so I wrote this forever ago and never published it

“I Like Courtney”

this summer has barely begun but it’s already been one of the best. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend everyday with you for the last five days and instead of us driving each other crazy I’ve fallen more in love with you because of our sing alongs, car conversations, a trip to Ikea, upside down bed building adventures, packing and unpacking and of course cuddling has made me fall even more in love with you. I love you so much babe. It going to suck not waking up to your face for the first time tomorrow but the thought of being in the same city as you all summer is reason to smile.


Jar of Questions, They’re Questions in a Jar.

- Why I don’t upload pictures on Facebook aha?
- Have I ever been Unsure of my sexuality?
- If I am still scared of coming out to some people?
- General reaction of my friends when coming out.
- Favourite colour
- Will I be at Toronto pride?

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UPDATES (at the end of video)
- New Favourite Foundation and Lipstick
- Lost Girl