Between the Pines pt 2

-okokok Alex is adorable
-omg goat and a pig was such a nicely hidden code. I didn’t notice it.
-A+ for continuity
-“there, there, bear bear” would’ve been my second favorite line. After “her aim’s getting better.”
-I wanna jump over Gideon!
-These Take Back The Falls promos are making me emotional

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No kuni no Alice series! :D

Favorite character

As if there was ever any question~

Second favorite character

Peter! (And Sidney! I like my carnivorous rabbits.)

Least favorite character

nONE! They are all my babies! (’cept for maybe King…. That bastard.)

The character I’m most like

…Julius? Maybe? 引きこもり仕事バカ?

Favorite pairing

Nightmare / Alice, but Alice is my fandom bicycle

Least favorite pairing

Probably Ace / Alice, because it’s so destructive, but I wouldn’t call it a NOTP? Because I’ll still read it (and have written fic for it), but it’s more of I’m just there for the trainwreck smexy deliciousness rather than fluff. >D

Favorite moment


Because up until this point Nightmare was just the dweeby, perpetually sick, marginally mysterious, bagworm on this crazy train and I was totally not expecting him to have a badass side outside of the Dream.

Rating out of 10

Bagworms always rate 11/10

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Princess Tutu + Nutcracker AU

:D Thank you, @mommacomms!!  What a lovely AU~!!  :3 Also, I’m sorry, but I’m silly Fakiru and Ruetho trash so I took some liberties.  XD;;

1.  Our lovely leading lady, Clara, is our darling Ahiru~!  She awakens Prince Siegfried from his nutcracker-shell confinement after he was put under a spell by the mysterious Drosselmeyer!

2.  Lilie “accidentally” drops the darling nutcracker!!  And she’s the one who suggests that he was wounded in an epic battle~! against a raven king!  

3.  Though Ahiru’s favorite gift is her nutcracker, her second favorite is definitely the adorable wind-up drummer doll that she names “Uzura.”

4.   The Sugar Plum Fairy is Rue, who watches over the Land of Sweets until her beloved Prince Siegfried can return to her.  :3 Ahiru feels heartbroken, at first, to find that her Prince is in love with the beautiful Fairy, but she also believes wholeheartedly in their affections for one another and adores watching them dance when they pass through the pine forest and into the prince’s domain. 

5.  Later on, as the celebration of sweets commences, Ahiru becomes particularly taken with the Arabian man who presents the Royal Party with coffee (HINT HINT THIS IS TOTALLY FAKIR).  She mentions that coffee isn’t really all that sweet, though, and the proud Arabian dances draws her into a pas de deux that successfully changes her mind.  :3

Bonus:  Long after her adventures in her dreams, even years later, Ahiru maintains a strong fondness for coffee despite its bitterness (as there are ways to make it sweeter).

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Diabolik Lovers

Going mostly by the first game since that’s the one I played.

Favorite character:

Sakamaki Shu or Subaru. Can’t decide between the two.

Second favorite character:

Third more like. Sakamaki Ayato

Least favorite character:


The character I’m most like:

Don’t think there’s any. I’m hot tempered like Subaru(without the breaking stuff part), laid-back and like classical music like Shu, but there’s no one character I think I’m a lot like.

Favorite pairing:

As it stands, Ayato x Yui

Least favorite pairing:

Any of the brothers with each other, or Karlheinz. Just can’t see it happening.

Favorite moment:

One of Kanato’s Ends in the first game where Yui goes about killing all the other brothers. Didn’t expect that. Reiji’s route amused me the way Cordelia was getting really vexed about Reiji’s responses.

Rating out of 10:

7.5/10. I enjoyed Diabolik Lovers more than I had expected. It was interesting and entertaining, the first ‘dark’ otome game I played. Long time ago for me though so can’t remember the details.

Pokemonth Challenge!

9. Your favorite legendary pokémon

Well, although I’ve already done my favorite legendary (aka Lugia), I thought I’d do my second favorite: Suicune!! From those frilly ribbons to the purity of water/ice iuuminity to so many things, I’m a BIG fan. He was always my favorite of the legendary dogs and how could I resist drawing him without the amazing Water-bender Alfred! I miss this lovely long-haired cutie. You’ll probably see art of a few other benders too as I slowly run out of characters LOL @ask-waterbender-alfred @aluox

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Who are your favoruites/least favourites from gen 1,2,3 and from the whole skins series?

First generation-
Most favorites:Cassie, Chris, and maxxie
Least favorites: Sid, Michelle

Second generation-
Most favorites:effy, cook
Least favorite: jj, Pandora

Third generation-
Most favorites: rich, grace and Alex
Least favorites: everyone else

Favorites from the whole show: Cassie and Chris

Thanks for asking :)

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I know your a super shipper for inosai, but is there any reasons about it that you dislike? Whether it's the fandom or the ship itself!

Oh man. I been staring at this since Saturday and I think I’m ready to answer it, after thinking long and hard about it. 

You’re right, I am a big fan of Inosai, it is my second favorite ship after the OTP (naruhina). But it’s so far from being perfect, there’s a reason why I headcanon the hell out of it and I’m perfectly aware the main reason why Kishi made Ino marry Sai. 

Sai is clanless, and because of that, Inojin, their son, have Ino’s last name, Yamanaka, unlike all the other kids who taken their father’s last name. 

That’s also a reason why Kiba, Shino, Chouji and Shikamaru didn’t marry– all have clan names, and 9/10, there’ll be the chance of the child taking their last names. 

Totally unfair for Sai and Ino, respectively, but remember that I often point out… their personalities actually mesh well. Sai is a person who’s drawn to people with bright personalities, I mean look at Shin and Naruto. There’s no negative development I could see between these two that cannot be resolve with time and effort. Ino, despite the fandom stereotypes her as, is a very righteous and strong-minded individual but… I believe she’s the type of person who’ll put all their effort onto other people and let her own serious problems slip or mask them with the loud mouth complaints that’ll make people go all ‘ugh shut up Ino’ (well, beside her teammates; they’ll always listen to her). Sai is probably one of the most matter-factly and blunt people in the series, but he’s trying and learning to be more considerate; I definitely think he’ll put the effort out for Ino.

My main qualm is that we got little development in the manga but the novels kinda help paint a picture why the two got together, in a very sweet way. 

I kinda wish that they were given time to develop their relationship, not rush into marriage. Sai never struck me as the guy to even get married, much less so early on. 

But what Kishi wishes, Kishi has. And I still adore the ship as much as possible 

i will wade out by e.e. cummings

i will wade out
                       till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers
I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
                                                with closed eyes
to dash against darkness
                                      in the sleeping curves of my body
Shall enter fingers of smooth mastery
with chasteness of sea-girls
                                           Will i complete the mystery
                                           of my flesh
I will rise
              After a thousand years
            And set my teeth in the silver of the moon


idk what am I even drawing at this point, ha. So apparently Acno stopped collecting lizards after some years, but then the roles reversed and they started following him everywhere instead. The sight of the brave Dragon Slayer trying to get rid of a bunch of tiny lizards must have been pretty ridiculous

ok ok I’m done with my terrible sense of humor

listen LISTEN not enough people are talking about The Fight Scene™ and that causes me physical pain SO

  • first of all, damen burning off all his ust and angst over laurent through practicing with the sword until he passes out
  • damen ‘uses exercise to work out emotional trauma’ of akielos am i right
  • laurent KNOWING about this enough to find damen w/o any trouble
  • laurent’s spent over half his life training! for this! exact moment! to be able to fight damen! to try and kill damen!
  • Witty Banter™ with an added dash of Sexual Innuendo™ thrown in
  • ‘I thought I’d let you go up and down a few times before I take you.’ ‘I thought you were down here because you couldn’t take me.’ DAMN.
  • damen’s boner that laurent is so fucking good with a sword
  • damen literally compares laurent to quicksilver lmao look at this infatuated nerd
  • auguste references
  • laurent throwing fucking DIRT in damen’s eye, my beautiful slytherin son
  • damen pinning laurent to both the wall and the floor
  • laurent just fucking throwing shit at damen, including a bench
  • laurent KNEEING DAMN IN THE CROTCH like damn
  • ‘say it,’ said damen. ‘i yeld.’ 
  • (laurent’s i yield being more like fuck you.)
  • it’s the FINAL CATALYST they finally START TALKING to each other.
  • damen putting his knife in laurent’s hand, in an echo of laurent doing the same thing so long ago, and allowing laurent the chance to stab him - knowing full well that laurent may hate him, may very well take the chance to kill him, but not caring because he wants laurent to trust him, he wants to heal the rift between them, and he knows allowing laurent the chance to slit his belly is the only way he’s going to be able to do that. damen trusting that even when laurent says he hates him, fights him to the death, that laurent won’t kill him. 
  • (’i know what that feels like.’)
  • damen said ‘i wish–’
  • this entire scene DRIPS with sexual tension and i honestly live for it