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Me, accepting my Oscar for best writing: “Ladies and gentlemen, when I was young, I had two goals in life. The first was to become an actress and get to kiss Leonardo Dicaprio. The second was to win an Oscar for best writing. Moral of this story is to aim low.”

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What might happen if DJT ran for a third term (after somehow winning a second) won again and the electoral college actually voted for him?

At this point, who knows? Nothing else that Trump has done which seemingly broke all protocol, decency, or, you know, laws and rules, have resulted in any consequences.

However, if the system still worked and someone ran for a third term and somehow did receive the 270 Electoral College votes necessary for election, it would and should fall upon the Joint Session of Congress which certifies the results of the Electoral College to refuse certification because he’d be Constitutionally prohibited from serving a third term.

Realistically, that situation should never even get to that point. The 22nd Amendment clearly states in the very first sentence of Section 1 that “No person shall be elected to the office of President more than twice…”. So, Constitutionally, someone who has already been elected twice shouldn’t even be allowed to run a third time. I don’t know what the logistics would be for stopping someone from doing that, but that hypothetical situation should be snuffed out immediately, probably by the judiciary.

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As a huge Tharja fan I'm also disappointed she's in another VG. Like I'm still gonna support her and hope she's the first FE character to get a second win, but I really am sick of all the hate she gets and know she will get, whether by salty rants if she wins or hateful gloating if she loses. Plus Tharja is the furthest thing from the definition of what a thot is anyways.

you know its a problem when even tharja fans disapprove. 

like i said at the beginning of the final round, there is no good ending to this.


Pictures of Cheritz’s newest merch: body pillow covers featuring the Defender of Justice 707 and Mr. Trust Fund Kid, Jumin Han. 

Themes are above, and are ‘Seductive Butler 707′ and ‘Possessive Jumin in a suit’. 

Interesting that Cheritz created 707′s off the fan poll, but there’s no mention of that for Jumin…and ‘provocatively disheveled looks’, Cheritz, you’re killing me. 

Trollhunters won 3 Annie Awards!

Storyboarding in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production 
Artist: Hyunjoo Song

Character Animation in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production
Character Animator: Mike Chaffe Character: Blinky, Aaarrrgghh!!

Character Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production
Character Designer: Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres, Jules Rigolle

Trollhunters show and the whole team deserves this and more!


NCT as always, being amazing ♡

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if it’s not too much trouble, can i get an amami/kiyo/angie trio? i see these three as a very Interesting trio ^^

sure!! I lost the other ask with these three so you get a ‘suspicious kids in suspicious outfits’ one as well ♪

tweek and craig are constantly holding hands no matter where they are no matter what they’re doing. when one of them has to go home after date night there’s always a “no YOU let go first” argument and it can last all night

tfw your not space boyfriend sneaks into your bed in the middle of the night and falls asleep on your arm and doesn’t let you get up even though you Really Need to Pee

(speedpaint for Heads I Win Tails You Lose chapter 3 :3c)


“Last year, Klaus and Caroline shared a phone call on The Vampire Diaries that earned the title Best Shocker.”

TV Scoop Awards 2017: ♡ Vote Klaus’ Letter To Caroline for Best TV Shocker ♡