second fav character

Here’s my second fav character from @strangerthingsofficial Eleven!

She was such a badass!

Who’s next!?

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hxwkess  asked:

uhhhhhh bronn? tyrion? Jaime? dany?

Nope nope nope and she’s my second fav

Guess my favorite characters!


Dragon Age - Dorian


The Walking Dead Game

Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead (show)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Ouran High School Host Club

Star Trek

Star Wars

nothingxdauntedxher  asked:

Dr. Whale for the OUAT character maybe? c:

guess my top 10 characters

1) Once Upon a Time
2) Heroes
3) Vampire Diaries // Finn (also would have accepted John Gilbert)
4) The Walking Dead // Da Gov
5) Game of Thrones // Edmure
6) Star Wars
7) DC (not Gotham) // Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
8) Battlestar Galactica
9) American Horror Story (MH or FS)
10) Alias

Already been guessed, second fav character tho~

scarredhound  asked:

PRESIDENT SNOW (my second fav character)


            A MUN HAS NO NAME. i would say you were getting warmer if you weren’t……… ICE COLD.

1. The Hunger Games
2. A Song of Ice and Fire - Arya Stark | guessed by @onceporcelain
3. NBC’s Heroes - Gabriel “Sylar” Gray | guessed by anonymous
4. The Hobbit - Thranduil | guessed by @springvigor
5. Twilight - Carlisle Cullen | guessed by @antlerddoe
6. Star Trek - Dr. Leonard H. McCoy | guessed by @mortalsgod
7. Harry Potter - Nymphadora Tonks | guessed by @onceporcelain & @antlerddoe
8. Labyrinth - The Worm | guessed by @littlecrxxk
9. Sweeney Todd - Mrs. Eleanor Lovett | guessed by @wcrg
10. The X-Files - Dana Katherine Scully | guessed by @onceporcelain

Just finished A Court of Thorns and Roses

And I loved it so so much. Going to get the second book tomorrow. Fav character is Lucien, so far at least. 

I liked the ending, but I’ve got the feeling a lot a shit is going to happen next, so I’m working very hard not to love the characters too much, to avoid heartbreak.  

Preacher Fandom Selfie-Meme!

I was asked to do this by another user.  Hopefully I am doing it right because I am fairly new to tumblr.

Name: Lindsay
Location: Southern Middle Tennessee, USA
Fav. Character: Cassidy (Tulip being my close second.)
Least Fav. Character: Donnie’s Wife
OTP: Fiore/DeBlanc. Definitely.  They mesh so well with each other.

What Got You Into Preacher: Honestly?  I heard that Lucas Neff was going to be in it and I really liked Raising Hope.  Which is weird because I think he’s been dropped from the show.  I needed to fill the void of my other shows being gone as well so I gave it a try and instantly fell in love.
Fanworks? I’ve made 3 original works of art. Two of Cassidy (sunrise and glass) and one of Tulip not having any of Jesse’s bullshit.
Askbox Open? Always.  I am always up for a chat.

cecldcecld  asked:

Who is your second fav character? And I'm personally hoping Erwin and Armin are both dead. Mainly because I believe both their deaths were really brave and epic and I feel sad at how much it'll take away from their "death" scenes if they survived.


Imagine your favorite character sitting you down on the table and kissing your lips so gently and so rough at the same time. Their hands slide all over your body, wanting to feel every crevice of you, and wanting to get closer to you.


your second favorite character walks in, causing you to jump and break the table while falling on top of your fav

Your Awkward Little Muse

A/N: Hey, I’m new here, and I’d prefer to remain anonymous, but to differentiate between me and other anons you can just call me Galactic_Anon… I know it sounds corny, sorry. I plan to write original content soon, maybe. But for now, I’ll just take requests. One I found quite sweet was the following:

>Would you please do a fiction in which the reader tells a story to a group of their favorite characters including favorite character causing the favorite character to smile for they love the reader. With romantic hints (for they both haven’t mentioned how they feel.) Thank you

SO… here goes - (gender neutral reader x shy!male F/C)

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Smoke and Mirrors

I’d like to preface this by saying this is both gender neutral and safe for work. It is basically a conglomeration of strange plot bunnies into one weird story. It is lonely!reclusive!reader x magic!royalty!fc. It does include a tiny bit of blood, but after that it’s pure fluff. It’s probably the most cliche Disney movie type thing you have read in a while just as a warning.

** Please forgive me for grammar/spelling errors. This is a long story and I wrote it primarily on my phone. I did my best to proofread, but I can’t catch every mistake. Thank you!

Written by eel anon

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