secret agent 86



Missed It by That Much (A Get Smart AU)

Tony Stark is a billionaire, a genius, a playboy, and a secret agent. He is Agent 86 of CONTROL, an agency of the US Government dedicated to protecting freedom and democracy from the machinations of KAOS, the organization of evil. He always manages to save the day, get the job done, even if his methods are a little…unorthodox.

His partner is Agent 99, a terrifying and beautiful redhead who sets his heart fluttering as she takes down enemy agents with laced lipstick and roundhouse kicks. She is devastatingly competent, a better agent than he will ever be, and he would be lost without her.

Led by Chief of CONTROL Nicholas Fury, they battle the forces of evil with brains, ingenuity, and…would you believe 15,000 of the most highly trained men and women poached from the best espionage training academies? How about 1200 of the top graduates from universities around the country? How about 100 skilled agents, including a robot named Jarvis, a recently defected Soviet spy named Natasha Romanoff, a long-suffering Air Force liaison named James Rhodes, and K9 Agent Fang?