real things unless you’re deliberately looking. Even still I’m not entirely free from my teeth related insecurities. I mean who wants to have dentures before 60 let alone before 20! The adhesive box I use is covered in pictures of smiling elderly folk, how does that make me feel? No one my age has false teeth.

Imagine me seeing this in one of my favourite shows then. Once I got over the initial weirdness, I realised that this is something I hadn’t seen before. You see all sorts of people represented in television these days, they’ve done a great job of including representatives for all sorts of people with different abilities and disabilities alike. But a teenager with fake teeth? Seeing this kind of helped in a weird way, like I know it was for a visual gag, but to see someone else with a problem like mine? In some ways it made me feel validated.

I know that minor dental issues are quite trivial compared to serious disabilities, but for those affected it can forge some really strong insecurities. As such to see Melissa (a character I already really liked) reveal this to her friends, it kind of felt like I wasn’t alone. I know these are fictional characters, and they aren’t quite the same age as me (much closer than 60 though!) so it’s a bit odd, but it just made me smile I guess.

Sorry for the long post I just thought I’d share something that made me feel good a while back :) It’s always important to look on the brighter side of life.

secret / adultery / cheating starters

  • shh you have to be quiet!
  • i think they’re getting suspicious.
  • the sneaking around kinda makes it more fun.
  • if they find out things will never be the same…
  • i like being in our super secret bubble.
  • stop it! someone might see!
  • meet me up stairs – five minutes.
  • you have to be gone before they wake up.
  • i want people to know that you’re mine.
  • she/he keeps hitting on you because according to them our relationship doesn’t exist.
  • what happens when they find out?
  • i wish things could be simpler.
  • i want to hold your hand in public.
  • i don’t like not being able to kiss you whenever i want.
  • if they find out, we’re both fired!
  • we can’t keep doing this…
  • i can’t keep this up… it’s too hard
  • i don’t like being your dirty little secret
  • i can’t do this anymore!
  • my wife/husband is going to be home any minute.
  • you can’t keep calling my house like that.
  • you’re cheating on her/him with me… how am i supposed to know you won’t turn around and do it to me?
  • we could get in serious trouble…
  • i think she/he knows about us…
  • it’s time for you to pick! me or her/him?
  • i want you to be mine… only mine.
  • everytime i’m with her/him… i’m thinking about you.
  • i can’t leave her/him… i’m sorry
  • so all of this meant nothing to you?
  • he/she knows…