secondary color

primary/secondary color magick.

red. (primary color.)
active energy.
intense, urgent, reactionary, dominant.
can enhance metabolism, raise heart race, increase blood pressure.

  • light red: sexuality, affection, joy.
  • dark red: vigor, rage, power.

orange. (secondary color.)
active energy.
enthusiastic, fascinating, stimulating, successful.
can increase oxygen flow to the brain, invigorate, stimulate mental activity, increase appetite.

  • dark orange: negativity.
  • gold: prosperity.

yellow. (primary color.)
active energy.
happy, intellectual, cheerful, outgoing.
can stimulate muscle activity, promote warmth and cheer.

  • dull yellow: decay.
  • light yellow: restoration.

green. (secondary color.)
passive energy.
stable, organic, enduring, harmonic.
can promote general healing.

  • dark green: nature.
  • olive green: peace.

blue. (primary color.)
passive energy.
confident, faithful, honest, sincere.
can slow metabolism, promote feelings of calm.  

  • dark blue: stoicism, power, integrity.
  • light blue: healing, tranquility, sensitivity.

purple. (secondary color.)
passive energy.
noble, mysterious, wise, dignified.
can promote feelings of pleasure and interest.

  • dark purple: depth.
  • light purple: nostalgia.

primary colors are fundamental; they are the foundation of all colors. these are the building blocks, and they evoke an immediate response.

  • blue
  • yellow
  • red

secondary colors are products; they have the influence of primary colors, but are completely separate from them. they are innately more complex.

  • purple: red, blue
  • green: yellow, blue
  • orange: red, yellow

application to the craft:

any correspondence available to you is relative to your own experience and understanding. there is nothing more powerful or useful than the natural correspondences that you personally assign to colors, or anything else. your own instinct should guide you first and foremost. of course, it can be helpful to have a reference point for guidance.
while all things are subject to opinion, there are some hard realities; having certain imagery or associations can help build, elaborate, or specify your use and attachment to different colors.

  • blood is red. is blood violence, or life?
  • the sun is yellow. is sunshine burning, or joy?

use colors to inform choices about candles, or any other material you use in your craft. use colors to create art for your intentions. use colors as a focal point in meditation.

colors can be incorporated into nearly every aspect of the craft. alternatively, colors can be taken from nearly every aspect of the craft. deciding when to use colors can be just as powerful as choosing when to not use colors.

absence is as valuable as presence. colors are as much a tool as a pendulum, and learning more about their individual energy and utility can help you expand your craft.

wow I took an aura color quiz and apparently my primary color is Yellow and my secondary color is Crystal

I relate to Yellow because of how free-spirited, playful and good-humored it is; but also Crystal because of the shyness/solitude/unconventional rather than logical way of thinking, and the likeness towards film/literature


I’m opening up Emergency Commissions to help with things like bills and taxes and school expenses.  I’m offering 1500x2100 commissions, bust and half-length of characters in Greyscale and Monochrome.

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kiddie asks!!

stuffie: what was your very first stuffed animal? what is your favorite stuffed animal you’ve ever had? do you name your stuffed animals?

crayon: draw a picture using only your favorite color!

toy: what is a toy you miss that you wish was still being made?

soft: do you have a favorite blankie? what does it look like?

bunny: what is your favorite animal?

slime: what are three textures you love and three textures you cant stand

disney: what is your favorite kids movie?

memory: a positive memory associated with kiddie things, whether its from your childhood or more recently

safety: do you have any security / comfort objects? what are they?

harmony: what is a childrens song that makes you feel happy

tv: favorite kids tv show?

rainbow: do you prefer bright colors or muted colors? primary colors or secondary colors? whats a color that makes you happy?

carebear: who is your favorite carebear?

ponies: who is your favorite pony from mlp? what generation is your favorite?

warmth: who is your very best friend? why?

sweets: whats your favorite candy? whats your favorite kind of cake?

blocks: what was your favorite toy when you were little? what is your favorite toy now?

Hello! This just a small guide for young/beginner artist.

It doesn’t matter what software you use, for me I primarily use Paint tool sai. 

Mario is a good example of a character who has primary colors.

Patrick uses different variants of secondary colors.

Magenta’s color is tertiary because it is between purple and red.

Luigi has a analogous color scheme, color adjacent to each.

Yoshi dominant color is green, red is the direct color opposite from green.

Dipper’s shirt is the red, his hat and jacket serve as (indirect) split complementary colors.

There’s also Traidic color scheme: three colors equally spaces on the color wheel.

 Tetradic color scheme: double complementary. (quite difficult to use)

And Monochromatic: variations of light and saturation of one color,

Value is the lightness and darkness in color.

This shows about 9 values. Value is important because it shows the illusion of light.

This is one of the mistakes a lot of young/beginner artists make. Unless the drawing is in grey-scale, black and white as shadow and light is wrong to use. 

I use Luminosity and multiply, of course their are other modes to use, like shade for shading. screen or overlay for light. (paint tool sai user) light is not always necessary btw.  

Never be afraid of using a warm color as a shadow and a cool color as light etc.

Always experiment with your art, try new things, and figure what’s best for you!

Let me know if any of this helped you, and thanks for reading!

Now go start drawing!  

what’s up with asriel’s face stripes?

ever since asriel was introduced in caretaker, people have been asking the same thing: “WHY does asriel have those black markings on his face?” 

there are exactly two reasons for this.

  1. it helps keep him recognisable as adult asriel
  2. it looks cool

(the idea behind it is that male dreemurrs have a secondary fur color. while asgore’s is blonde, asriel’s is black. the black fur coloring comes from toriel’s side of the family.)


There seems to be a pattern when it comes to couples in South Park. Person A wears a secondary color which is a combination of the two primary colors Person B wears.

Here is the “main” couple of South Park, Stan and Wendy. Stan wears Red and Blue, and Wendy wears purple. In this couple we can also see a second color comparasin, with Wendy wearing yellow and Stan wearing brown. It could be said that yellow is a brighter version of brown, showing how Wendy is a more cheerful character than her counterpart.

This is the second most prominent couple in South Park, Craig and Tweek. Craig wears blue and yellow, and Tweek wears green. It seems as though the person wearing the two primary colors is usually the more emotionally repressed of the pair, and perhaps the duality represents two different sides of the character which only the person bearing their corresponding secondary color can put together?

Okay, so the two most canon couples in South Park share this color scheme pattern. But how can we apply this? Can this predict which couples in the future will become canon?

There is a lot of evidence throughout the show that this couple will eventually become canon one way or another. With Cartman’s sexual fixation on Kyle (the Imaginationland trilogy only being the most dastic example of this) and Kyle’s jealous nature (not only in season 20, but also in the episode “It’s a Jersey Thing” where Kyle fought agressively to protect him from a woman who tried to rape him) and feeling of responsibility (he’s almost always the one to save Cartman when he’s in over his head). The color scheme rule works here too, with Cartman wearing yellow and blue and Kyle wearing green. There is also a complimentary color scheme going on here, Kyle’s green and orange contrasting nicely against Cartman’s red and blue, symbolizing how they’re complete opposites and yet are most successful when they work together.

Now, just in case you guys think I just pulled some random thing I noticed out of thin air to show you my OTP is “canon” or whatever, let me show you this:

Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner also follow this pattern. Cartman wears yellow and blue, Heidi wears red and green. Notice how Cartman doesn’t wear red when he’s around her, because that would contrast with the green in a way that suggests conflict, which is something their relationship lacks. There is, however, a hint of orange in Heidi’s hat, which contrasts with Cartman’s blue and suggests that their relationship will eventually come into conflict - something interesting I’d like to point out here is that Heidi didn’t start actually wearing the hat until season 20, setting her apart from the background cast and establishing her as a foreground character much like Wendy. The inclusion of the hat symbolizes a redefining of her character as a powerful genious, but it also foreshadows the inevitable conflict. As much as Cartman tries to redefine himself as Eric, he won’t be able to escape his own character flaws, and this will eventually be the downfall of their relationship.

Now, just for fun, I’m going to see which other couples would fall under this pattern…

Clyde wears red and blue, Token wears purple. I’m not going to claim to know anything about their relationship, but according to their color schemes, they would make a very nice couple.

Professor Chaos wears blue and a little bit of red, Mysterion wears purple and green (green and red are complimentary colors) (it’ll be interesting to see how they interact in Fractured But Whole)
Marvel executive says emphasis on diversity may have alienated readers
Comics studio’s vice president of sales tells summit that some stores say people ‘have had enough’ of new female and ethnic minority characters
By Sian Cain

People didn’t want any more diversity, they didn’t want female characters out there

No, what they didn’t want was you replacing existing characters with women and minorities.

I’m mexican. 

I don’t want miles Morales to be spiderman. I couldn’t give a fuck what danny glover says.

I would rather have arana. 


I don’t want to go “well, spider man was peter parker, but then they changed him to some black kid because of some mandate. he’s not really special in any way and is pretty much a cookie cutter spider man who’s black just to be black. ”

This is why Luke Cage was so well received: it wasn’t “well he’s superhero X, but he’s black now.” 

It was “HERE’S FUCKING LUKE CAGE. He’s a hero. He’s a badass. And oh yeah, he’s black.” His color is secondary, it doesn’t matter to his identity or even brought up like it is all the time in the Miles Morales comics like that: “The new spiderman is black!” that is literally said in the comics.

Nobody gave a shit about making Fury black because everybody knew why:

They wanted Samuel L Jackson to play him. It wasn’t skintone: it was the character and personality that drove the change.

Miles? Miles was made to appease a quota.

soulmate au where everyone can’t see color until they meet their soulmate and joly and bossuet meet and they can only see primary colors and they’re like ‘oh!!!! this is what everyone must be talking about!!’ and then one day boss is late to a meeting and joly meets chetta and he can see secondary colors too and he’s like ..freaking out and chetta is only seeing primary colors then and she’s like ‘ok so!! what the fuck.’ and then when boss shows up they all realize and they just 'oh shit!!!! we’re all soulmates!! holy fuck!!!!!’ and they’re all just grinning and joly is probably crying

In DNA class today we were studying genes, and I did a punnet square based on Sonic’s family (Underground) and predicted through the method I was taught his Father’s fur color, then did the same for any children by Sonic with Amy and concluded thus-

All of Sonic and Amy’s kids would likely follow the ‘blue’ color wheel, with most of them coming out purple, IF Blue is truly a dominant trait, which I think it is.

here’s how I did it.

Mother - purple- Br.

B = Blue - dominant

r = Red - recessive

Punnet square shows B r - BB(sonic), rr(Sonia), Br (other two children.) (I would assume Manic is a hererozygous due to maybe a gene that skipped a generation or far back in the gene pool. For this, it would be more complicated, and so I ruled him as Br for now. Since you need Blue and Yellow to make him, it’s still a combination of Dominant Blue gene. Much like Purple.)

According to this, the father HAD TO BE Br as well. Making him most likely a color on the blue color spectrum as well.

Blue color wheel -  Blue mixed with red makes purple, blue mixed withyellow makes green and yellow mixed with red makes orange. Purple, green and orange are considered secondary colors because they are created by mixing only two primary colors.

Red color wheel -  red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, yellow-orange, blue-green and blue-violet

According to this data, we can deduce Sonic to be BB, homozygous Blue.

In conclusion, since red is recessive, we can deduce Amy to be a light pigment of red, deducing her to be rr.

punnet square BB and rr make Br’s all around, which would give Sonic and Amy’s children a possibility of being cyan, green, magenta, and violet.

This is just a rough estimate, but look at your fan kids and see if this matches XD

Silver wouldn’t be a direct descendant of Sonic or Amy either, one of Amy’s children would have to marry lighter and lighter to get him, ironically enough, lol!

(btw, since Amy is pink, she could be incomplete dominance by a Red and White colored parents, meaning she could be Rw and therefore, Silver a possibility, but in hindsight, it would take another ‘w’ allele in order for that to work, and that may take a few generations to express.)

Isn’t this interesting? Science side! Help me out here!

(PART 2 - x)

Strickler: Say I wasn’t so normal. Say I had horns and the complexion of a popular secondary color - as a random, non-specific example … would you still enjoy my company?

Barbara: Of course! You don’t judge a book by its cover or a person from the outside.

Strickler: Oh! That’s a relief to hear!

Barbara: You judge them based on their actions.

Strickler: …Well that seems kinda petty, don’t you think?