My Love For You

TITLE: My Love For You


AUTHOR: the-resa10

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being married to Thor, and being in love with him for the first few years until you somehow end up with Loki one night. As you and Loki start seeing each other secretly, Loki makes plans to runaway with you, wanting you as his wife.


NOTES/WARNINGS: The next chapter will be the LAST chapter so please take note. Likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!

Chapter 5

Her laughter was music to his ears. Loki decided to stop tickling his queen, hearing that she was pleading him to stop before she ignored him for the rest of the morning. The Princess stood her distance from the Prince before her, trying to catch her breath and stop herself from laughing. When she finally did stop, seriousness took over her and she pulled the letter out her pocket, handing it to her lover.

Loki took the letter, smiling and a bit confused. Valerie watched as he unfolded the letter, his eyes reading over the paragraph written by his brother. When he finished reading the letter, his smile disappeared and he looked up at Valerie, seeing tears threatening to fall. He gave her the letter again and watched as she put it back in her pocket. Valerie tried smiling, but meeting Loki’s gaze only brought her to sobs. 

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Baghdad Battery

This prolific find has been the subject of debate for quite a while and it’s no surprise.
The Baghdad Battery has two explanations over its existence, it’s the validity of both that leave it as unexplainable. Originally it was believed to be a battery used for electroplating gold on to objects. This was thought because all it needed was an acidic or alkaline substance poured into to produce a small amount of electricity. But how would people 2000 years ago know anything about electricity? Well modern archeologists believe that they just couldn’t have and that this thing is clearly just a storage pot that was misinterpreted originally. Even though no one has been able to prove the original hypothesis wrong. So ancient electricity or weird storage pot, the Baghdad Battery could be both.

160927 Sunhwa’s Fancafe Message

To the fans that I feel apologetic…

What should I say, in which way, to explain…
to express my heart to you…I’m thinking but…

You guys were really shocked yesterday, right?
Of course you are not ok…
but I’m worried….and just wanna ask whether you are ok…
I’m really worried about you.

I’m sorry.
And thank you.

I’m sorry and thank you.

It’d be no end to talk about all the regrettable things…
It’ll be regretful and missing, right…

All I can say now is just I’m sorry and thank you.

All the time that we can meet and great each other
on the way to music broadcast…after work…all the stages…I don’t even know if we can have those opportunities to meet in the future or not but…
It’s really unconsolable but…
For the day we can meet again in excitement, I’ll try my best everyday for that day to come quickly
Please wait for me…

And I appreciate and treasure everything

Can’t control my uneasy heart so I write all my thoughts down
in such topsy-turvy way…please understand that…

Good night.

© TheCCN21


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One Player’s Nine-Year Journey to Open a Locked, Secret Door | VICE | United States
It took someone nine years to unlock a long-hidden secret. But once they did, that player disappeared and took the answers with them.

In the online MMO Tibia, there’s a door with a simple message: “You see a gate of expertise for level 999. Only the worthy may pass.” This week, a player named Kharsek passed through that door. It took him nine years to build up enough experience to hit level 999. But once he passed through the door, Kharsek disappeared, and took the secrets with him.

This mysterious door has been one of Tibia’s more reclusive secrets since it was added into the game in 2005. For a long time, the developers told me, there was nothing behind the door. It was a joke shared with the community, an amusing “what if?” meant to remain unsolved.

On a secret.