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Ear Biscuits: Uncut

So Ear Biscuits got released at midnight eastern time last night, and my trusty podcast app, Overcast (not a sponsor, but seriously, best podcast app ever), immediately downloaded it for me and gave me a notification for it as I got in bed. I caved and listened to the first few seconds just to see if it really was the episode or if it was I don’t know, a blank file? This is what I heard.

The episode that was released about 20 minutes AFTER this one does not start like this. I recorded all the way to the actual episode opener, though my version doesn’t have the intro music playing over it.

Sorry about the audio quality, I tried to reduce the noise as much as possible. What you’re listening to is a recording of my phone playing a recording, so there was only so much I could do. But it’s worth a listen just to hear an innuendo-laden exchange between Rhett and Link involving soft and hard sticks.

drabble: interrupted by fireworks

notes: i wrote this after i watched both parts of them playing 14-year-old Phil’s game and got inspired by the music choices

After the tenth song on Phil’s old game that Dan recognizes after only hearing the first two seconds of it, he becomes aware of two things at once: First, he and Phil are giant nerds who should have probably spent more of their teen years doing fun teenager stuff instead of obsessing over video games so much that they can now name every single song.

Second though, Phil is the only person he knows (actually knows, random dudes on reddit threads don’t count), who also loves video games soundtracks as much as he does, listens to them over and over again after he finishes a game and is able to name the tracks afterwards.

Most of his friends like games as well, his Youtube friends all have their own gaming channel, but sometimes, in moments like this, it hits him that no one will ever be as perfect for him as Phil is.

“Find someone who has the same interests as you,” has been his go-to dating advice for years whenever he tries to give a serious answer, but he never realized how much he meant that advice. How lucky he is that the boy next to him sat down at 14 and created his own video game, putting all the same songs into it that Dan spent hours listening to on repeat during his teenage years.

He walks aimlessly around yet another maze that Phil created in this game, complaining loudly at each turn that he has to take. Phil laughs quietly next to him, his arm slightly brushing his, the side of their thighs pressing together. In the beginning, when they were just settling into their first apartment in Manchester and Dan said no to Phil being in his videos more times than he said yes, the secret touches held a certain kind of thrill for Dan. Now it’s a thing they do out of habit, Dan barely pays attention to it, only a small part of his mind still takes comfort in their smallest of touches.

“Oh,” Phil says as Dan enters yet another random room of the game.

“Oh?” Dan starts to ask, in the process of turning his chair towards him, when he hears the song coming from the speakers. “Oh,” he finishes softly.

Interrupted by Fireworks is playing, the song Dan still stupidly considers ‘theirs’, even after years of fandom interaction and “OH MY GOD WHO ELSE GOT SENT HERE BECAUSE OF PHAN” comments kind of ruined it for him.

Phil smiles at him. It’s not his usual video filming smile, it’s his cheesy “we’re gonna get married someday”-smile.

“You’re such a nerd, I should have known this would be in there,” Dan laughs, but it’s not his camera laugh either.

“Guess 14-year-old Phil just knew how to make all the boys swoon already,” Phil smirks.

“You’re an idiot,” Dan says, hitting him on the chest softly, but he lets his hands linger there long enough that Phil can close his hand around his wrists and kiss him.

It’s not heated and there is no intent behind it, but Dan will never not love kissing Phil, so he gets a bit lost in it, while Interrupted by Fireworks is still softly playing in the background. This might be the cheesiest thing they have done since Phil made him that stupid video in 2010, but Dan can’t bring himself to regret it.

“So,” Dan says a few minutes later, clearing his throat and trying to fix his hair. “I really hope you didn’t put anything important for the storyline into that room, because there is no way in hell we can leave that in.”

Phil just laughs at him and lets him exit the room without complaining. And if his lips look a bit redder and Dan’s shirt is a bit more ruffled for the rest of the video, no one has to know.

I just realized I should hurry tf up finding a photographer for Colossalcon because I’m going to need a shoot first thing in the morning for Mercy :/ Her wings are liable to get damaged at any time so I suppose I need them fresh and pristine for photos. Plus, I can’t stand midday heat in it, either!

which brings me to the question:
Any photographers with open slots for Colossalcon yet? I’m actually looking to book two, though the second cosplay is much more forgiving!

High school AU pt. 1

(let me know what you think)

The librarian stepped up angrily to the young boy across the room. She was not going to forgive his shenanigans a second time. Even though she felt pity for the boy, it could cause her to lose her job.

“Yakov Feltsman, you cannot sleep here. The only reason I did not catch you the last time is because you curled up underneath one of the tables, but I won’t make that mistake again. You have to go home, Yakov.”

Yakov looked at her sadly before grabbing his backpack and walking out of the library. The school was pretty much empty now, except for the few teachers and stragglers that had afterschool activities, and he was dreading having to go home again. Maybe he could get away with sleeping in the bathroom again, but the janitor had already caught him twice, and swore that he would involve the principal next time. That was something that definitely could not happen.  

He zipped up his coat and walked outside, the cold biting at his face. Well, that stopped him from sleeping outside…He didn’t really want to catch the flu again or die of hypothermia, but it was almost worth not going home again. He sighed, he knew what he really needed  was a friend, but that thought was almost laughable.

Yakov wasn’t an unfriendly person, however, he wasn’t very social. It didn’t help that puberty made his voice sound deep and rough either, so he hadn’t had much luck with friendship. Instead, he spent most of his time buried in his books, or nursing bruises that he kept well-hidden.  It was much easier to just stay quiet and remain under the radar, than failing at finding someone he could trust.

 He remained alone with his thoughts, as he steeled himself against the wind, and started his long trek home through the icy sludge. He lived in a house that no one in their right mind would ever consider a home. Maybe tonight would be different, but he wouldn’t hold his breath. He would never allow himself to hope again, because that was a dangerous thing to do.

So like I was rewatching the space mall episode-

-and my weaboo alarm started going off when I saw the space pirate outfits and!! It turns out that each of them has bits that reference different anime and reflect the personality/situation of the paladin wearing them and I’m cryindkfg LOOK

Pidge’s glasses are Kamina’s from Gurren Lagann. Kamina is an older brother character who uh inspires his (pseudo) sibling to travel to space and fight in a giant fucking fighting robot. And after Kamina dies, Kamina’s little brother ends up wearing his glasses (or a version of them, at least).

(*Matt voice* “believe in the me that believes in you, Katie”)

I’m actually willing to bet my entire firstborn child that Keith’s outfit is referencing Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, who, shit you not, starts out as a rival character from a planet of evil killer furries and then becomes a grumpy ally/friend to the heroes. He’s even crossing his arms just like him I’m so mad

I spent like an hour trying to figure out Hunk but then I realized: spiky shoulder pads, spike on head, apron (later on in ep). He’s Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, aka a big, strong, compassionate kid who likes cute things, food, and hugs, and will kick your entire ass if you try to hurt anybody in front of him. Also Alphonse is a suit of armor, and Hunk’s lion is the most armored, like…

Lance’s little glasses and long coat are just like Vash’s from Trigun. And fucking. Vash is a fucking marksman who acts goofy but gets serious to help others / when in trouble and doesn’t understand the full extent of his abilities. Does any of this. Sound familiar at all.

I couldn’t figure out Coran’s (apparently I’m not that level of weeb yet) but if someone knows who he’s referencing please tell me so I can get mad about that too because I can’t believe I didn’t notice all of these fucking parallels the first time around what the fuck

Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.