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I want to tell you about what it’s like to talk to frank iero.
  • He will make sure all of his attention is on you from the moment you walk up to him. (I had to wait for three people to walk in between us before actually stepping up to him and he watched me the whole time.)
  • He leans in to hear you better and speaks softly in reply. 
  • His eye contact does not drop for a second.
  • I’ve never met anyone who’s made me more calm than he did. Especially with active anxiety, I should’ve been freaking out. But his entire demeanor was soft and calming. 
  • He let’s you know he is not in a rush.
  • If you tell him something, he will become truly interested. He prompts you to elaborate and answers enthusiastically.
  • Also, if you get the chance to make him laugh, do that. His eyes get squinty and his laugh is beautiful in real life.

Overall, he was one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and I’m grateful I got time to talk to him. Please feel free to add!!

I once had a line of two customers when I was a cashier, and the first one was paying in dimes and quarters. Not a huge order, just $2.15.

Queue the second customer. She walks up and asks aggressively “Are you new here?”

I reply, taken aback “No ma'am. I’ve been here for about two years.”

“I thought you would have been faster by now,” she snaps back.

Well, I was already having an off-day, so I decided to get a little petty. She slides her card, and immediately I hit ‘Cancel’ on my register. She tries again. I hit 'Cancel’ again. Slide. Cancel. Slide. Cancel.

By the fifth time, she’s turning her card over in her hand and asking “What the HELL is wrong with my card??”

I reach over, taking it from her hand and ask “Have you had this card a long time, ma'am?”

“Yeah, why?”

I slide the card through without any problem (obviously), and hand it back politely. “I thought you would have known how to slide it by now.”

Her face sunk, probably realizing but probably not. She left, and I proceeded to tell my manager out of guilt in case the woman complained, and my manager high-fives me but then tells me to NEVER do that again.

Jealous Fights (Jughead X Reader)

Summary- You get jealous that Jughead is hanging out with Betty so much, so you try to make him jealous too. 

Warnings- fighting, jealousy, kissing, crying.

requested- yes! @dixiehasalotoffreetime (thanks bes frand ily)

A/N- my first writing got 7 notes! (thats not a lot but still) thank you!  Also, I will be doing a second part to this! (probs won’t be as exciting but whatever) So stay tuned for that!

“So Jug, you up for studying tomorrow?” Betty asks Jughead.

You and your friends were all sitting at a booth at Pop’s, as usual.

“Uh, sure!” Jughead replies and smiles.

You quickly look both of them over. Jughead was your boyfriend and he seemed to be spending a lot of time with Betty lately. It was really getting on your nerves. 

“Whatcha gonna study?” You ask, scooting a bit closer to Jughead. 

Betty glances at Jug and replies, “For the science test, you know how hard Mrs.Hank’s tests are.” 

You nod and take a sip of your milk shake. 

You didn’t want to admit it to yourself, but you were a little jealous.

Then you got an idea. Why not make Jughead jealous too?

You turned to look at Archie, sitting on the other side of table. 

“Arch, do you to study with me? My place?” You ask the ginger haired boy. 

He quickly glances over at Jughead who looks a bit suspicious. 

“Uh, ok.” He replies.

You could see Jughead staring at you with hawk eyes, he was jealous already!

“Alright Archie, should we go?” You ask him leaning into the table.

“Sure.” He smiles and you both get up.

“Bye guys!” You both say in unison, before you lean down to kiss jughead.

Not just a peck, but a real kiss. You wanted him to see what he was missing out on.

You deepened your kiss and held his chin with your hand before breaking off. You wanted to be a tease.

You hear ooo sounds from Veronica and Kevin as you get back up from leaning over, still locking eyes with Jughead.

Jughead still looked flustered as you and Archie exited Pop’s. 

“What was that for?” Archie asks, referring to the kiss.

You turn to him and say, “Juggie has been spending a lot of time with Betty lately. And I don’t want to admit it but I’m kinda jealous.” 

“Ya, but they’re just friends.” Archie points out.

“I know but- I just want to make him jealous too. That’s why I asked you to study with me at my house.” You tell him as you near your home. 

Archie nods and you both enter the house.

The next day, you Kevin and Veronica walked to school together.

I didn’t take long for Kevin to bring up that kiss.

“Ok, but can we just talk about that kiss?” He exclaims. 

You giggle as he goes on.

“I mean that was hot. Like wow.” He says. 

“Thanks,” You laugh.

“But like why? You hardly ever kiss Jug like that in public, is there something happening that I don know about?” Veronica asked as she pulled her phone out of her pocket to check her hair on the camera.

“I don’t know. Jughead has been hanging out with Betty a lot lately. And I know that they are only friends… But I’m kinda jealous. I guess I just wanted him to see what he was missing out on.” You explain as you all enter the school.

“Oh! Well I can help you make him jealous if you want.” Veronica offers, winking. 

You laugh and open your locker. 

Then you see Betty and Jughead walking side by side down the halls, laughing. 

A fire burns in you. You didn’t know why, but you were mad. 

Then Archie comes up beside you and Kevin to open his locker. 

“Hey Arch!” You say loud enough so Juggie and Betty hear as they came closer. 

“Hey Y/N!” He replies and smiles and grabs some books out of his locker. 

Then Betty and Jughead come up to you guys. 

“Hey.” Jug says to you all and takes you into his arms in a light kiss. 

You kiss him back a little harder and then let go, smirking at him. 

You turn around and get books out of your locker as the rest of the gang talks. 

“So how was studying?” Jughead asked you. 

There it was, he was jealous.

“Fine, and you?” You asked smiling.

“Fine too.” He looked at you a little angrily and then said, “Well, I better get to class.” and walked away. 

After school, while in your room, you heard a knock on your window, it was Jughead. 

You quickly opened it and let him inside. 

“Hello beautiful.” He said and leaned in for a kiss. 

You rolled your eyes at his cliche saying but kissed him back. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around your waste as his lips moved gracefully against yours.

After a few moments you broke apart and stared lovingly into his eyes and he did the same. 


His phone dinged and he pulled it out. 

“Ugh. I got to go.” He sighed and made his way towards the window.

“What? why?” You asked in an annoyed tone.

“I promised Betty I would help her with an assignment, sorry.” He said.

You lets out a loud groan. Jughead turned around to face you.

“What was that for?” He inquired.

“Nothing… It’s just seems like you’ve been wanting to be with Betty a lot lately.” You answered turning your head up a bit.

“Ya, so? She’s my friend.” He said.

“Friend, huh? It seems like you want to be more than that with her.” You said. You know you were going overboard, but you needed to show Jughead you meant business.

“What? Y/N that just stupid! You know that’s not true!” He raised his voice a bit.

“Oh really? Then why are you spending more time with her than with me?” You said, crossing your arms.

“I’m not! We just study together sometimes and-” He began but you cut him off.

“Sometimes? Sometimes?! You have been with her almost everyday after school for the past two weeks!” You raised your voice and stepped at bit closer to him.

“I have not! Your just jealous!” He yelled.

Anger burned in your eyes, you could feel your face getting red and your palms sweating.

“You know what? Fine. Whatever! Just go!” You yelled pointing to the window. “I’ll just invite over Archie!” 

Jughead began to leave until he hear the last sentence. He whirled around.

“Archie? Why Archie?!” He said, his eyes burned.

“See!! Your jealous too!!” Your voice getting louder by the second.

“I am not!” Jughead yelled, heading towards the window again. 

“Yes you are! Now leave! Be with Betty! Cheat on me, see if I care!!” You screamed, tears welling up in your eyes. 

That was it. He turned around so fast he was like a blob of black clothes. 


Jughead had never been so mad before. He had never yelled at you. He had never called you anything other than sweet things. But he was the most angry you had ever seen him.

Your face got hot, tears began to stream down your face.


“YES I WOULD HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOSE! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!” He screamed coming closer to you.

Did you hear him right?

“I love you Y/N.” He said a bit quieter, but still loudly. 

He then took your face in his hands and brought his mouth to yours. 

But before he kissed you, you let out a small whisper, 

“I love you too.” 

I know this has probably already been said but I’m so guilty of portraying Evan as this strong, all-knowing dude when he is just as, if not more, needy than Delirious. God i was rewatching some old videos and this kid can’t go five seconds without poking fun or following him or commenting something that he knows Delirious will reply to. Delirious is just always kind of doing his own thing, bouncing around and giggling and barely paying attention to one thing at a time. Evan demands direct attention. When he doesn’t get it, he’ll change the subject or start to pout or make little snarky side comments. Of course, Delirious is guilty of doing this too - trying to impress Evan with cool stuff in games. It’s never really “hey guys come check this out!” it’s always “Vanoss come here!” “Evan look at me!” and it’s so adorable. Look at the last GTA video that they both posted for example. Constantly in each other’s cars, Delirious fighting for Evan’s attention and Evan always showing off. It’s so ridiculous and obvious that they deeply care for one another. I live for that shit man

Things that don’t matter to me about another roleplayer:

  • If you use icons; some people just can’t, or don’t like it.
  • If you have to reply on the mobile app; I can trim our posts for us so we don’t piss people off.
  • If you need time to reply; Just let me know so I don’t think the thread is dropped. Everyone takes different amounts of time to do things. Never feel bad if your muse just isn’t working with you.
  • If you need to drop a thread; as long as you tell me I wont be mad. Sometimes we all just have too much going on, or get bored. We can always plot somethign else.
  • If you don’t ship our muses; Some people just don’t work together, and maybe they should just be friends. Friends aren’t a second place trophy, and I wont treat them like they are.
  • If your text is fancy; concentrate on the words you use, not the aesthetics. Wont matter to me if you took an extra how ever long making the words little, if I’m only getting two words back anyways.
  • If your replies match mine in length; Sometimes you can’t find enough words, and you shouldn’t feel bad. As long as you tired your best.

You know what I do care about? That you think of it more like fun, than work. If it’s just work interacting with my muse, then tell me, because something needs to change.

my grandpa walked in while I was putting my eyeshadow on and said: “what, are you a painter?” and I replied “sort of; makeup is like painting”. He stood for a few seconds thinking, and then said “next time you better paint my face”. I just love him so much; he’s got depression just like me and we get along so well, I love his dark humor and character.

Elopement - Jason Todd x Reader

Bullets rang around you as you sprinted down a corridor towards a closing metal door. You dove through, rolling to your feet on the other side. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw the men chasing you disappeared behind the closing door. The door sealed behind you.

“I’m in,” you spoke into the comlink as you surveyed the room. Finding a control panel, you attempted to hack the building’s computer system.

A chuckle sounded from the other end of the comlink. “I never doubted you for a second.”

“Sure you didn’t, Lover-boy,” you teased, grinning at the chuckles buzzing in your ear. “How are you doing with the mercenaries?” 

“Oh, we’re having a party out here,” he replied. The faint sound of gunshots echoed through the com. You frowned when you didn’t get another answer.

“Jason?” The panic made your voice crack. Time stopped as you waited for a reply.

“I’m still here, Sweetheart.” You sighed as Jason’s husky voice filled your ear. Even after all this time, your heart still fluttered at the sound. “One of these idiots just shot himself.”

You snickered, finishing your hacking. Sticking a flash drive into the terminal, you started downloading the information. You and Jason had accepted a contract to collect data on Black Mask’s movements through the western part of the United States. The two of you were currently in one of Black Mark’s main warehouses in Las Vegas. “I’ve started the download.”

“Good,” Jason grunted. The sound of a punch came through the com. “I might need your help out here. More mercenaries showed up.”

“I’ll come when I can,” you replied. You hacked into the security cameras to find out where Jason was. When you found him, you winced at the number of new mercenaries attacking Jason. He was holding them off, but you knew he would need your help to take them down. 

The terminal beeped, the download was finished. You took the flash drive out, slipping it safely into your pocket. Taking out your own gun, you shot the terminal to erase your tracks. Once it was destroyed, the sealed door reopened to reveal the men who you had trapped outside. They raised their guns at you.

“Nice to see you again, Boys,” you greeted cheerfully, swinging into action. The men were down in five seconds flat. You sprinted back down the corridor towards a glass window. Shooting out the glass with your gun, you leaped through the window to land a flying kick to one of the mercenaries attacking Jason.

“Hello Sweetheart, it’s nice of you to drop in,” Jason flirted as you joined him in the battle. The two of you fought seamlessly together. 

“I was in the neighborhood,” you mused, punching a mercenary out cold. You flipped over Jason to perform a high kick on another one. 

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I’ve been asked several times about my thoughts on these spoilers. I’ll sum it up like this: Abby never truly saw Clexa interact for more than a handful of minutes at a time, but Clarke confesses her love and Abby replies with “I know”??? I don’t buy it. This is Ratings Baiting 101.

Be careful about the things you guys get your hopes up for. With the track record it has, the best approach to this show is to prepare for the worst and if it doesn’t happen then be pleasantly surprised.

hey theatre geeks

what are your best overnight remedies to get over a fucking killer cough in less than 22 hours???? i’m trying everything i know at this point because i CAN’T miss my show tomorrow night and it’s a musical where i play a lead (so i need a lot of breath control for a very long time)

PLEASE reply or message me with some advice, i’m very desperate and currently can’t go longer than like 15 seconds without coughing!!!

UPDATE: tysm to everyone to replied!!! i really appreciate all your help and will definitely be trying some if not most of these suggestions, and i’ll update this post with how well it worked in the end as well!!

‘I just don’t get it is all,’ said Sirius as he bent down to fish something out of his school bag. ‘This is the second time this month, and every time he goes he just comes back looking even worse.’ Sirius then jumped up to proudly hold out a small ball from his bag.

‘Don’t say that Sirius’ James replied as he snatched the ball and quickly hid it in his pocket.

‘What? Its true.’

James, Sirius and Peter then started to slowly make there way over to the other side of the potions classroom, continuing there conversation about Remus.

‘I’m just starting to get really worried.’ Sirius admitted, as he caught sight of the target.

‘We all are mate, but until we can figure out what is up there’s nothing we can do, you’ve annoyed him enough already with your constant badgering about it.’

Sirius let out a hum of dissatisfaction and opened his mouth to reply, just as he elbowed the cauldron of the Gryffindor he was walking past, causing it to almost fall over if James and his lightning quick reflexes hadn’t grabbed and steadied it.

Peter groaned. ‘Guys, if we are going to put this exploding ball in Severus’ cauldron, don’t you think you two need to be a little stealthier?’

‘Fine.’ grunted the other two as they reached a prime position, right behind Snape and his cauldron, and at the right angle so they were just out of his line of sight.

Sirius let out a childish giggle ‘He’s never going to see this coming.’

‘Sirius will you shu-’

‘No but Lily don’t you see, I was reading about it last night, werewolves are these foul creatures that eat children and kill people for fun, its not about the person its about the monster they become once they’ve been bitten.’

‘Severus don’t say that, when have you ever met one? Besides what reading? Where are you getting these books from?’ came the voice of Lily Evans, who was standing idly stirring her potion next to the greasy haired Slytherin.

‘The source isn’t the point,’ dodged Snape. ‘The point is that there are all these dark creatures out there in the real world and werewolves are part of them, they aren’t good people Lils.’

James looked stony standing behind Severus. ‘He’s so vile, I bet hes been stealing all those twisted books of the older Slytherins. Saying all that stuff about dark creatures.’

Sirius looked less repulsed. ‘He isn’t wrong though.. I mean i once heard my mum talking about this werewolf she had heard of, his name was Greyspine or something, and he would go and attack people for fun, biting kids and that stuff, especially when he transformed, which is quite a lot by the way, once a month, I mean, werewolves aren’t nice animals.’

James snorted ‘Yeah, because your mum always has the best opinions on people’ Sirius blushed slightly and shrugged. James felt bad about the remark so he added, ‘Well I mean it’s not like we ever have to meet one to find out so.. Wait what did you say about once a month?’

BANG. Severus Snape’s cauldron had exploded almost immediately after Peter had run up and dropped in the exploding ball and everyone in the surrounding area had become drenched in what was a half finished floating draught, that now instead just burned the skin of the people it touched. Not the three Gryffindor boys though, who were standing back at their table laughing loudly and staring at the chaos.

Laughing less loudly was the messy haired one, because the ball had just dropped, and James Potter had realised something about Remus Lupin.

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Ten Brief Ways To Comment on Fic For People Who are Nervous To Comment on Fic

I’ve seen a few conversations lately about commenting on fic and how to do it if you get shy or anxious or don’t know what to say, or what to do if you’ve already kudosed a fic and wish you could kudos it a second time. 

 1) "Just read this for a second time!”
2) “I loved this!”
2) “<3″
4) “This was great!”
5) “One of my favorites!”
6) “Extra kudos!”
7) Reply to another comment with “all of this!″ or “+1″
8) “Will definitely recommend this!”
9) “This was my favorite part: [paste quote]”
10) “Thanks for writing this!” 

No one will be angry if you leave a short comment.  Your comment doesn’t have to be different or unique.  It will still bring a smile to people’s faces! 

Another great thing you can do is add a fic to your bookmarks with a “favorites” selection (the little heart).  You don’t have to say anything and the author will know you cared enough to let other people know you liked it, because bookmarks often function as reclists to others. 

You can also post a link to the fic on tumblr or another social media site!  Even if you’re too shy to tell the author how much you liked it, telling other people to read it will bring more readers, and maybe one of them will say just what you couldn’t say. 


No matter how hard you fought, more and more demons were coming after you.
You looked to Alec who was next to you, shooting his arrows, protecting the others who were fighting more opponents. You stood back to keep Alec’s backside safe. Right now wasn’t really the best time for that, but maybe you wouldn’t get another chance to protect him.

“So as we may are about to die, I think I should tell you something,” you started and Alec was looking at you for a second.
“Don’t we have time for that later?”
“No”, you replied and breathed in deeply. “I think I love you.”

That brought him out of track but he still managed to hit one of the demons, even when it wasn’t clearly the one he actually wanted to hit.
Confused he looked at you.
“I love you.” you looked innocently at him, while your heart seemed to jump out of your chest and you weren’t sure you’d survive that, if he wouldn’t reply soon.

“Well if we survive this,“ he finally answered and started smiling. “Do you wanna go on a date sometimes?”

requested by @saintjeannieg
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“What do you mean with I don’t know you?” Castiel asks, looking at Dean in pure disbelief.

Dean lets out a chuckle and licks his lips.

“I’m not saying you don’t know me, man. I’m just saying that you don’t know every single thing about me.” Dean scratches the back of his head, trying not to laugh at the expression of sheer offence on Castiel’s face.

“I do.” Cas replies “I know lot about you.”

“You know what I let you know.” Dean smiles “You don’t know things like my personal tastes and stuff. I mean it’s normal, we’re usually hunting and trying not to get our asses kicked. We don’t have time for little talk.”

Castiel tilts his head and stares at Dean for a few seconds, almost as if he’s trying to decide if he should be angry or just let it go. But he doesn’t.

“You like your coffee black.” Castiel starts and Dean snorts.

“Dude, everyone knows I do.”

“When you fall asleep whilst reading you drool on the page.”

“Again, nothing new.”

“I know that you usually sleep on your back because that is the most easy way to defend yourself if something attacks you.” Castiel continues “You love cooking for me and Sam. You get this look of pure satisfaction when you do it and you always smile when we enjoy the meal you made us.”

Dean’s smile begins to vanish, as he just looks Cas in the eyes.

“I know you like my hands.”

“I don’t.” Dean replies, sharply.

“Yes, you do.” Castiel’s voice is warm, like that is something that really makes him happy “I know that you know when I am actually laughing at your jokes or when I’m pretending to. I know you love Sam with all your soul. I know that you just don’t want to let yourself be happy with who you have because you are terrified you could lose them. And I can’t blame you.”

Castiel pauses and takes a deep breath, Dean’s green eyes still on him.

“I know you wanted Sam to go to college and I know you still do. I know you like looking me in the eyes, I don’t know if it’s because you feel in crontrol doing so or if you just like my eyes. I also know you love Vonnegut. I know you don’t like cherry pie. I know you look at your mother’s picture every night before going to sleep. I know that you don’t allow yourself to really love anything, but when you do you love without reserve.” Castiel lowers his gaze “I know you still hate yourself for what you’ve done to me when you were under the effect of the Mark, God knows I hate myself for everything I have done to you.”


“I know you feel like everything is your responsibility but it’s not. I know you wont admit you love someone or something because if you do that will make it real. So real that there will be no turning back. I know you hate my new trenchcoat but liked the old one.” Castiel shuts his eyes closed and holds his breath “And I know you love me.”

There are a few moments of silence, where Castiel doesn’t dare to open his eyes. When he does, he doesn’t look at Dean but stares at his own hands.

“And I know that I love you.” he whispers, letting Dean’s silence fill his mind. 

Dean sighs and bites his lower lip, his eyes fixed on something beyond Castiel. 

“Okay.” he mutters, with the trace of a smile in his voice “So maybe you know me.”

Castiel finally looks at Dean, finding him with a weirdly fond and amused smile on his lips.

“But Cas, trust me… you just got lucky with the last one.”

Popped his cherries

I was playing a homebrew wolflike race as a rogue, and with me was a Paladin (the DM wasn’t playing). We get mugged by some bandits and the Paladin gets one sprawled out on the floor before me.
I shout, “CAN I KICK HIM IN THE BALLS” to my DM, who replies “roll for it.” Of course, nat 20. So I roll again, 19. Of course my claws on my feet and hands gave me a bit of a modifier to unarmed combat.
The DM says, “You swiftly kick him in the crotch, and he screams ‘AAAAAAAGH’ and you hear a pop! You kick him a second time, and he screams 'AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaagahhhh’ and you hear another pop! The bandit dies.”
I swear it changed my life.

What Do You Want For Christmas Part 3

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1185

Summary: A week has passed since Sam and the Reader’s first date, and it’s time for the their second date.

Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Part three is here! :) Expect two more parts, maybe three, in this series. ;) Enjoy!

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What is ‘second lead’?

someone that is too perfect to your first lead, yet the writers often make them in delusional fantasy, that most of the time make audiences fall hard until audiences realize that those second leads would not get the girl.

Notable ones: Chilbong (Reply 1994), Junghwan (Reply 1988), Gong Taekwang (School 2015), Choi Youngdo (The Heirs), Yoon Jihoo (Boys Over Flowers), Oh Jaewon (Flower Boy Next Door), Kim Shin Hyuk (She Was Pretty), Kim Yoon Sung (Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds), …

Recently added: Sam Maek Jong (Hwarang)

Imagine coming home from a weekend at the spa and finding out that Chuck is God

As soon as you walked in, you felt the tension. All eyes were on you in the matter of a second and you could tell you came in at the wrong time. Sam, Dean, Lucifer and Chuck were sitting down, looking to be in the middle of an intervention.

“Uhm. Am I interuppting something?”

“Yeah, now get out,” Lucifer spat.

“Son,” Chuck sighed.

“Son?” You raised your eyebrows, bewildered. “What the Hell did I miss while I was away?”

“A lot, actually,” Sam spoke up.

“Y/N, you remember Chuck. The prophet who wrote about our lives,” he stated, doing air quotes when saying prophet.

“Uh… Yes… I remember him,” you replied, thinking about the past the two of you secretly shared. You were secretly dating and when he suddenly up and disappeared, you thought the worst.

“Yeah, well, he’s God.”

“Uhm I’m sorry. Did I just hear you say that Chuck is God?” You asked, quickly snapping out of your thoughts.

Suddenly, you weren’t in the bunker anymore. You gasped, looking around at your surroundings. You were standing atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris, onlooking the entire city.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

You turned to Chuck, smiling.

“I-I don’t know what to say…”

“I know you’ve always wanted to come here. Paris, the Eiffel Tower. I know everything about you, actually.”

“Everything?” You bit your lip.

“Everything. Even things you never told me when we dated. I know about the time you broke your ankle falling out of a tree, I know that your favorite thing about me are my eyes, my beautiful eyes as blue as the deep sea.”

You blushed, knowing there was no possible way he could have known that. Not unless he really was…

“You are, God, aren’t you?”

“I am.”

You nodded, taking all of the new information in. You were relieved that he wasn’t dead, but upset that he had left without a word. If he had told you sooner, things wouldn’t have been as hard as they were for you.

He watched you, worry eminent on his face. He wasn’t sure how you’d react. He didn’t want you to change the way you thought about him. Eventually you looked up at him, smiling.

“Would it be wrong if I kissed God?

“Not wrong at all.”

He smiled, pulling you to him and pressing his lips to yours for a long overdue kiss. You wrapped your arms around him, returning the kiss with a smile. You could get used to this.

A/N: I hope you liked it! My brain has been such blah lately it was difficult for me to even write this small imagine. Hopefully my brain will be working better soon! I NEED to write! Lol.

—— First of all… THANK YOU.

Today marks my second anniversary. It’s been exactly two years since I made the very first post on this blog, and I attempted some sort of interaction with other roleplayers. Forgive me if I get carried away in what I’m about to type, I’m being a little emotional right now and I feel like pouring out my feelings. I might have not been here for quite as long as some of you but I do remember the time when it wasn’t all about your excellent photoshop skills or how you format your replies, it was definitely more about the portrayal of your muse, polishing your writing skills, and simply fun. Good times, good times… I paid so little attention to what my theme was supposed to look like, I couldn’t care less about gifs and icons that I used to include in my posts. I also remember feeling so intimidated by literally everyone I came across - well, nothing has changed in this case, except for the fact that I’ve got quite a few valuable friends now. 

For the past two years, I have devoted myself to portray my general muse as accurately as I could, and I’m still determined and full of passion to continue improving his character along with my writing, since English isn’t even my first language. In addition to that, I haven’t changed my FC all this time, ever since I established this blog, not even once, however there were some critical points when I couldn’t bring myself to write anything for weeks. I feel so deeply attached to Kiki that I don’t think I will give up on him any time soon. But the main and most significant thing that makes my stay here so enjoyable and worth my while is… you.

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Busqué para tú (I searched for you)

“Calvin?” You asked from under the 7,000 blankets you were under.
No reply.
But then again, you were so sick you could barely talk, and when you did, a sandpapery sound was what you sounded like.
You say up, and immediately you felt yourself go lightheaded for a second, the you felt normal, well as normal as you could be at this time.
You looked around the dark room and sighed. You couldn’t see much, and your vision was kind of blurry.
You felt a sudden burst of cold flow within you, and your whole being felt like ice.
“Cal?” You called weakly again.
But again, nothing. He couldn’t hear your sickly soft voice from where he was in the other room, editing a video.
You sighed and shifted so that your legs were on the floor but you still sat on the bed.
You then stood up, and a felt a rush in your head, and you were dizzy for a minute.
When you adjusted to this new position, you started to walk very slowly to the door of the room.
You were shaking badly by the time you reached the door, and it only became worse as you staggered, most likely looking drunk, down to Cal’s editing and recording room.
The door was closed, and you reached out your arm to open it, but you were shaking so badly it took a minute to actually close your hand around it turn the knob.
You opened the door slowly, and saw Cal sitting on his chair, editing a video. He had his headphones on and you could hear bits and pieces of the music.
You walked over to him slowly and put a hand on his shoulder.
He took off his headset and smiled at you, but he then frowned.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” He asked.
“I’m…cold.” You answered in the less shaky voice you could muster.
“You are now? I’m not surprised, it’s cold in here,” he laughed, though you could see the worry in his eyes.
“I feel like ice,” you said.
He knew you were sick, and it didn’t surprise him. You always were needy when you were sick.
“Want me to come lay with you?” He asked quietly.
You nodded, and he stood, put an arm around your back, and walked you slowly back to your shared bedroom.
You laid back down in the bed and he got in next to you, cuddling you from behind.
He shifted and pulled all the blankets back on the both of you.
You snuggled closer to his warm body, and he rubbed your back slowly, and mumbled sweet nothings to you.
You fell asleep in minutes.
Calvin slowly pulled his phone from his back pocket, and pulled up Twitter.

‘No video tonight. Gf is sick and she needs me right now,’ he tweeted, and the support came instantly, and he smiled.
He actually looked at the clock, and it read 3:30am. It was kind of late. He wasn’t tired, so he opened up snapchat and starred to open uo messages from fans, and they were all cute little, 'Your the best!’ Or 'Hissss,’ like they usually were.
Cal took a picture of the dark room and captioned it, 'My girlfriend is sick and she got up to come get me because she was cold. But you still gotta love her :)’
He put the picture on his story and closed the app.
It was about 4:15 now, and he felt you shift, and he feared he woke you somehow.
But your eyes stayed shut and you sighed in you sleep.
He laughed silently and opened Twitter back up.
His tweet had gotten so many 'get well’ replies and he smiled, glad the fanbase loved you as much as he did.
You sighed in your sleep again, and cuddled yourself subconsciously closer to him, but then something peculiar happened.
Your started to talk, but not in English, in Spanish. Cal laughed quietly and opened up his camera and recorded what you were saying.
“¿Calvin? ¿Calvin? ¿Dónde estás amor? No puedo verte y tengo miedo! Sé que estás ahí, así que me siento mejor. Te amo Calvin, te amo.”
You stopped talking then, and sighed.
Cal didn’t know all of what you said, so he tweeted the video and asked someone to tell him, since he didn’t know Spanish.
The first reply was a translation:
“Calvin? Clavin? Where are you love? I can’t see you and I am scared! I know you are there, and I feel better. I love you Calvin, I love you.”
Cal smiled and then saw the second reply, saying to say:
'Busqué para tú, querida. Yo también te amo.’ It means, 'I searched for you, my dear. I love you too.’
Calvin tried his best to say the words, knowing fully that he butchered them completely.
But he felt you sigh and turn in your sleep so that you faced his chest. You nuzzled you face into him and said quietly, “I love you too Calvin.”
Cal put his phone on the bedside table and cuddled with you until he fell asleep a few minutes later.

[Hope you liked this lil thing :) I’m sick right now and this is honestly what I would lovee to happen.]