second tattoo plan

They say it takes months to plan your first tattoo
and seconds to plan your second one.

Muse A is a successful tattoo artist and piercer at a small shop. 

Muse B enters the shop, hoping to get something meaningful and personal as a tattoo. Muse A is introduced as their tattoo artist, and Muse B is taken aback. They’d never been attracted to people with tattoos before, but they find Muse A to be breathtaking.

Muse A talks with them about their tattoo, and Muse B shares the deep meaning behind it, prompting Muse A to explain their own struggles, telling one or two of the stories about their own tattoos. As they talk, and as Muse A draws up Muse B’s design, they begin to form a bond, which only grows stronger as Muse A comforts Muse B, who gets nervous when they begin preparing the needle. Muse B might have gotten cold feet, if they hadn’t been so set on impressing Muse A, who talks them through the process and promises the pain will be worth it.

When the tattoo is finished, Muse B is ecstatic, pleased with the design and the shading, it looks better than they ever could have dreamed. They leave the shop satisfied, but only with their tattoo, and they find themselves back in the shop shortly after, ready for a second tattoo, and specifically requesting Muse A

Muse A begins regularly tattooing Muse B, and while Muse B is no longer afraid of the needle, they’re too shy to say outright how they feel. Little by little, they begin to drop hints about their intentions, which Muse A picks up, but Muse A plans on keeping the relationship strictly professional, despite the fact that they, too, are developing feelings for their canvas. They begin taking longer to do the tattoos, staying after hours in the shop to work on Muse B as single tattoos become sleeves, and small crushes become love. 

What will run out first, Muse A’s professionalism or Muse B’s unmarked skin?