morning routine & tips

Since our morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day, I googled a lil bit to try and find some stuff that might be helpful for establishing few nice habits that  (with no special effort I hope) will put you on the path of stringing together good day after good day. So here they are; ♡

1. Drink a glass of water (if possible warm one so you get your body going because it was 8! hours without any water!! And you can add some lemon that will help get your digestive system ready for the coming meals, and make the water tastier or maybe a little bit of honey!

2. You probably heard this one like hundred of times but TRY TO WAKE UP EARLIER! There are so much benefits of waking up early and here are some of them that people who wake up early are proved to do;

  • Studies from 2008 showed that people who wake up earlier earn better grades!
  • Better planners - using that extra time in the morning for organization and setting goals is awesome?!
  • Get better sleep (the irony tho, but for real!) - your body is getting more restorative sleep and is in tune with earth’s circadian rhythms.
  • They are more optimistic and satisfied

3. Do a stretching routine 

 Your body will be thankful and you’ll feel awesome. Here’s a 5 minute stretch that you can do in the morning to wake up your body (or if you have any work out routine - that’s even better!)

4. Listen to your favourite music

Or anything that is uplifting and makes you feel good! Here’s one playlist that’s really calming if you don’t have any ideas on your mind. If you don’t feel that one, check out this one!!

5. Eat a real breakfast

Because you will have more stable blood-sugar levels, and you will be less hungry over the course of the day. And these are just the statistics for people who eat any breakfast. When you eat a healthy breakfast, the doors to a productive day swing wide open. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory, and helps you to concentrate more intensely and for longer periods!! So eat and NEVER EVER skip it please!

6. Smile at yourself for 30 secons in the mirror

This one might be awkward (well, it is) but you’ll be surprised at the positive thoughts it inspires plus it’s basically just a matter of designating some time as true “me time” and seeing a happy you reflected back in the mirror.


7. Set 3 most important things you need to get done for today. 

Once you establish the habit of getting the most important three things of the day done, you’ll be able to build up confidence and go for bigger and bigger things. A funny thing also happens, all of the smaller stuff that you thought needed to get done either does get done without being on your list of three, or fades away because it wasn’t that important to begin with.

And before finishing, I just want to leave this quote here; 

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”
Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay

florianesque  asked:

My mama has girlfrien who is my secon mama. I luv secon mama lots, let her hold and pet tum sometimes. Mama tell me secon mama coming to live wif us, and going to get biggur bed so we all can sleep togethur, but I no understand. Why I hav to share big bed? I luv mamas lots but I will luv my own big bed moar. Cat deserve own big bed!

trick is get in bed first, use all bed so humoms not fit :3

I know book Jeremy hates freckles and everyone is like no!!! He loves Micheal’s freckles but hear me out for one secon d oka Y

Jeremy does hate freckles, but only because he’s the one who has them. It’s one of his insecurities. But Micheal is the one who kisses his freckles and makes him feel better!! Like a good boyf

shyshadowfox  asked:

Hi. Can you tell who is an alpha, beta, or an omega?

Hello there :D
We put a little symbol next to everyone name in the sheets, you can find them all here for now [first sheet] [secon sheet]
α stand for Alpha, β for Beta and Ω for Omega

In the specific, thats all we have for now:
Hanzo ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ omega with alpha traits
McCree ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ alpha with beta traits
Tracer ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ alpha (in her very own way xD)
Morrison ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ beta with omega traits
Reyes ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ alpha
Widowmaker ▪ ▪ ▪ alpha+
Sombra ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ beta with alpha traits
Junkrat ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ omega
Roadhog ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ alpha with beta traits
Genji ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ alpha
Mercy ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ beta
Lucio ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ omega
Ana ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ beta
Phara ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ alpha
Reinhardt ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ beta

Widowmaker require and extra explanation here xD
Alpha+ means that her alpha traits are doubled. Let’s take Reyes as a comparison example, since that he’s the basic alpha.
Reyes have strong muscles that provide him an explosive power, Widow’s muscles provide her both power and swiftness, meaning that she can prowl very well before and attack. Reyes would be really loud in comparison.
Regarding the attitude trait, a basic alpha love to fight but rarely kill their opponent. Submission is enough for them.
Widowmaker instead like the moment of killing more than the fight itself.
She’s basically really dangerous.