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Emmett. 22. FTM. 3 years on T in September. A little over 2 years post op. I work as a Service Dog Trainer. Solitary practitioner of Wicca. I really dig body modification and have 7 tattoos (planning to get as many as I have room for). I double majored in Spanish and Secondary Education. Currently residing in TX. Hella down to meet and make some new friends. Inbox me or chat me. My url is @emmettluka


Im a new studyblr who joined the community a week ago, but im only creating my intro post now ( i am so slowwww ) Im a Singapore studyblr who is currently in Secondary 5 now and im taking my o levels this year :) and kinda hope to get motivated using a studyblr or at least keep track of my last year in secondary school as well, other than studying things. I may also blogged about books/kpop im a slight bookblr and kpop fan :))) so feel free to follow me

My subject combination is : English, Maths, Chinese, Combine Science ( Phy Chem ), Combine humanities ( Social Studies Elective Geo ), Principles of Accounts

Oh and yes! My name’s Cheryl but feel free to call me joo as in joostudy’s joo

And also im open to following any studyblr / bookblr or any kpop blogs (if i stan the group)

Oh and these are the studyblr which motivated me to start one and also to study @elkstudies
@reviseordie @theorganisedstudent

rt hufflepuff intro!
  • Hello! my name is Sophie, I’m 16, I live in Scotland, i’m currently at secondary school taking Advanced Higher Biology, Advanced Higher Maths, Higher Computing and Higher English
  • I really love tea, reading good books, waffles, cats, Marvel, Rooster Teeth, Pokemon, Game Grumps, Dodie Clark and video games!
  • My RT faves are Barbara, Meg and Adam Ellis 
  • My AH faves are Lindsay, Jack, Mica and Jeremy
  • My FH faves are all of them. I can’t choose between them no
  • My RWBY faves are Pyrrha and Ruby!
  • my alltime fave is Caiti Ward: supreme cinnamon roll
  • feel free to message me anytime and this was an nice lil intro to my fellow hufflepuffs
  • <3