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In some kind of AU… 🍃

Quite a Catch

>Batman & Joker. (In other words F/C and Reader.) Forbidden love between a Hero and Villain. I don’t really care who’s gonna’ be who. Ahhh~ I’m a bit of a Batman fan.

My f/c atm is a villain and oh boy did this request jump out at me. F/C is a male villain (sorry to y'all with fem/nb fave villains) and (gender-neutral) reader is a superhero, sworn to protect their city. F/C captures Y/N. Forbidden love ensues.

Written by AJ

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SMROOKIES; an otome game 

After three years of hard work, sleepless nights and routine breakdowns, you’ve finally been accepted into a digital media program. It seems like you’re finally closer to achieving your dream, it’s probably going to be smooth sailing from here on, right? Wrong! Upon arriving to school for first day orientation, it was suddenly revealed that your school program went through a sudden revision and now you’ll be working with the students from SM Academy of Stars in a joint program to complete assignments, pass classes and prove yourself an able producer. But no worries! The top students of SM are ambitious, hard-working and handsome, your future projects with them will be a success for sure, but how will you be able to convince them to partner with you for assignments instead of your rival classmates?  

Continuously improve your skills, balance your social and love life as well as complete assignments on time for the next 4 years to ensure that your future is bright!  Keep your chin up, you’re one step closer to becoming an award-winning producer you’ve always dreamed to be…that is, if you graduate.  


infinite list of favorite characters

↳ “He could have had me… but he picked her. That could only be love.”…not okay…

oh please dont be dead;;;;