“Howard Carter Looking through the Open Doors of Tutankhamun’s Second Shrine, January 1924”



Here is my favorite bit of information on that site: “Like a Hollywood film still, Burton’s photograph of Carter is carefully constructed to tantalize the viewer. The photographer’s flood lamp is positioned so that Carter seems illuminated—almost dumbstruck—by the glow of treasures that lie within, as he alone sees what is still hidden from our view. In reality, Carter saw the closed doors of the third shrine, less than a foot beyond the open door of the second shrine.”

New: Shrine Kit - Persephone Portable Shrine Kit with Prayer Beads

New: Shrine Kit – Persephone Portable Shrine Kit with Prayer Beads

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This is the second of the shrine kits I made. I picked up the heart-shaped box at a craft store, and for reasons I still don’t understand, Persephone decided She wanted it. So I made Her a little shrine kit. I have no actual relationship with Persephone, but if She asks for a shrine box, well. She’s getting a shrine box. – This is a small portable shrine kit designed for Hellenic pagans,…

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James Forcillo guilty of attempted murder in streetcar shooting of Sammy Yatim

James Forcillo guilty of attempted murder in the 2013 shooting death of Sammy Yatim.
Attempted murder verdict explainedHow did the jury decide that Forcillo was guilty of attempted murder instead of second-degree murder?
A shrine honours Sammy Yatim near the spot on Dundas Street where the 18-year-old was killed.
Forcillo faced two charges related to the shooting death of 18-year-old Yatim on a streetcar in 2013, but was found not-guilty of second-degree murder.
The jury believed Forcillo was justified in firing the first three shots at Yatim, but not the second round of shots, and hence was guilty of attempted murder.