secret bookcase

Goes down smooth

(Context: We’re playing Curse of Strahd. We find a secret room behind a bookcase. It is filled with books, and a single chest with a skeleton collapsed on top of it.)

Bard (OOC): Is it a real skeleton or like, stone?

DM: You have no idea.

Cleric: I’ll lick it!

(At this point all of us go quiet and stare at her.)

Bard: …What?

Cleric: It’s how you tell between stone or bone - it’s a texture thing!

DM: Do you…actually lick it?

Cleric (OOC): Yes!

DM: …It’s a very real skeleton.

Cleric: It’s real!


LETHAL | Mafia! Au | Jungkook X Reader | Smut | Part 1

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading this!

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You lived for those moments. The moments when you were one with darkness.The moments illuminated by the sparks of gunfire. The moments the jolt of the gun shot through your limbs.
It was those moments, the moments in which you could very well take your final breath, that made you feel truly alive.
Inside an abandoned furniture warehouse, you found yourself playing a hand in a twilight stand off. You and Taehyung had arrived at the deserted building just before 2am, which was when you had scheduled a meeting with one of your drug supplier’s lackeys. It was a routine arrangement, but this time around, you had been very rudely interrupted.
Taehyung and yourself were members of the Shadow Mob, an incredibly powerful Mafia family. You had been raised among dangerous men, and raised by one of the most dangerous men there was - Min Yoongi, head of the Shadow Mob, and your beloved uncle.
That was how you found yourself in the moonlit warehouse, crouched behind a dusty sofa, reloading your gun. When the first gunshots had been fired, Taehyung had taken cover behind the large armchair a twenty feet across from where you were hidden behind at the present.
His white blond hair almost liked white in the dim light, looking like a halo framing his head. A streak of moonlight lit up Taehyung’s face, and you could see his expression. Cool, calm and collected. He continued firing shots at the opposition, completely unfazed by the sudden attack.
As per usual, the ‘opposition,’ was members of the Ruby Mob, lead by the fearsome Park Jimin. Well, you didn’t find him fearful - that was just how most people described him. Due to your upbringing, there was nothing that really frightened you.
The Shadow Mob and the Ruby Mob had been enemies for hundreds of years, and you often wondered why the onslaught continued. But you neved questioned the matter, because God, you loved your life.
After about three more minutes of gunfire, you fired the final shot which silenced the other side’s activity, signalling you had taken down the last man. You and Taehyung hesitated for only a moment, the two of you breathing heavily, before moving back into the open.
Automatically, you crossed the floor of the warehouse to where the body - or corpse, rather - of the man you were supposed to meet with laid crumpled. You stooped down, and plucked the black briefcase from his cold, lifeless fingers which were still feebly wrapped around its handle.
You paused for only a moment, taking in his appearance. Shame he got shot, you thought absentmindedly, he was kind of attractive. You turned away from his unbreathing figure, and called out to Taehyung. 'Tae, who was it?’
'Na Jeongsan, Kim Kwang-sun and Lee Jinyoung,’ Taehyung replied. They were all members of the Ruby Mob. But they’d all joined recently. It most likely been one of their first field missions.
Occasionally, you felt guilty for taking way life so thoughtlessly. But then again, it wasn’t your fault that those three had gotten in your way.
It wasn’t your fault that you were so lethal.
A phone began to buzz. Taehyung quickly slipped his hand into his coat pocket and pulled out his phone. He squinted in the light from the phone screen, which was painfully bright in your dark surroundings.
'It’s a text from Mr Min,’ Taehyung said.
You expression softened at the mention of your uncle. A great deal of the time, you forgot just how dangerous he was, how many men he had killed. You had been raised by the most lethal of men, yet your uncle’s affection for and you him often you lead you to forget these facts.
'What is it?’ you quizzed Taehyung, stretching your arms above your head. Your arms ached from the absorbing the shock of the gun repeated times. Ah, you lead a taxing life.
At least the pay was good.
'He wants to talk to us about something important,’ Taehyung told you.
This sentence knocked any feelings of drowsiness from your system. 'Important’ meant a job. A job meant stealth. A job meant immeasurable risks.
All things you lived for.
No words were exchanged between you and Taehyung as you both hurried back to the car.
Fifteen minutes later, you were stood outside the familiar mahogany doors which lead to your uncle’s office. Taehyung was stood by your side, and you were waiting to be let in.
Thudding against your chest, your heart pounded. Your mind was racing with possibilities for all the tasks that awaited you.
Before your mind had chance to continue going wild, the doors to Yoongi’s office swung open, and you and Taehyung did not hesitate to pass confidently through them.
Min Yoongi, your uncle, sat at his desk. He was leant back in his leather desk chair as always. There were neat stacks of papers on his desk, and the walls of his office were lined with books. You yourself knew that the bookcases hid secret rooms and escape tunnels, but they were for emergency only. You were yet to use them, and you prayed you never would have to.
Everything was as it always was in your uncle’s office, except this time it was not only your uncle who was occupying the room. There was a man beside his desk.
He was tall - taller than Taehyung, actually. His dark brown hair was parted, and he had big, dark eyes. A strong jaw, prominent cheekbones - not half bad. Good legs, too - you could clearly see his muscular thighs through his ripped black jeans.
You had to admit, he was handsome, in fact he was pretty damn hot.
Mentally you scolded yourself, seeing as it was most certainly not the time to be checking out this guy.
Clearly, he thought he was all that. Head slightly titled back, one leg relaxed. He jutted out his jaw and smirked at you when he caught you surveying him.
Well, you thought, looks like I’ll have to put this cocky bastard in his place.
'I trust everything went well this evening,’ Yoongi said, brushing his black hair from his eyes.
Taehyung stepped forward, 'Jimin’s men ambushed us’.
Yoongi laced his fingers together and sat up in his chair. 'That didn’t stop you, did it?’
With a shake of his head, Taehyung replied, 'We took them down.’
Laughing coldly, Yoongi nodded his head. 'Of course you did. I would expect no less.’
'Now,’ Yoongi said, any hints of amusement vanishing from his face. 'I called you in to meet this young man,’ he announced, motioning to the individual beside his desk.
'As the two of you know,’ Yoongi went on, 'I recently married Jeon Eul.’
Both you and Taehyung nodded. You had been present at the wedding - you adored Eul. She was the light to your uncle’s darkness. She picked him back up on his bad days, and always had his back.
'I didn’t mention it before, but Eul has a son,’ Yoongi informed you bluntly.
This was indeed news for you - you didn’t allow your surprise to cross your face, seeing as that would be terribly unprofessional.
Nodding to the man beside his desk, Yoongi said, 'Meet Jeon Jungkook.’
Murmuring your greetings, you and Taehyung began silently assessing this Jungkook. You cursed silently - this was to be your new step cousin? This pretty boy with his head up his own arse?
God, it just got better and better.
’(Y/N),’ Yoongi addressed you, 'Jungkook is our newest hitman.’ He turned to Jungkook. 'Jungkook, this is my niece and prodigy, (L/N) (F/N), your new partner.’
Again, Jungkook shot you that smirk of his. 'Nice to meet you,’ he grinned, his voice low and smooth.
'My pleasure,’ you replied tensely.
As much as you would have loved to protest, you kept your mouth shut as Yoongi continued. You knew better than to question your uncle.
'You’ll teach Jungkook,’ Yoongi said to you. 'Not train him. You’ll find he’s very adept in combat. Just show him the ropes, introduce him to who he needs to know, and get to know each other. After that, I have a new mission for the two of you.’
'You’ll start tomorrow’.
Through gritted teeth you replied with a cold, 'Of course.’
Yoongi clapped his hands together, and stood up. He walked around to you, and pressed a kiss on both of your cheeks. 'Don’t underestimate him,’ he whispered in your ear before returning to his seat.
You were dismissed, and you then promptly exited the room.
Taehyung stayed back to tell Yoongi of the evening’s compilation, and you were left with your angered thoughts.
Stepping into the elevator, you harshly pressed the button for the underground car park.
You were furious - why did you have to handle that arrogant brat? It wasn’t your job.
As the elevator’s doors closed, a foot jutted in between the doors and they sprung apart.
And in stepped Jeon Jungkook, pressing the button for the ground floor, a cocky grin upon his face. An attractive one, but one you wanted to slap straight off.
'Hello, partner,’ Jungkook smirked.
Resisting the urge to roll your eyes, you returned the greeting with a tense nod.
'Not very talkative, are you?’ Jungkook enquired.
Your head whipped around to face him. Who did he think he was?
'I don’t make a habit of talking to cocky bastards like you, pretty boy,’ you snarled.
He pondered this for a moment, not even looking offended - as a matter of fact, his smirk widened to a full grin.
'You think I’m pretty?’ he teased.
'What’s your problem?’ you questioned with a frown.
'I don’t have a problem,’ he replied. 'You just intrigue me.’
Absentmindedly you tilted your head to the side. 'How so?’ you asked, your scowl deepening.
With a smirk, he chuckled and said, 'I don’t see how someone with such a sweet, innocent face can be so dangerous.’
The doors of the elevator opened with a ding, and Jungkook moved though the doors.
'Don’t you dare underestimate me!’ you called after his retreating figure.
He simply laughed and waved over his shoulder. 'I wouldn’t dare, sweetheart.’
'See you tomorrow!’
And then the doors closed, and he was gone.
You crossed your arms and scowled at the doors.
And you vowed there and then that you would put him in his place.

Six dangerous libraries

1. A library packed with secret doors; every bookcase having its own special book that can be levered backwards to swing out some secret panel or other, behind which you inevitably find another room of the library; that room also being replete with rotating stacks or trapdoors or suchlike. As you travel through, the books become stranger. Here there is a narrow chimney of notebooks in metallic blue, filled out with octal numbers in a neat cursive. A wood-panelled hallway contains a seventy-volume treatise on the scientific illustration of cephalopods. Here a spiral staircase hemmed in on both sides by books so angry that they are barely coherent. At the bottom of the staircase a manhole cover that one may lever up to find a shallow blue pool surrounded by sorrowful memoirs. Eventually one comes to the library’s heart, where all paths but one lead; an unremarkable octagonal chamber lined with unpublished stories by Borges. There is no way out of this room, which is haunted at night by laughter from above.

2. They say trees, who are wont to consider their deaths on occasion over their lifetime’s long dreaming, have two views of libraries. The first library of the dreams of trees is a respectful memorial, sombre and learned. The second is that of untimely tree-death, pulped novels, hateful tracts; a lurid charnel-house of mixed-up tree-flesh. There have been times when the trees decided that some library or other had become the physical representation of the second dream. It is not wise to be in a library when this happens. Trees are slow in their revenge, but implacable.

3. There are also places where the world’s more debatable books flee to avoid being pulped. Vast bookeries of them roost under motorway bridges and in the eaves of power stations. This is where the coverless textbooks of yesteryear flap off to, and software manuals three versions out of date, and the disreputable autobiographies of the long-forgotten, and cracked-spine conspiracy books of all sorts. In the oldest corners one may find great rustling stands of Victorian sheet music. Although they are not actively harmful to humans, they have not forgotten that humanity no longer means them well. And there are other things that bed down with them too, things that have promised to faithfully read them in exchange for protection, and those things are best avoided.

4. One way that one may dispel a dangerous spirit is to catch it in a book, making it into a harmless story. Some of the worst dreams of humankind have been captured in this way. There have been cases, however, when the process went wrong, leaving various nightmares half-in and half-out of books. A small library located five hundred metres below Samarkand collects these books as a service to the world. Should you find the tunnel down to its entrance, you will be able to identify it by the banging and scraping noises, which are audible from a significant distance away. We do not recommend entering.

5. Connoisseurs of sausages may be interested in the small libraries installed in select butchers’ shops for the schooling of the sausage race. These libraries take as input various types of minced meat and casings, and produce as output fully-formed, educated sausages ready for the outside world. It is not certain as to whether books are involved at any stage in the process. It is possible that the sausage we consulted about this matter may have supplied us with a fake CV.

6. Of course there are also those who regard all of you as a book of sorts. Though you are subject to informational decay, the electric knots of humanity’s billions of meat brains constitutes an important galactic information repository. This is why licensed alien abductors have to fill out an inter-library loan form and agree to return abductees to within a millennium or so of when they got them out.


-Secret doors disguised as bookcases

-a nice flannel

-red velvet seats in a theater

-female superheroes wearing practical outfits

-perfectly executed plot twists

It’s February!

Can you believe it?! 

We hope you’re ready for what we’ve got planned for you this month. And don’t worry, it’s not all sappy love letters and long stemmed roses. Well, unless you want it to be. And if that’s the case, then by all means… We approve.

Anyway, back to the point. Was there a point? Oh yeah, the challenge. 

So, we’ve got some surprises in store this month. We’re gonna shake things up a bit, try something different.

For the month of February we’ve got our statement and our dialog prompts, AND we’re adding a third prompt. You can combine it with either or both of the other prompts, or use it on it’s own. That’s totally up to you!

Why are we adding this third prompt? Well, it’s to celebrate @ashiewesker birthday! So without further ado, let’s get to these surprises!

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anonymous asked:

Mafia!AU Tsukishima and Kageyama when their civilian s/o caught them during their job and it turned out that they have known that they're part of a mafia group because she used to be a mafia member too? She used to be the hacker/doctor

Tsukishima Kei

  • He should have been more careful when hiding his gun stash, but it wasn’t his fault that you stumbled upon the secret room behind the bookcase (classic Tsukki).
  • And when you confronted him about it he was fully prepared to lie, already having a cover story formed just for this purpose. He should have known better, but he wasn’t prepared for what you told him next.
  • How could he of all people not have known that you used to be involved with the mafia? He knew he should have had Ennoshita do a background check when he had the chance.
  • You’re the one he comes to if he gets wounded during a mission or he just wants money to be transferred to his bank account (Mafia Tsukki likes living comfortably, what can I say).

Kageyama Tobio

  • He never really paid any mind to anyone in the other mafias besides the targets he was ordered to kill. That’s probably why he never knew of your affiliation with the mafia.
  • He mentally cursed himself as he came in through the front door only to find you sitting in the living room idly cleaning his guns with a smile on your face. You with a gun? He knew he was fucked.
  • You wondered why he didn’t come clean sooner, but he could say the same thing when he found out you used to be the doctor and hacker for Shiratorizawa. They were notorious and not easy to break free from.
  • From then on Asahi doesn’t get a chance to treat his wounds when he’s hurt. He doesn’t really like to be touched as it is, but he’ll deal with it as long as it’s you.
  • He begs you not to do a background check or hack him because then you’ll discover the most embarrassing parts of him. Like you haven’t already. ;)

Ok so check out the bedroom in our guest house. Pretty sweet, right? Built in bookcase, queen-sized bunk beds, a nice TV and a steamer trunk you can’t see at this angle, and it’s nice and cozy-looking.

But wait, let’s take a closer look at that bookcase.



Yup, it hides a secret room. And in that secret room…

A bunch of my sisters’ childhood toys. 

BUT WAIT. That’s not the only secret room in this bedroom.

If you open the closet…

There’s another secret room. 

Full of… wood, suitcases, and the pair of tennis shoes I thought I lost.

Still, though. Two secret rooms in one bedroom. That’s pretty cool, yeah?