second thoughts in publishing this

It’s sad -
The word,
“Sad” does not
justify my feelings.
That I cannot open
Up to my parents
About my problems.
Yet, I never have
Second thoughts about
Publishing them,
For thousands of
People to see.
—  Tumblr is My Family

anonymous asked:

(1) alice, i'm from italy and i read books in english since 2013. english has become such an integral part of my life, i also write in english and mostly even think in english. i want to write a novel. i tried to, in italian - but it just didn't feel right. i wanted to write in english. but then, i had this huge doubt. i'm italian, living in italy atm, and writing a book in english... would anyone in the uk/us even give it a go? would they just tell me off because i'm italian? could it work?

Your second message (if there was one) didn’t come through! 

You can ABSOLUTELY write in your second language. Many many many authors do. I studied some classic texts at university by writers who wrote in English, even thought it was their second language! And UK/US agents/publishers are absolutely open to international writers. My agent represents a few, at least! 

Life Lately

Just another silly Tumblr entry. Please excuse your pretty dashboards with this one. Good morning.

  • I’ve met a lot of great people here and what actually makes me super glad is they’ve been very approachable. You know who you are guys, thank you so much. Also, a lot of them told me that there are many Batangueño Tumblristas here. It’s quite surprising though. Like really? Yung mga Batangueño dyan, feel free to drop by my ask box or direct message me. Let’s be friends!
  • I’ve been scouring the internet for hours trying to find the subtitles for the twentieth episode of Doctors, the K-drama I’m currently devouring myself into. I just wish I find it asap for I am not Korean proficient yet to watch it without the aid of English subs.
  • I have this weird fascination with poems and proses lately. I impulsively made a few ones and they’re on my drafts right now. I’m having second thoughts on publishing it here. Hehe.
  • I’ve been seeing a bunch of Spotify advertisements on my Facebook and Twitter dashboard. It’s been days and I’m starting to get annoyed. But the fact that Taylor Swift is back on the aforementioned music streaming app makes me want to upgrade my account and avail their premium promo. Oh the things you would do as a fan.
  • My mother and I had a little chit-chat about my incoming birthday. She asked what I feel like doing. My twin brother and I never fancied grandiose celebrations so we decided to just host a super simple dinner for our extended family and friends. I’m turning 20 in two days and yes I’m excited. But I don’t want to say adieu to teenhood yet.
  • I’m on the brink of running out of supplies so I’ve been thinking of going to Watsons to repurchase my much-needed essentials (lol redundancy is screaming there). But I’m so broke right now. And I can’t do anything about it. Talk about the downside of being in a vacay. Jeez what to do?