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Do you have any moments where v or kookie are jealous? 😂😘

Yeah..i have some but this is something that upsets me (seeing them jealous for real) ,that’s why i avoid making gifs pointing out VKook being jealous or saving everything around that subject. On twitter ppl have shared a lot with this topic but.. yeah i tend to be silent about it.. >_<

Between VKook..the way i see it.. jealousy goes like this:

We all know Taehyung and he does too!:p ..knowing that doesn’t make it easier though so let’s begin!

Jungkook either goes in pay-back-time mode or will just go away and stay silent (on camera at least),unless is something major annoyance that Taehyung will do with others and in that case,he steps forward..

…if he can’t step forward during something major..he avoids looking at Taehyung once he notice what he is doing.. Like during the time in radio with V and JHope across the table.. 

Jungkook has been jealous when Taehyung ignores him for long time too and in that case,he takes the initiative..

The present time it seems like they have come in some sort of understanding cause usually now,when V is doing something major and Jungkook avoids looking,V perhaps notice or knows he might be upset so he turns to Jungkook and things happen..

No matter how many posts he shares with others.. no matter how many things he does in shows and so on with all of them.. under this question.. Taehyung still picks Jungkook..

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ..i’m about to forget the subject of this post.. haha OMG!!♥

About Taehyung now.. his self control is more weak than Jungkook’s but there are times he controls himself too,atlhough..his face usually gives him in.. >_<

Even during a game..V just pushed Jin away cause he was getting too close.. There are also the times he claimed his spot next to Jungkook (and the other way around)..the obvious way… in bangtan bombs,performances,backstage etc. And ofc we have Taehyung’s *sighs* when Jimin started this whole “mine” game ..and so on and so forth…

 Ahhh last year… ugh.. i really don’t know what lead to this that day but i take it they have talk things out since then,cause for someone like Taehyung to go from +100 mood to 0 in a second..for even Suga to interfere.. but still V turned when he thought Jungkook called him and JK seems like he didn’t really know what or if he should do something at that point or place and end up leaving.. 

That day Taehyung just went ahead and pulled Jungkook away from JHope… He behaved after though.. :p

In the end though,Jungkook had always showed to him that he has a special place in his heart for Taehyung (..and sometimes fans bless us with a fancamera of them *sobs*) ,i’m sure V knows that and not gonna post everything about it here cause it’s already a really long post… haha:p

~Love hurts..causes anger,jealousy,obsession~ but you know..the ones who passed through that stage and didn’t break apart,become stronger,deeper.. Understanding might be the key but so is honesty and coming to an agreeable conclusion. VKook went to the next step though imo.. ;)

Jealousy can be tricky..cause even when you know that you are No1 for each other..even when you know that is not the same so don’t be.. it can still get “activated” but with time,sometimes you’re being affected and join that world feeling the difference for yourself,other times something breaks and both have to fight hard to heal that wound or perhaps you face it and both make a line that won’t cross with others again.. 

Either way,there are many results but if the good times are way more and deeper than the bad times..jealousy here and there plays another role.. the role of spice things up! ;)  …but that’s another story.. huhuhu xD

RWBY Volume 4 Episode 11-Taking Control Recap(spoilers)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah we start out with Cinder insta-killing a bunch of stock-monsters with her spooky fire powers, but of COURSE Salem being the tiger mom she is isn’t impressed.

 OOOOOOh man, Tyrian’s all blubbery and scared! Wanting forgiveness! Bringing up his poisoning of Qrow to make himself look better-BUT ULTIMATELY-failing! WHAT SHE GON’ DO?!

Salem:You disappointment me.*Walks away*

….UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH-THAT’S THE WORST! It would’ve been BETTER if she mutilated him, that’s a pain that goes down deep.

Close out the scene with Tyrian having himself a good murder cry, and Cinder looking in horror at her creepy as high fuck colleague.

After that horror-CUT TO-sunny Patch, a great place to start a family if you care about that sort of thing!

Hey, what she spray-painting-OH SHIT-Yang made her robo-arm look even MORE bad-ass! And the fact that its yellow AND black will drive the shippers crazy, DAMN YOU ROOSTER TEETH! QUIT FANNING FIRES AND MAKE SOMETHING CANON ALL READY! The people crave BLOOD…wait, no, the people crave CUTE COUPLES!

Okay is the tarp on the bike REALLY necessary? What else is it gonna be?! 

Tai then tells Yang she has the choice of looking for her awful mom, or hanging out with her awesome sister. Whatever she chooses though, someone is going to make a Satan Damned alternate universe fan fiction. And by someone, I mean a billion fan-fic writers.

We then cut to-OH COME ONE WEISS-heels?! WHILE OUT SNEAKING?! Good thing Klein is here to help…who is apparently shorter than her…neat!

UGH-can’t a motherfucker help his surrogate daughter escape WITHOUT being called for work? Never ends I tell ya.

And shit, Ironwood’s here too? MAN-this escape plan has some hitches.

Don’t act like you care about Winter NOW Jacques, we know their just your DNA to you.

Good old Jim then gives the audience exposition on what scary military shit is going on in Mistral. Thanks Jim, we the audience and Weiss feel caught up now!

Hey wait…WHO THE FUCK IS LEO?! DAMMIT-more names of people we know nothing about-CURSE THIS SHOW!

Oh James, its not your fault that Ozpin didn’t tell you he was going to go inside a teenage boy…wait, not like that.

Jacques is the LAST person to tell people to take a chill pill, daughter slapping jack-ass.

James then says they’re closing the boarders of Atlas, but UNLIKE a certain orange fuck face its to block out ACTUAL criminals! Yeah that’s right, I went political-WHATCHA GON’ DO?!

Yeah Weiss, LOCK THAT DOOR! You can become James’ step-daughter later, right now you gotta escape your evil blood dad!

Also holy shit, Weiss’s glyphs can block mother-fucking IRONWOOD?! Dude is not just a master huntsman, but a damn CYBORG! She tough, she tough.

Weiss then decides to go to Mistral to be with her only blood relative that’s neither drunk NOR abusive, says good bye to her butler dad, and leaves through the secret library doorway that all mansions have because television….er-NEW MEDIA-yeah, that’s what TVTropes forum section calls it.

CUT TO MENAGERIE…oh shit…is he…is he-YOSH-Sun is alive! Don’t scare me like that!

Sun: Wait…where am I?

Dude, you were there JUST last night!

Blake says everyone’s better without her as if she thinks she has Qrow’s sucky semblance, BUT THANKFULLY-Sun is here to real-talk her back down to reality.

Sun: I’d do it all again if it meant protecting you. I can promise, Yang would say the same.

…this boy is a-STUTE, knowing his romantic rivals and what not.

Well after all that real talk in Ghira’s office-WE KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT-


Kali: Oh, thank goodness, he’s awake!

Kali Belladonna is the reason for LIFE! And cue the influx of cougar jokes!

Sun was right, that scroll was definitely important! Thanks for emphasizing its importance Sun, we wouldn’t have moved the plot along otherwise.

Seriously though, who the fuck puts all that sensitive information on their SMART PHO-I mean-SCROLL?! Did she just WANT to be hacked?!

Oh come on Adam, YOU are gonna be the leader of the Whitefang? What about you SCREAMS leadership, you’re a second to last boss at best.

Sun: Not if we destroy the white fang.


In this BRIEF moment, literally everyone who watched this was about to go UGH-for fear of her saying she’d run away again. 

Blake: We’re taking the White fang BACK!

Fuck yeah to his line, I got nothing snarky here, that was just cool!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND a final cut to, the future Mr. and Mrs.Ren going to “Black Girls love” to see-EVERYTHING’S FINE! For about 10 seconds before we see-THE SCARIEST FUCKING GRIMM WE’VE EVER SEEN! Its part horse, part web-mouthed Satan, covered in arrows implying its hard to kill-FUCKING RUN YO!

DAMN-they are building this guy up, see next week folks! Unless we get another stupid “World of Remnant” thing. They’re informative, but couldn’t they like, release those all at once before the premiere and air the show in proper succession? Food for though.

kookiemee asked: SoRiku: Sora getting tired of waiting for Riku to make a move

“Alright, that is it.”

And Kairi looks up at Sora, who slams his tray down on the table with just enough vehemence to make himself known. He isn’t even looking at her, so whatever upset him, it doesn’t have to do directly with her. Kairi looks around, trying to figure out who Sora is glaring at, and she sighs when she spots it. Of course.


“Alright, Sora, what did he do?” she asks with a faint smile and a roll of her eyes.

He scowls, an unusually stormy expression from him. “Nothing. That’s the problem.”

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