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to tame a falcon: Jace was ten when he first set foot in the New York Institute.

champagne cocktail: The bar was packed for a week night, but Jace wasn’t too surprised by the crowd.

entreat me not to leave thee: They had thought it to be Raziel itself, at first – an angel descended from the skies, with huge wings seemingly made of pure gold coming out of its back and whose feathers were sharper than daggers, able to cut through skin and leather alike.

don’t tread on me: The streets were too empty for it to be natural.

luchtkasteel: Alec was a dreamer.

la douleur exquise: Paris. Ah, Paris, its old buildings, its designers shops, its flowers vendors trying to charm the ladies from the streets, its romantic ambiance…

sleepless night in seattle: Seattle was freaking cold, more than usual for this time of the year, but even the snow couldn’t make walking around in the city not enjoyable.

we’ll let it storm and rain: They had managed to catch Jace, in the end, and no one had seen it coming.

danse macabre: “Get back! Alec, I mean it.”

The Tudors

a change of paths: 1511. Little Prince Henry does not die when he is seven weeks old, but rather when he is twenty-seven years old, married yet childless, leaving his sister Mary only heiress to the throne, and betrothed to the Dauphin of France.

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Jared Leto Imagine

Request: Can I have Jared Leto smut pls? Maybe you two are friends and fight then he confesses.

Warnings: smut

Hope You Like It!!! 

“You are coming tonight, right?” I read the text from Jared, my bestie. He had invited me to his house to watch the newest season of House of Cards. It was like a tradition, we watched every season together. So I couldn’t reject his invitation.

“Of course, but I’ll meet a friend before coming to you” I answered back and started to get ready.

“Who is that friend?” He asked but I couldn’t answer that. Because that friend was Kyle, my ex boyfriend. If I had told him, I would have had to explain everything and I didn’t want to do it now.

“An old friend. I’ll be there by 9. See you!” I texted heading to my wardrobe. I wore my black jeans and a nice shirt. Then I grabbed my purse and left the apartment.

‘Silly me’ I thought to myself as I was walking to Jared’s. Kyle wanted a second chance and I gave it to him. But he didn’t seem like he had changed. He was the same arrogant, selfish man. I couldn’t stand him so I cut the date short. As soon as I left the restaurant, I headed to Jared’s. He was the nicest person on earth unlike Kyle. He always found a way to make me happy.

I knocked the door twice before he opened it. “Welcome, you’re early!” he greeted me cheerfully. He gave me a big hug after I came in.

“What’s wrong? You look upset” he asked. I just shrugged.

“It seems that old friend made you upset” he was right. “By the way you look ugly” he joked and earned a chuckle from me. “That’s better. Don’t pout again” he said kissing my temple.

“Now tell me who that friend was and what happened” It was the question I didn’t want to answer but I didn’t want to lie either.

“Aren’t we watching HoC?” I tried to ignore his question. “That can wait. Now tell me” he was determined and I knew he wouldn’t give up.

“Well, it was Kyle” I finally said. I could see he got angry. He didn’t like Kyle at all. “What were you thinking?” he said trying to be calm

“I don’t know. He wanted a second chance and I thougt maybe we could get back together” I said facepalming.

“Getting back together? After all he’s done?” I shivered as he suddenly shouted.

“I know it was the dumbest idea, but can you just calm down?”

“I don’t want you to see him again” he said standing up. “I’m not planning either but you can’t decide that” I said frowning. He could be overprotective sometimes and I hated it.

“Actually I don’t want you to see any guy” he said looking down on me. “What? Why? Are you crazy?” I yelled. He wasn’t obviously the nicest person today.

“Because…” he levelled his face to mine “I don’t want you to be hurt again” his voice was so soft now. He put my hair behind my ear. “And I love you” he pecked my lips slowly. I couldn’t move as I was shocked. I didn’t really see that coming. When I looked at his eyes, I could see the lust in them.

“Won’t you say anything?” he asked and I pulled him into a kiss as a response. He kissed me back pationately. In a second, he was on top of me. He moved to my neck leaving hickeys. “You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting for this” he said between kisses. He easily found my sweet spots. He unbuttoned my shirt exposing my bra. He unclasped it as I took of his t-shirt. Then he sucked my nipple playing with the other one.

He kissed me again rubbing my clit. He smiled into the kiss as moans escaped my mouth. He pulled himself back and looked me in the eye asking for permission. I nodded slightly. He thrusted in me slowly kissing me with his soft lips. I pulled his hair as he got faster. He was enjoying my view as I was close to my climax. I got lost in his beautiful blue eyes.

“Jared…” I whispered his name as I came making him smirk. After a few seconds he came too burying his face in the crook of my neck. His hot breath sent chills down my spine. “God, you’re so beautiful” he said huskily. He lifted me up bridal style and headed to his room kissing my temple.

He placed me in his bed and lied beside me wrapping his arms around my bare waist. He kissed the behind of my neck several times. “So, you wanna watch some HoC?” he asked chuckling. I turned to him to see his face. “Netflix and chill then”

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There are many demons devils and paths. Mine will always be those to the left hand for I am sinister [ left handed ] and absolutely diabolickal. The choice is often symbolised by the Y. We all start at the one in the centre than come to a point where one has to choose to go left or to go right. Once you have made the choice there is no second thougt no regret no turning back for to go left is not to go right and vice versa. Stay true to your core! Ave & Hail!