The difficulty I frequently see for many who try to write in short about the Fetch beast/mate/god, Doubles, and Familiar spirits is that attempts at classification and differentiation between these often subjective experiential phenomena become muddled or nearly impossible without placing them each in proper context within the framework of the soul complex, or the multifaceted Soul. Mapping out such a framework with the aim of proffering a generalized understanding of its schematics is a challenging task in itself, as each thread or tradition of witchcraft varies by degree, region, and cultural influence with respect to its views and precepts regarding the multi-part soul or multiple souls. Such as it is, most writers (and published authors) simply sidestep any endeavor at digging deep into the particulars because, simply put, the subject can be complex as hell. That, and I imagine some may be bound by tradition to maintain a modicum of secrecy regarding inner teachings. All these are significant reasons why such tradition-bound concepts lose nuance, are easily confused, or made prone to misleading conflation when generalized and divorced from the context of specific witch traditions. 


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Second Skin
June 26, 2001
The Mayfield Four

the second & final album from the mayfield four in which Myles Kennedy stated

“I wrote probably over 100 songs before we picked the 12 that made the CD. It became an obsession to make sure this was a great record.”

“When I started back in my Mayfield Four days, it was all very personal, in fact I can’t listen to the first two Mayfield Four records because it’s like listening to a musical journal.”