Showers With Michael Would Include:
  • Him picking up your shampoo
  • “What’s this?”
  • “Ooh, it smells good.”
  • “Michael! Stop! You’re using too much!!”
  • Duets
  • Him shivering in the corner while you hog all the hot water
  • Him saying in a cowboy voice, “This shower ain’t big ‘nuff fer the two of us.”
  • You staring blankly before saying, “Then get out.”
  • “Nah”
  • Him just standing there while you shave
  • Him starting a shaving cream fight
  • “Michael, stop.”
  • Using all your body wash
  • “I smell like a fucking princess”
  • literally no sex at all
  • Him yelling at you for getting the floor soaked
  • “There are TOWELS y/n! USE THEM.”
  • “Shut up, Michael.”
  • You complaining about the not being able to see yourself in the mirror
  • “It’s okay, you still look hot as fuck”
  • “Smooth… just like my legs. FEEL THEM.”