I’m done. N/Kyouhei doesn’t have a shipping name. I’m calling it secondbestshipping and no one is telling me otherwise. I ship this hard…

My headcanon for these two is that while Hilbert/Touya/Black is missing and off looking for N, he begins to think of Kyouhei as Touya himself because of the heavy resemblance. The closeness to Kyouhei would make him feel better about Touya’s absence.

Hence the name ‘second best.’

Wow, I can’t be the only one that adores this pairing though, can I?

Actually I totally don’t see their relationship (Nate and N’s) being romantic like I see Touya and N’s???


I see Nate as being this over excitable kid who just wants to go on his Pokemon journey to live up to his hero Touya (and in a way he does end up living up to his name).

AND BECAUSE Nate resembles Touya so much N becomes really protective of him, but not in a lover sort of way, but more in a big brother/little brother sort of way. Nate’s just super excited that N takes an interest in him because woW ONE OF THE UNOVA HERO’S IS INTERESTED IN HIM.

N takes more of an interest in Nate when Touya returns to Unova and they meet up again; The only reason he does so being that Touya takes Nate under his wing. 

So basically Touya and N not only guide Nate but keep him safe as well. I guess I kind of see them taking on Pseudo parental rolls when it comes to Nate and they just want him to stay safe and happy.