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Time to share with you one of my all-time favourite paintings! Now the 19th century was, in terms of artistic endever, a truly beautiful time. You cannot deny the artists of this period could certainly appeal to the viewers eyes. Of all the artworks of the 1800′s, I don’t think any really come close to this one. Vengence is Sworn’ (1851) by Italian artist Francesco Hayez (1791-1882), depicts a tragic tale.

The artwork was originally part of a series, it’s sister portraits named: ‘A Secret Accusation’, and A Rival’s Revenge (The Venetian Women).The former shown below.

And what, pray tell, is the story being told in Vengence is Sworn’? A devestated Venetian woman just told by her servant that her husband has been unfaithful. It shows a hurt woman. I love the poses here, the servant so close to whisper her the truth, written on that letter. The married woman pushing her away so you can almost feel her trying to reject the truth. When seeing their poses,  Wallace Stegner’s ‘Angle of Repose’ comes to mind:

“Touch. It is touch that is the deadliest enemy of chastity, loyalty, monogamy, gentility with its codes and conventions and restraints. By touch we are betrayed and betray others… an accidental brushing of shoulders or touching of hands… hands laid on shoulders in a gesture of comfort that lies like a thief, that takes, not gives, that wants, not offers, that awakes, not pacifies. When one flesh is waiting, there is electricity in the merest contact.

I feel it is same for the opposite, to deny that comfort. I feel that is what is shown here and certainly relevant to the time it represents.

The background is so simple, letting the attention to be drawn where it should be. It makes the characters that more dramatic. 

Another element I just love is the woman’s eyes. They way they are turned make it seems she has none at all. I believe they represent her blindness to how her husband has been loving another. They appear ghost-like, which I think reveals her own feelings also.

You can pick at this painting all you like, and no matter how much I’ll pretend to know about this painting, there is one reason above all others for me to love it. That is, it’s just simply a fucking beautiful work of art.

You wanna know the worst part about coming clean about your drug addiction and getting clean? Anytime you have an ‘off’ day, you get accused of being on drugs and then they assume you’re lying about it.
—  Battling addiction, on the path of recovery
Let Your Heart Decide - Part 2 (LMM x Reader)

A/N: Wowie so here’s the second part! It’s like mostly fluff with a good dash of family antics so I hope you all enjoy! :)

Word Count: 5,565

Tags: @defenestrate-yourself-please @insane-hamilton-imagines

Part 1


The next few days passed by in relative normality compared to the day you had spent with Lin.

Prince Lin-Manuel, you reminded yourself, not for the first time.

Jasmine had been pestering you nonstop about what had happened, and you had struggled with what to tell her. After all, what could you say?

Oh yes, my dearest sister, I spent the entire day gallivanting the kingdom with the prince, only I didn’t know he was the prince. This resulted in the confusion of me going to prison for a few hours but he got me out and escorted me home so I’ve completely forgiven him. Not to mention I am most likely developing feelings for him.

It was positively absurd.

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murder trial in 2020
  • prosecution: ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you will learn today of the accused's secret life as a cannibal, violently murdering-
  • defense: objection! your honor, the prosecution is using outdated and prejudicial language to refer to my client. as pursuant to "tumblr user soniceatingknuckles12 vs the state of Illinois", my client would like to be referred to correctly as an "irl vore enthusiast",

A moment of silence for writers who spent years creating a world only for a story similar to theirs get widely popular and are now afraid of getting accused of “stealing” or “copying” said-story if they share it.


Alex King testifying against Chavis. 

After he suggested to Derek to kill their father, Alex King accused his “secret lover” Rick Chavis of the murder and sexual abuses. He tried to appear innocent and vulnerable by manipulating the audience. In this case, Alex King, the youngest, is the most clever and his manipulating behavior permitted them to be convicted of third-degree murder only.  Investigator Terry Kilgore also noted that a vicious murder for which the boys showed no discernable remorse was lost in an uproar over their tender age.  “I never heard the words `I’m sorry," he said. Despite the fact that Derek is the one who beat his father to death, Alex’s behavior can be considered like a true psychopath.

A Silent Chase Chapter 1

Okay, this is actually the first time I’ve ever seriously written fanfiction. Let me know what you think! Read chapter 2 here!

 Chat Noir had always understood why the idea was dangerous. Ladybug put him in his place the moment he started asking too many questions—whether they were as small as What kind of books do you like or as pushing as What school do you go to—she always gave him a scolding in place of an answer. It’s too risky, she’d always tell him, If we knew each other’s identities, how long would it take before others caught on, as well? He noted her logic as reasonable, but he never stopped looking for her eyes as he walked through Paris as Adrien. Stuck in a love-struck innocence, he thought it harmless to long for the other side of her.

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about the zuke drama; tbh i think they are a very mentally ill person, not excusing anything they did but I wouldn't take anything they do/say personally. on their secret blog they made accusations of rebecca being abusive and they said they hated everyone they worked with?? I think they have issues that have nothing to do with you. don't feel bad.

“a very mentally ill person” whh…at

You know you love him

Fandom: The Raven Cycle
Pairing: Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch
Rating: T (mild swearing)
Warnings: Implied/referenced Child abuse
Words: 5193


You know you’re nothing like him.

Ronan is a glare and a snarl and you are a glance and a smirk. Ronan is a sharp warning and a powerful punch and you are a tired frown and a mess of marks. Ronan Lynch is a boy, brought up rich in love and money, who evolved into who he is now: a reckless asshole who prefers blunt truths over sweet lies. You, Adam Parrish, are an isolated boy, brought up in dust and poverty. No one knows who you are – you aren’t established and you have no reputation.

You think you could never get along.

Adam’s POV of how his and Ronan’s relationship develops. Starts from before TRB, and ends after the events of BLLB.
A/N: A birthday fic for both myself and @gaewaren because we apparently share the exact same birthday (literally down to the year if one of those asks is right?) So Happy birthday to us! I saw your tp about someone writing you a pynch fic for the 24th and I was just thinking yeah, why not? I haven’t written fanfiction for 5 years now? And this is the first time I’ve done trc, let along pynch so bear with me. 

Thank you to @kurrroo for beta-reading this for me too!

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A funny thing I noticed

For the last 8 years, Republicans have demeaned the president. They have called him every name… Even racial slurs. They have made baseless claims about him, from saying he wasn’t born in the USA, to going to far to say he is a secret Muslim. Many even accused him of treason. They have proudly declared that “I didn’t vote for him, therefore he isn’t my president!”. Now, today, they say that people angry that trump won have no right to be? I call hypocrisy!

Hanna, you destroyed the tape. 

Aria you’re prob. keeping a secret about that night

Ezra is keeping a secret about that night

Spencer’s accusing Ezra w/out having all the facts

Emily thinks Sara is still behind this, which means it’s not her

None of this would be happening if everyone just told the truth from the jump. Did they forget everything they’ve been through?

1D Playing Board Games: Clue

Louis: Challenges Zayn to a dagger and lead pipe fight using the toy weapons.

Harry: Takes the game extremely seriously, marking off all the clues on his little paper notepad. Doesn’t make an accusation until he is absolutely certain who did it.

Niall: Quotes the Clue movie every chance he gets.

Liam: Enjoys taking the secret passages. Wrongly accuses someone on his second turn and is eliminated from the game.

Zayn: Acts aloof, but secretly pays close attention to all the clues in the game. Surprises everyone when he wins.

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prompt - James has a better grade than Lily and make fun of her

Just twelve more to go.

It’s her own damn fault and she knows it. Which just makes everything about a million times worse because she could have stopped it. But she didn’t. And now everything - literally - is shit. Lily refuses to move her eyes away from her book. She can feel James staring at her and even his gaze is gloating. Resolutely she turns a page, not even bothering to read the words. She’s just fuming. 

Not two seconds later and her immature boyfriend has stood up from the table him and his stupid mates are hunching over - obviously planning some idioticprank - and walked over - with a fucking spring in his step, the wanker - so that he’s now leaning over the sofa, breath brushing Lily’s neck. She resists the urge to fling him into the fire. 

“Alright, Evans?” He drawls, sounding like a right twat. Who the hell speaks like that. Tosser. Lily doesn’t answer and she almost doesn’t hold herself back when he vaults over the back of the sofa and lands heavily next to her. Dumb, fucking gymnast. “Not speaking to me then?” Her eyebrows raise and she hopes that James will take that as a sign to leave. But of course - because he’s an aggravating bastard - he stays..

“What do you want, Potter?” Lily turns another page and ignores him as he leans close, trying to read her book too. She snaps it shut and almost catches his nose, missing by about a millimetre. The black haired boy recoils - pansy Quidditch boy - and yet is not deterred. She turns to face him, crossing her arms and legs on the sofa so that he is forced to move away from her.

“I’ve just been pondering… only, just wondering, mind you…” James pushes his glasses up with his forefinger and Lily wants to smash them into his face. “merely curious, just a tad bit inquisitive,” Poncey boy with his fucking governess. “as to what mark,” he clears his throat and she contemplates choking him on his own wand. “you got on the Transfiguration test?”

“What’s it to you?” She demands, not bothering to keep the annoyance out of her voice. He’s looking at her all innocently and she wants to bash her book over his head, the fucking shit.

“Well, as your dedicated boyfriend, I feel that I have a duty to be up to date on your academic achievements. And the like.”

“Dedicated boyfriend, my arse.” Lily retaliates, standing up from the sofa and scowling down at the twat she - for some awful reason - decided she wanted to date.

“Your words wound me!” He claps his hands to his chest and Lily rolls her eyes, trying not to show just how much she’s pissed off. “I fulfill all the duties an A class boyfriend - such as myself - needs to fulfill. But you, my dear Lily, are holding me back.”

“Oh, for fucks sake, you absolute wanker.” Lily slams her book into his shoulder and James is almost sent flying to the floor. He’s only saved by his damn good Quidditch reflexes and Lily curses the Potter family for being obsessed with such a ridiculous and unnecessary sport. “Who told you? It was Remus wasn’t it. He’s a traitor to the cause.” Lily looks over his shoulder at the sniggering Marauders and glares at Remus, who only - the wanker - grins back at her. “He promised he wouldn’t tell you.”

“Ah, but he is a Marauder and the sacred law, within the Marauder’s blessed covenant, entitles me to know all secrets that Moony - the accused purveyor of mischief - has been sworn to keep.” James smirks. “Besides, I bribed him with Ptolemy.”

“He ratted on me for a chocolate frog card?”

“It’s for a bet we made in sixth year. You’re part of it.”

“Shit, I forgot about that.” Lily allows herself to be distracted for a moment before remembering that she’s pissed at Remus and James and she needs to let them now. “Well, you can bloody well sod off!”

“Only if you admit that I beat you on the test.”

“I most certainly will not!” Lily folds her arms again and scowls as James stands - fucking puberty with it’s stupid fucking long legs - so that he’s looking down at her.

“I’ll give you Merlin.” James offers and receives a kick to the shin.

“Merlin? Merlin, James? Really? I’m not even worth Circe. You fucking dog.”

"How about a kiss?” Lily pauses. Hmm. James seems to realizes that he’s hit jackpot because his fingers start to speed up the rhythm they’ve been tapping out on his legs for the past five minutes. He already knows he beat you. And it’s obviously a bet so it would mean Sirius wouldn’t get any gold… and I’d get a kiss. 

“I want Merwyn too.” She bargains, biting her lip to stop herself from smiling when she notices that Sirius has now narrowed his eyes at her and James is thinking over her raised offer. 

“Done.” James grins and holds out his hand. Lily takes it and in a second he’s pulled her against him and they’re kissing. When they break apart she can hear Sirius muttering and the three Marauders flicking coins onto the table in front of them. “Right now you’ve got to say it.”

“Then I get Merwyn?”

“Yup.” Lily tuts but smiles up at her boyfriend anyway. Daft twat.

“You beat me on the Transfiguration test.”

“Indeed I did.” He grins like he’s won the fucking lottery or something and Lily rolls her eyes, deciding there and then that she’s never going to let her tosser of a boyfriend beat her in anything again.