Things I didn’t notice the first time watching eyewitness: after saying ‘you’re awesome, I mean, you’re amazing’ Lukas leans towards Philip a little bit, as if he wanted to kiss him and then just couldn’t go through with it?
Am I the only one who’s noticed it??

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I'm dying from second-hand embarrassment from your last chapter of htmf. Also I always kind of had a head canon that Yuuri likes horror films but Victor can't stand them. Yuri probably doesn't like them but says things like "it wasn't even scary."

Haha I’m glad you liked it!!!! You’re totally right about the horror movie thing…. Here is how it goes down. Every. Single. Time.

1. Victor watches a horror movie trailer. He is ENTRANCED. Needs to go see that movie. Buys tickets rights away, tugs on Yuuri’s arm so that Yuuri can help him pick the seats. Yuuri already knows how this is going to go down, but he indulges his fiancé anyway.

2. The movie itself. They make their way to the theater, take their seats. Victor gets two extra large popcorns (one for the previews and one for the actual movie, of course). He holds Yuuri’s hand and whispers that this is going to be a great movie, he can tell. He tells Yuuri that Yuuri can put his head on his shoulder if he gets scared. Yuuri sighs. He knows what happens next.

3. Victor is shaking. He clutches Yuuri’s arm and hides his face in his neck, jolting every time there’s a loud noise from the screen. Yuuri puts an arm around his shoulders and takes another bite of popcorn. It’s not a bad movie, Yuuri just can’t really invest himself in it. Too predictable. “Is it almost over?” Victor asks. Somebody behind them shushes them. Victor jolts at the noise. Yuuri rubs his back soothingly. It occurs to him that he could suggest that they leave early, but he knows Victor has too much pride.

4. During the walk back to the car, Victor is shook. Yuuri keeps rubbing his arm, absent-mindedly asking him about what he thought of the characters, the plot, but Victor tells him all he remembers is the blood. He says, quietly, “Why did we come and see this? Why not La La Land?” Yuuri shuts his eyes for a brief moment, remembering that he loves Victor and all of his flaws, and then they make their way home.

5. That night, Victor doesn’t sleep. Yuuri holds him in his arms and Victor insists that they keep the lamp on. His eyes flicker about the room. Yuuri brushes his hair out of his eyes and insists that he’s safe. “What if you’re not safe?” Victor asks, analytical and wary of the shadows around them. Yuuri insists that he’s safe, too, and that Makkachin will ward off the evils of the night. After casting Makkachin a suspicious raised eyebrow, Victor finally falls asleep. A week later, a trailer is released for a new horror movie. Yuuri face-palms.


what I saw in that bangtan bomb


Just in case there are still people out there who don’t believe we Germans have some kind of humour.

So if you want some second hand embarrassment or just have a bad day - this video is always good for a laugh!

Best Friend!Bambam

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A.N. This was one so much fun to write. Lets begin! I such a special place for Bambam in my heart, he’s like a little hyper active puppy that can be so adorable but annoying. lol

  • You know those friends that are so extra?
  • You know the ones that are so out there(in a good way) that you feel second hand embarrassment?
  • That’s Bambam always doing things that you make you feel like the embarrassed one.
  • He would constantly talking to random people and you would have to listen to their conversation while you were just looking around being bored out of your mind.
  • He was such an extrovert
  • Always doing new things and taking you everywhere with him
  • He wanted you to be out there experiencing life
  • He knew you were too comfortable in your own little world so he always made you do new things
  • You never really minded though because he’s just trying to do new things with you
  • Even though you never tell him you love doing these things with him.
  • Because if you did he would hold it against you
  • But when he’s not acting like a total weirdo in private he would be 25% less crazy.
  • He would constantly be bored if you just were watching tv/movie.
  • Somehow he would create this weird game is “guess how many times this character says this one word. Who ever guesses the right number or close to the number, the losers has to buy the winner food.”
  • His rules would be too complicated, so you lose interest quickly.
  • It was only near the time where he would fall asleep is where he would be insanely calm.
  • But whenever he would spend the night at your place, he always wanted to cuddle with you so he could fall asleep.
  • But instead he would constantly hit you while he was asleep so you would have to sleep on the floor or the couch.
  • “Bambam you’re not allowed to sleep over anymore.”
  • “WHAT!? Why!?”
  • You would always nag at him
  • You were like his mother but like how could you not? This kid is always doing something stupid.
  • Like taking selca’s/selfie’s with random strangers, complimenting strangers, randomly dancing in the middle of the streets, buying matching shirts so you and him could match and look like best friends even though people think you’re dating but you really aren’t.
  • You pretty much have to protect him from all things at all times.
  • He always told you great things about you because he loves you.
  • Never doubts your friendships.
  • Usually an open book with his feelings with you but theres days where he doesn’t want to talk about it, so you have to remind him that you’ll there wit him till the very end. You appreciate him for being his weird true self and he would appreciate you for basically being his rock.
  • “Y/N what would I do without you.”
  • “You would probably get arrested for being too much.”
  • “Okay. Look. Im trying to have this nice moment you don’t need to shit all over it.”
What Dating Baekhyun Would Be Like

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  • A lot of hand-holding, kisses on the cheek and embraces in public because he wants to assure you that he’s there for you, no matter what the time is or where you are.

  • Him doing the silliest of things to put a smile to your face, even after you’ve told him over and over again to stop.

  • Hearing a lot of sassy and witty comments the majority of the time.

  • Going to the gym and working out with him for a while before you catch him with chocolate covering his mouth in the night and hearing him tell you he tells you he’s given up on his abs, that food is just too good and that you both should not diet before he invites you over to have some chocolate with him. 

  • Whether you’re in public or in the comfort of your own home, there will always be second-hand embarrassment.
  • Dates would be hilarious and fun, going to fancy restaurants and only requesting you eat something like you’d get from McDonald’s, going ice-skating and falling onto your butts or him setting up a candlelight dinner that only involves eating your favorite kind of pizza and whatever drink there is in the fridge.

  • Feeling your heart flutter everytime he does something cheesy or cute because you find his actions, as well as him endearing. 

  • Having bubble baths together after he comes back from a long day at work. 
  • Constantly being reminded of how caring and sweet he is, whether he leaves little love letters in the house for you or him taking care of you when you’re sick, he always takes care of you and is incredibly sweet about it which warms your heart. 

  • Hearing a lot of singing in the house, both good and bad.
  • Him loving you gently and with everything he’s got, always wanting to show you how important you are to him and showing you how much he appreciated you being in his life. 
What dating Jongdae (Chen) would be like:

– Constant second hand embarrassment because he thinks always is a perfect time to show off his butt dance. 

– Chensing machine never sleeps. 

– All the members encouraging his dance like “Go Jongdae, go Jongdae” and you’re in the corner like, “Jongdae don’t.”

– Such a terrible schedule for you two because he always changes his mind on doing things and you never know if you’re going to bed at 9 p.m or 5 a.m.

– Jongdae always drops little secret hints and things when doing interviews, like insiders between you two that make really no sense to anyone, but it’s sweet to you. 

– Jongdae’s singing 24/7. Always hitting them high notes. Always.

– Him singing to you when you’re stressed. He’ll get too stressed himself if he watches you over work yourself so usually he’ll pull you to your feet despite you’re whining and you both dance to his soft singing.

– Being the one in the crowd with the poster that has his name in big sloppy words because he made it for himself.

– He really just wants to be apart of everything you do.

– Jongdae’s smart ass mouth always making you second guess your decisions in life. 

– Movie dates with Jongdae where he lets you choose the movie and then complains about it throughout the entire thing.

– Matching fuzzy socks that y’all had to go to like seven different stores to find. 

– Tiny things you consider dates because he’s always gone and every moment you spend with him is precious to you like cooking dinner, watching t.v, walking to the store, ect. 

– Your heart hurting to the point of tears when you see Baekhyun post videos of Jongdae singing and the goosebumps are painful. 

– You giving him encouraging pep talks to him whenever he screws up on stage or his voice cracks. 

– Baking him brownies like he loves and surprising him at the studio. 

– Having to leave the studio because you’re just there handing out brownies and Jongdae’s practicing his vocals, being all extra and annoying Kyungsoo so you gotta leave before something goes down. 

– Constant teasing from him no matter what you do, which you usually just come back with, “Yeah? Least I’m average height.” 

– Buying him snacks and coffee because now he won’t talk to you all day and you’re just like, “Jongdaaae~” then he turns to you and mocks your voice then the entire cycle starts over again.

– Innuendos left and right. Like he could just be sipping his coffee and accidentally slurps, then when you look up at him he’ll just wiggle his eye brows.

– Sleeping when he comes home at some point in the night, singing soft love songs as he wakes you, and you’re weakly protesting because you’re tired but he just continues until you comply with letting him slide your shirt and panties off of your body.

– Jongdae’s moans are absolutely beautiful, but he craves yours more. Sometimes it’ll just end up with his face buried between your thighs for hours.

– You starring at his face the next morning thinking to yourself, “Maybe that’s why his jaw line is so sharp.”

– He’s a sarcastic ass person and vertically challenged but he’s soft on the inside and he’ll never admit it, but his favorite thing is to just clutch you to his chest or hold your hand tight when you go out just because it humbles him to know that you’re still close to him.