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Favourite animated movies ever? Favourite non-animated movies? Number one animated movie? Number one non-animated movie? Also, favourite non-movie pieces of animated/non-animated media? (And a book rec: 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. First time reading it I started crying around the tenth page and cried basically every 30-50 pages from then on. Second time around, I started crying on page *6*. Why? WWII Germany from a child's POV. And Death's. No more spoilers.I adore this book so, so much)

(I’ve read it! Isn’t it amazing??)

Favorite animated movies…

1. Spirited Away

2. Road to El Dorado

3. Rise of the Guardians

Favorite non-animated…

1. Iron Man

2. The Faun’s Labyrinth/Pan’s Labyrinth 

3. Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr version)

If you have doubts about seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie because of certain decisions made by Disney...

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….LeFou has done nothing to warrant hatred and is just amazing in this movie.


Go watch it and judge it for yourself. If you come to me and say you didn’t like it after you watched it, for whatever reasons you put forward, well…that’s your rightful opinion and I will accept and respect it like a gentleman.

Judging Disney’s decisions without even watching the damn movie is shameful, especially since this one is just…just great entertainment! Maybe not the best movie for 2017, but it certainly qualifies as award-worthy.


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 246]

So far the main problem with Iron Fist is that the main character isn’t literally any of the other characters


C: And you beat me when we do uh… what’s that called?

J: Head?  


it’s good that they have each others