secret bookcase

Ok so check out the bedroom in our guest house. Pretty sweet, right? Built in bookcase, queen-sized bunk beds, a nice TV and a steamer trunk you can’t see at this angle, and it’s nice and cozy-looking.

But wait, let’s take a closer look at that bookcase.



Yup, it hides a secret room. And in that secret room…

A bunch of my sisters’ childhood toys. 

BUT WAIT. That’s not the only secret room in this bedroom.

If you open the closet…

There’s another secret room. 

Full of… wood, suitcases, and the pair of tennis shoes I thought I lost.

Still, though. Two secret rooms in one bedroom. That’s pretty cool, yeah?



For all of my fellow booklrs and trapdoor lovers out there.

anonymous asked:

Mafia!AU Tsukishima and Kageyama when their civilian s/o caught them during their job and it turned out that they have known that they're part of a mafia group because she used to be a mafia member too? She used to be the hacker/doctor

Tsukishima Kei

  • He should have been more careful when hiding his gun stash, but it wasn’t his fault that you stumbled upon the secret room behind the bookcase (classic Tsukki).
  • And when you confronted him about it he was fully prepared to lie, already having a cover story formed just for this purpose. He should have known better, but he wasn’t prepared for what you told him next.
  • How could he of all people not have known that you used to be involved with the mafia? He knew he should have had Ennoshita do a background check when he had the chance.
  • You’re the one he comes to if he gets wounded during a mission or he just wants money to be transferred to his bank account (Mafia Tsukki likes living comfortably, what can I say).

Kageyama Tobio

  • He never really paid any mind to anyone in the other mafias besides the targets he was ordered to kill. That’s probably why he never knew of your affiliation with the mafia.
  • He mentally cursed himself as he came in through the front door only to find you sitting in the living room idly cleaning his guns with a smile on your face. You with a gun? He knew he was fucked.
  • You wondered why he didn’t come clean sooner, but he could say the same thing when he found out you used to be the doctor and hacker for Shiratorizawa. They were notorious and not easy to break free from.
  • From then on Asahi doesn’t get a chance to treat his wounds when he’s hurt. He doesn’t really like to be touched as it is, but he’ll deal with it as long as it’s you.
  • He begs you not to do a background check or hack him because then you’ll discover the most embarrassing parts of him. Like you haven’t already. ;)

simsdeux  asked:

Hi! I love all the stuff you've made, so awesome. especially the s1 items. I guess my cc hoarding isn't over yet. ;) You're definitely in my top 5 cc creator list! I was just wondering if you would consider converting some of the secret bookcases from s3? so that a secret bookcase would line up perfectly with a normal bookcase maybe. again I hope you will consider it in the future, it's of course entirely up to you. but you definitely seem like someone who would be capable of making it! :P

Huh, I didn’t know TS3 had secret bookcases lol I imagine they are from the Supernatural ep?

There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to make, and very little time for me to actually make it, sadly. I can say ‘I’ll keep this idea in mind’ but I can’t say for certain that I will. :/

Wooden Sheep built this custom secret bookcase out of all reclaimed Alder wood and brass hinges. The bookcase opens when the correct Readers Digest is pulled. The hidden mechanism that opens the bookshelf was made from mostly found objects (1/2” Oak dowel, 1/2” washer, steel spring, cotton rope, a door strike, and epoxy. If you are interested in making your own please let me know and I can send you details with pictures.