second trimester screening

Second Trimester Screening

I had my second trimester screening yesterday at 17 weeks and 6 days. Everything was normal and the baby looked perfect! The baby’s heartbeat was strong and we saw both hemispheres of the brain and all four chambers of the heart. The baby was measuring right on track and growing appropriately. It was only me who lost a pound! I really need to start eating better… My mother was there and the she stepped out when the ultrasound tech told us the sex of the baby. It is a big secret until the day of our reveal party (April 7th). I will post pictures and videos later. You wouldn’t believe the quality! The baby has such a cute little button nose.

I started DHA supplements yesterday. The doctor’s office didn’t have any that were vegetarian so I had to buy them from Whole Foods. I also started taking extra folic acid.