Literally, she came in and made me stop doing everything, She was like “yo boy you is mine, and you is fine, and you should think about me all the time”

She should enjoy this painting. I never paint. It actually stopped looking like you after like 2 minutes of painting, it was a 1 hour and 30 minute process. I had to get help, I didn’t finish because It was about to take a plunge for the worst, thus the random brush strokes on your face. Alright Happy Valentine MALAK!!!!

Gentlemen's inc.

The ink ravages my soul

the color of its poison

courses through viens

I am Transparent

the neon lights of bright pinks and blues

glow like pearls unclasped from their hard-like shells

The vulnerability of my open chest 

is soft and untouched as your persed lips

for I did not dare to kiss

of death, of fate

your angelic glow was darkness

and I refused to put my light in you

for I am a Gentlemen

Only allowing you through doors

I opened your way through an exit

didn’t I?

But maybe your way out was through me

but to me your were my way in

So we stood like open doors


I should have told you then

I should have taken your darkness

because I could handle it

and given you a light of hope

that love is not a show

no matter what skin you are in

and this is my flaw

this is my fall

sucks to be called a gentlemen

You devil you, I fell so in love with you. I fucked up, I still am. I want you to know that. Its been a 2 years since you spoke to me, 2 years of me trying to talk to you. Woman still are deciding my feelings for me. I love too strong, I talk too much, I observe too much, My hearts too big, My ideas are too heavy. Back to Texas you go. Back to work I go. I really hope that some day you would find me, and tell me you found the note I hid in your book. One day I really just wish someone would tell me that they appreciated all the love I gave them. this world is drying out of it. I hope you find whats left of it.

All my exes live in texas.