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Hey, since you seem to like Ruby and Sapphire as much as I do, I'm curious... Got any headcanons regarding them and/or their relationship?

Ahh, headcanons? Yep, I have quite a few :)

Here’s the ones that I can think of off the top of my head:


~ I have an odd headcanon which I have mentioned before, that Platinum is his half-sister. This is mainly due to Ruby and Platinums similarities in both appearances and personality and also going by the Spe timeline Platinum was born roughly a year after the Rayquaza incident of which both Norman and Yanase Beriltz were involved… Plus I like the idea of more siblings amongst the Dexholders (so far we only really have Blue and Silver who aren’t blood related).

~ Training under Wallace naturally I believe Ruby will eventually take over the Sootopolis Gym. This way Ruby can continue using his natural battling capabilities whilst still continuing to compete in contests.  It works too with Ruby having two water type Pokemon and a psuedo-water type (Castform). Plus this way Wallace can go back to being champion (especially if the numbered release of ORAS includes that bit in the games where Steven hands the champion title over to Wallace in order to travel, it was already confirmed in the magazine run that Steven is going to Kalos).

~ I have somewhat of a headcanon that Ruby feels, not so much jealousy, but maybe regret or mild resentment towards Wally’s relationship with Norman. Wally got that relationship with Norman that Ruby always wanted but due to his mistakes and his father not being around when he was a child, he missed out on that chance. This also mirrors Wally feeling as though he is always in Ruby’s shadow and is always comparing himself to him, which is damaging to his self confidence…


~ I believe that Sapphires emotional sensitivity as well as her heightened sensory abilities are due to a strong precognition ability. She has been shown in canon to have a strong intuition as well as the ability to see the unseen (either a ghost or the leftover presence of Aster) so it’s pretty likely anyway. She is also shown to be quite an empath.

~ I see her becoming a field researcher like her father since that’s what she enjoys doing but I also have the headcanon that she will eventually go back to her dream of winning the Pokemon League and becoming Champion (If Wallace and Steven can’t decide who should be champion, give the job to Sapph). I headcanon that she eventually becomes Hoenn Champion as well as continuing as a researcher, she could easily balance both jobs (it’s not unusual for Champions to have a secondary occupation) and it means completing the pact she made with Kid!Ruby as well as helping out her father.


~ My main headcanon is that I believe that Ruby and Sapphire were already in a relationship prior to/during ORAS.  They didn’t really seem like only friends during ORAS and every other character just kind of treats them like they are a couple (and no-one corrects them...). This works too since it was pretty much implied in the Emerald chapter that Ruby feigning amnesia was the only thing stopping a relationship between them, and we know this was resolved prior to ORAS (they’re both pretty open about the whole Salamence incident with each other). I like how it suits their whole lovey dovey “let’s die together” one moment and then bickering like a married couple the next, attitude towards each other.

~ When the amnesia issue was resolved I think Sapphire would have reacted to the revelation in a mature and yet stern manner similar to how she reacted to Ruby hiding the truth of why they were working for Devon rather than how she reacted back at Fortree city. Obviously she would have been very upset and angry but I believe her understanding Ruby more on Mirage Island and why he does…Ruby things…lies/hides the truth.. would have led to a calmer response.

~ I also have a headcanon that the Littlenoids tickets were meant as a birthday gift for Sapphire. Since the last chapter was released on September 20th (Sapphires birthday) I like to think that in canon it was also her birthday on the 10th day of the countdown (although I think the online release only got to the 7th or 8th day..) much like how it was her birthday on the 80th day in the RS chapter.


Briana: What? You once mentioned that you’d like to find a secondary job with a free attendance schedule. Well, the owner of Eugi’s has mentioned he’s looking for a person who can play piano, and I know you’re good at it! The wage is quite high, $15 per hour with possible bonuses, it’s perfect for a secondary occupation. Think of it, Emma!

Emma let out a heavy breath. She was already prepared to throw her anger on Briana, however the suggestion looked not bad, and she knew she had to check it out. She hasn’t played piano since forever, but it always calmed her down and made her forget about global life problems. Maybe, she thought, it would even be useful for her mental health. However, she still had her conditions.

Emma: O-okay. Thank you. I’ll check your offer out, but only if both you and Aiden find a job for yourselves as well, and stop idling. You’re grown guys. I give you time until Friday, I already told him this, and it will be fair if you know, too. I’m not a dairy cow of the family, don’t you realize?

Briana: But Arthur…

Emma: I don’t care about Arthur, that’s my ultimatum to you. In case you refuse, you can forget about my financial help.