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Ed was just walking to the grocery store, Harry really wanted more apple juice and since his best bud was sick Ed was the fantastic friend who would get it for him, when he heard it. The infamous churning of an engine, the only sound in the entire galaxy that could ever sound like that. The TARDIS. He froze where he stood, his head shooting around in every direction, attempting to figure out where it was coming from. What on earth is the Doctor doing in LA? He thought very briefly to himself before taking off at a sprint towards where he heard it.

Rounding a corner he found himself faced with the blue box from one of his other favorite TV shows. “No…freaking…way!” The door made a bit of creaky noise as it opened and Ed prepared for the most glorious moment of his existence. Instead of a thin man in a brown trench coat with crazy brown hair, or even a short haired man with a green jumper and black leather jacket, or any of the other doctors he had seen, a gorgeous ginger woman walked from the TARDIS. Must be the companion he thought, though his grin of excitement was hard to hide, he attempted to look past her and saw the TARDIS looked completely different and no one else was with her. “Hi…uhh…where’s the Doctor?”

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should disregard most of the things they hear from this point onwards.

Tossing the apple in the air, Carradis mumbled to herself as she walked down the street. She was determined to actually eat it today. Despite the fact she detested apples, she’d decided to give it a go, but she kept procrastinating.