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Women are fucking powerful:

Women in general? Have to deal with misogyny and crappy gender roles/stereotypes and unrealistic beauty expectations.

Straight women? Gotta deal with 75% shitty men in relationships.

Lesbian women? Gotta deal with same shitty men trying to hit on them, constantly being excluded by straight friends, AND gotta deal with all their ships literally dying.

Bisexual women? Gotta deal with men AND women telling them to pick side and subsequently being shitty to them for their sexuality, as well as being invited to a million-and-one unsolicited threeways. Also may have to deal with both straight and lesbian women issues.

Pansexual women? Gotta deal with the same as bisexuals and defend their unique identity as separate from Bisexual for being inherently trans-inclusive and nonbinary-inclusive.

Queer women? Have to define exactly their identity in their unique way or deal with people asking all the time despite not wanting to, being told their identity is a slur.

Ace women? Gotta deal with their identity being erased and being excluded on the basis that ‘they haven’t suffered enough’ when it’s really not a competition.

Intersex women? Gotta deal with being forgotten about for their unique sex characteristics and gender identity, as well as whatever their sexuality brings.

Trans women? Gotta deal with shitty men and women treating them like garbage for being a trans woman, have to deal with whatever their sexuality brings, and the issue of having far less support then their trans masc counterparts.

Nonbinary women? Any of these possibilities depending on where exactly they’re coming and going, as well as the constant erasure and being shoved into an ‘either or’ concept of their gender.

Women of Color? Literally any of these possibilities plus racists and the exclusion of any possible identity groups based on their skin and heritage. Have to deal with even more fetishiziation and prejudice then any of their other counterparts of the same identities, and have to deal with ‘no ___’ on every single dating app ever.

Moral of story: Women are amazing and powerful and deal with shit on varying levels. Each and every girl has suffered and is valid and should never use their own pain as a weapon against another, if you attack your sisters you’re leaving both you and them with nobody else to turn to.


Truly dramatic


i want you so bad, it’s driving me mad

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I want to vent but i hate to vent so just… 

this is the closest i can get to my current feelings using fast and easy UT shitposts


                            EXO Halloween Series ; Luhan as Doppelgänger / dɒpᵊlˌɡɛŋə /

“A look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a harbinger of bad luck. In other traditions and stories, they recognize your ‘double-goer’ as an evil twin.