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Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) is a pair of residential towers in the Porta Nuova district of Milan, Italy, between Via Gaetano de Castillia and Via Federico Confalonieri near Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station. They have a height of 110 metres (360 ft) and 76 metres (249 ft) and will host more than 900 trees (approximately 550 and 350 trees in the first and second towers respectively) on 8,900 square metres (96,000 sq ft) of terraces. Within the complex is also an 11-story office building; its facade does not host plants.

The towers were designed by Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri,Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra). It also involved input from horticulturalists and botanists. (Source)


tiny children

Friendly Reminder

From Tower of Dawn

Chaol pretty much accomplished NONE of the things he set out to do.

Hear me out. I don’t hate Chaol. But surely I wasn’t the only one who was a little worried this book was going to have some kind of white savior trope in it.

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Instead, we got:

1. Nesryn Faliq - kicking ass and taking names, saving the future heir to the empire from giant fucking spider-valg-things, getting needed intel on Maeve, and securing aerial forces to help against Erawan.

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2. Yrene Towers - saving the khagan’s favorite daughter, getting needed intel on Erawan, learning how to save people from the valg, and getting army and navy allies.

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3. Chaol - gained the ability to walk again just to have his back broken. And he bought some guns.

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Seriously though, Chaol helped Yrene and went through a lot of personal growth.

But the ladies did the heavy lifting here. And that’s pretty damn refreshing.

Strings of Fate - Part 8

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Summary: Soulmate AU.
Having the ability to tamper with soulmate bonds, you accept to use it and help your friend Natasha tie her string with that of her boyfriend. But after a surprising turn of events, Bucky Barnes turns out to be your soulmate, and in order to keep your promise, it’s your string that you’ll have to cut.

Warnings: angst

Word count: 1715


You think you’re going insane.

It’s been about a week since you were released from the medical ward, but after your place got ransacked, Sam insisted you should stay in the tower for a while.

“It’s only temporary,” he’d said. It’s his way to take care of you, making sure you’re tended to and well taken care of. It’s a sweet gesture, and boy do you try to be thankful, but between Sam’s visits and Steve almost dragging you to the medical bay on a daily basis for a checkup with Cho, all while trying to avoid Bucky, you have been wrapped up in a never ending spiral of excuses and impromptu bathroom trips and you’re pretty sure your sleep patterns are all messed up now.

Because avoiding Bucky is no small feat, especially when you’re trapped in the same building as he is, and he keeps seeking you out to talk.

The thing is though, you can’t talk. Or eat together, or draw, or even breathe in his direction without feeling like you’re hurting both Nat and yourself.

People say time heals all wounds, and the best way to get over someone is to distance yourself from them, but it’s pretty damn difficult when all that stands between you is a couple of floors and your crazy schedules that have been set up with the sole purpose of avoiding him. Bummer.

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Eugene's Theme
Alan Menken
Eugene's Theme

As the anon (I know who you are, I read tags ^_~) pointed out to me in this post, Alan Menken wrote a leitmotif that was used in both the campfire scene of Tangled and when Eugene arrives at the tower the second time. Listening to the two tracks, I have to agree, it’s a match! Which means that Eugene actually has a musical theme! This particular leitmotif is played when he’s revealing his past, and when he’s leaving every last bit of who he was behind him to selflessly rescue the woman he loves.

At the campfire, it’s light, played by (what sounds like) an Irish whistle, wistful, but in a major key. As he races up to the tower, it’s in a minor key, fully orchestrated, and backed by drums that give the listener the same sense of anxiety and urgency that Eugene is feeling at this moment.

And for the record, it’s not difficult to hear the Irish whistle in the movie, that part part was removed for some reason. I have the complete score for Tangled, and the Irish whistle is not in the Campfire track in the full score.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this revelation as much as I do. Putting together this track nearly made me cry, it’s so cool and important to me.



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(A few) Subclass Trees

Reddito ypatel94 typed up the skill trees of a few subclasses in Destiny 2. Two of which are returning subclasses.

*Please note that these are subject to change*



  • Press L1 + R1 to weave Solar light into blades and smite your foes from the skies


  • Fusion Grenade: Explosive grenade that causes bonus damage when attached to target
  • Solar Grenade: Creates a flare of Solar Light which continuously damages enemies trapped inside
  • Firebolt Grenade: Unleashes bolts of Solar Light at Nearby Enemies


  • Controlled Glide: Better directional control
  • Balanced Glide: Bonuses to Speed and Control
  • Focused Burst: Initial Boost of speed for Glide

Third Skill (Press and hold O, 55 second cooldown):

  • Healing Rift: Conjure a well of Light that continuously heals those inside it
  • Empowering Rift: Conjure a well of Light that increases the attack power of those inside it.

Attunement of Sky Tree:

  • Igniting Touch: A powerful melee ability that ignites enemies and causes them to explode
  • Risen Angel: While in air, aim your weapon to hower in place for a short time. Dealing Precision damage extends this effect’s duration
  • Skyfire: While Daybreak is active, Descend causes explosive damage where you land
  • Phoenix Dive: Hold O while in-air to quickly Descend and regenerate health

Unnamed Tree:

  • Firestarter: A power melee ability that damages enemies while also increasing your movement and reload speed
  • Wild fire: Engage your enemies mid-flight. Fire weapons and throw grenades while gliding
  • Blazing Dash: Press O,O while midair to Dodge
  • Everlasting Flames: Killing an enemy with Daybreak extends its duration


Fist of Havoc :

  • Press R2 to slam the ground
  • Press R1 to smash shoulder first


  • Pulse Grenade: Periodically damages enemies in its radius
  • Flashbang Grenade: Disorients enemies
  • Lightning Grenade: Emits bolts of lightning


  • Increased Height: Greater height on lift
  • Catapult: Strong initial burst of momentum
  • Increased Control: Better directional control on lift

Third Skill (Hold O, 40 second cooldown):

  • Towering Barricade: A large Barrier that can be used for cover or to seal off dangerous areas
  • Rally Barricade: A small barrier that allows you to peek over while aiming down the sights and instantly reloads your equipped weapon when you take cover

Code of Juggernaut Tree:

  • Knockout: Breaking enemy shields increases your melee range
  • Reversal: Melee kills immediately trigger health regeneration
  • Frontal Assault: A powerful melee punch that grants you increased weapon stability
  • Trample: Fist of Havoc lasts longer while sprinting. Killing enemies with FoH extends the duration.

Unnamed Tree:

  • Shoulder Charge: After sprinting for a short time press R1 to slam shoulder
  • Aftermath: FoH disorients enemies and leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake
  • Magnitude: increased the duration of Pulse/Lightning Grenades and Aftermath
  • Aerial Strike: FoH deals more damage the longer it is in the air


Golden Gun:

  • Summon a flaming pistol that disintegrates enemies


  • Tripmine Grenade: Places a tripminde
  • Incendiary Grenade: Catches enemies on fire
  • Swarm Grenade: Release seeking drones


  • High Jump: Double Jump with greater height
  • Strafe Jump: Better directional control while in air
  • Triple Jump: Upgrades Double Jump with a third Jump

Third Ability (Press O,O, 17 second cooldown):

  • Gambler’s Dodge: Dodging near enemies generates melee energy
  • Marksman’s Dodge: Automatically reload your equipped weapon when dodging

Way of the Outlaw Tree:

  • Bombs for Bullseyes: Precision Hits generate Grenade Energy
  • Chain of Woe: Precision Kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby allies
  • Six-Shooter: Golden Gun can be fired quickly up to 6 times but has a shorter duration
  • Explosive Knife: Throw a knife at enemies that explodes shortly after impact when melee energy is full

Unnamed Tree:

  • Line ‘Em Up: Precision hits with Golden Gun increases its damage and extends its duration
  • Crowd Please: Precision Hits with Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light for your allies
  • Gunslinger’s Trance: Enter a trance with each Precision kill, reducing the cool down of your Golden Gun
  • Knife Juggler: Throw a knife at enemies when melee energy is full. A precision kill with this ability immediately recharges it.

Where is the horse? Where the young warrior? Where now the gift-giver?
Where are the feast-seats? Where all the hall-joys?
Alas for the bright cup! Alas byrnied warrior!
Alas the lord’s glory! How this time hastens,
grows dark under night-helm, as it were not!

Stands now behind the dear warband
a wondrous high wall, varied with snake-shapes,
warriors forsaken by might of the ash-spears,
corpse-hungry weapons–famous that fate–
and this stone-cliff storms dash on;
snowstorm, attacking, binds all the ground,
tumult of winter, when the dark one comes,
night-shadow blackens, sends from the north
rough hailstorm in anger toward men.

All is the earth-realm laden with hardship,
fate of creation turns world under heaven.
Here goldhoard passes, here friendship passes,
here mankind passes, here kinsman passes:
all does this earth-frame turn worthless!

So said the one wise in mind, at secret conclaves sat him apart.
Good, he who keeps faith, nor too quickly his grief
from his breast makes known, except he, noble, knows how beforehand to do cure with courage.

—  The Wanderer (translated from the Old English)

You have no idea how hard it was finding a gif to represent a scene in complete darkness. Nonetheless, this will have to do. Enjoy!

Prompt[s]:  First of all. Great chapter of The Tower. Second of all, WHY YOU GOTTA GO HURTING ME LIKE THAT?

No no no no thor you idiot god damn you

Noooooooo….😱 Thor you ass! How will she get back now?? I need to know what happens next! 😳

‘The Tower’ (Part 23)

All Chapters // Part 22

The dungeons of Asgard’s palace were even colder than the forest at night. It was all you could think about as you sat shivering in the dark.  

A set of chains protruded from the wall, stretching only a metre away until they clasped around your wrists. The pink skin underneath threatened to erode under their icy hold. The stone on which you sat was dusty and uncomfortable, but thankfully worn smooth by the hundreds of others who had been in your place. How many of them had also been innocent?

In hindsight, you couldn’t hold Thor’s decision against him. You wanted to – boy, did you want to – but realistically, you knew that he was still grieving. Thinking of your mother reminded you of that. He’d never seen the body, he’d told you. He’d never gotten closure. He’d never said goodbye. The man was blinded by grief.

If only you could’ve made him see; Loki wouldn’t be the only one freed by their being reunited.

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