second star to the right tattoo

Feyre and Rhys Children

Imagine if Feyre and Rhys didn’t just have a daughter

We all like to think that Rhys and Feyre have a daughter. I being one. Cause OVERPROTECTIVE COURT OF DREAMS !!!! But imagine if Rhys and Feyre have a set of twin boys before their daughter.

  • The boys were born 100 years after the battle with Hybern and everything that happened under the mountain. Feyre wanted time and she got that. She got time with the court of dreams uninterrupted, she got the the freedom she had never had before, she got to heal and become a strong amazing High Lady. But also, she got time to have Rhys all to herself. They are immortal so there is no rush.
  • But then Feyre finds herself pregnant. And she can feel two hearts beating within her and Rhys can hear them too when he puts his ear to her stomach.
  • At first it’s terror and fear for both of them. High Fae have trouble with pregnancies, and two babies at one time … this is going to be very hard. But together, they are ready.
  • When Feyre gives birth to her sons they are no more than 5 minuets apart.
    • The older one is named Faron
    • The younger one is named Florin
  • The boys are both Illyrians, wings and all. They are obviously powerful because of who their parents are but no one quite knows how that power will manifest itself.
  • The twins are almost identical. In looks both are more like Rhys, with the same tan skin and black hair like him. But one has Feyre’s eyes and the other has Rhys’s.
  • However it is their personalities that are the big difference.
    • The older one, Faron, is more talkative around strangers, but when around family he is more like Feyre. That is to say quiet, protective and strong in a less of a presence way but quiet power way.
    • The younger one, Florin, is more quiet around strangers. He can easily blend into the shadows, content with his twin doing all of the talking. But around family and friends, boy oh boy is he like Rhys. He is smug, arrogant and completely devoted to those he loves.
  • They grow up happy in Velaris. Learning to fight with Azriel and Cassian. Learning to winnow with Mor. Learning to be scary without even trying with Amren. Learning to paint and read with their mom and learning to fly with their dad.
  • But just like every young Illyrian, they go to a camp to learn how to train for battle.
  • Feyre goes with them, and stays in the house that Rhys’s mother stayed in when he was training. Rhys always comes for dinner and stays the night. The rest of the Court of Dreams stops by very regularly.
  • The twins are not given special treatment in the camps. They are treated the same, and even choose to sleep with their comrades. Making friend with a lot of them, their closest friends being three Irriyan females (cause yes Rhys fixed this) and two other males.
  • As they get older they grow into their powers more. And like their father, their powers cannot be tamed with syphon stones.
    • Faron inherits Rhys ability to mist and Feyre’s ability to light up and call upon water (sometimes he gets really jealous of his brother, but when Feyre shows him what water can really do … he is obviously very pleased)
    • Florin gets Rhys ability to control the darkness and shape shift from Feyre (he turns out to become more like Az- he is the quieter of the two)
    • Both can winnow and can read minds like Rhys and Feyre
  • When they become old enough and start the whole lusting after people (I like to think that the older one is Bi and the younger one is gay) Feyre does the same thing Rhys’s mother did with her ring. She gets two rings that Rhys had given her over the centuries and put it into the cottage of the weaver and told them that “Their future mate or bride/husband had better be able to get the pieces of jewelry or else they would never be able to survive staying with them for all eternity”
  • Now, with the Illyrians that they became super close with, the twins formed their own mini Court of Dreams, but instead called it Court of Stars
  • Rhys and Feyre decide not to step down once their sons meet the age of maturity. In fact when the twins do reach the age of maturity, neither know who should be made High Lord. (There is talk of making them both but ultimately it goes to their daughter who they have later - and no, not right after she reaches the age of maturity)
    • Faron becomes her second and Florin becomes her shadow singer
  • And like their father they get tattoos too, their first ones matching insignia’s of the Night Court on both their knees like their father. (They so look up to Rhys even if they don’t admit it). Eventually each of them adds onto their ink, sometimes the same thing, sometimes not. Sometimes it is in the same place and sometimes not.  
  • After another 50 years since they matured, Feyre gets pregnant again. And this time it is the baby girl.
    • Let’s just say she has two very protective, very scary older brothers and family

There are things that are meant to happen, written in the stars and tattooed in invisible ink in the air. They’ll happen no matter which turn you take in the path of life, or how many delays are in the way. They’ll wait for you right until the end, when it’s time for a new beginning.

This was probably not one of those things.

That probably doesn’t change anything.

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ToG/ACOTAR Next Gen Master List: Contains Spoilers

ACOTAR Next Generation

Dacia Archeron Vanserra

High Lady of the Spring Court
Tamlin + Ianthe
Adopted by:
Elain + Lucien
Adopted Siblings:
Ash, Adara, Fia, Aella
Breast length golden blond hair, green eyes, tanned skin, curvy, 5′10
Distinguishing marks
stretch marks on thighs and breasts, tattoo on side of hand: Blood isn’t family
Shapeshifting, shifting others, healing, winnowing, strength
Hogwarts House (because why not)

Ash Archeron Vanserra

Heir to the Autumn Court
Lord of the Summer Court (through mating/marriage)
Lucien + Elain
Adara, Fia, Aella, Dacia (adopted)
18 (currently)
high fae
Red long hair, bright green eyes, freckles everywhere, 6′4, broad shouldered, tanned skin
Distinguishing Marks
Fire manipulation, advanced healing, unable to be scarred (heals wounds too fast to scar), stops hearts 
Hogwarts House:

Adara Archeron Vanserra

Dacia’s second in Command
Lady of the Spring Court
Lady of the Autumn Court
Lucien + Elain
Ash, Fia, Aella, Dacia (adopted)
8 (currently)
Brown eyes, red hair to middle back, freckles everywhere, 5′8, curvy, tanned skin
Distinguishing marks
spine tattoo of flowers fading into water
High Fae
healing, winnowing
Hogwarts House:

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Hall of Mirrors (pt. 3)

(Sorry, cutie pies. The writer’s block is very real, so it might be a bit before I get the next part of “Enjoy the Show” out. Stupid writer’s block…)

Google watches Sparky prance around the office like a little show pony, scattering blue sparks and snapping at the other Googles as they walk by. “Ankle-biter,” Google Green quips at him fondly. Blue smirks and glances at the security cameras.

Something catches his robotic eye, and Google zooms in on Dark’s office. His eyebrows raise in the appropriate amount of surprise. “Green, get the others in here.”

Google Green looks up in confusion. “Is there a problem?”

Blue’s face screws up as he continues to watch the footage. “Um, I think that’s an appropriate name for it.”

When the others gather around, Google plays the video for them, and they all gasp in shock. “Amy!” Bim exclaims.

Host fidgets wildly. “Wh-what’s happening? Someone tell me, now!”

Wilford swallows hard and shakes his head. “I thought something was different, but this…”

The Host stabs his cane at the floor several times. “Is no one listening? Tell me what is happening in the video! What’s wrong with Miss Amy?”

“She ah…” Ed smooths down his mustache nervously. “She’s kissing Dark.”

“Rather passionately,” Silver adds. “That’s disturbing.”

Host takes a seat in one of the Googles’ chairs. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t even narrate for a long while. He grips the armrests until his fingers and knuckles turn white with effort. “Something is wrong. This isn’t Amy.”

Ed shakes his head. “I don’t know, Host. He doesn’t look like he’s controlling her…”

Host throws his cane across the room, and Oliver has to duck out of the way. “It’s not Amy! She would never,” his voice chokes as he starts to shake. “Not after all he’s done.”

Wilford nods and looks around at the others, hands wiggling wildly. “He’s right. After all that Dark has said and done, there’s no way that Amy would allow herself to have these kinds of feelings for him. Something must be wrong.”

“Google, play back the footage again,” Bim says softly, not wanting to believe his eyes but not being able to come up with any explanations himself. “His aura stays around him. He’s not using that. She-she seems to be moving on her own.”

Silver points at the screen. “What about that right there?” Google plays back the last ten seconds slowly, the moment when Amy tucks her hair behind her ear. “What’s she doing?”

“Whatever it is, it surprised Dark,” Wilford leans in. “Google, can you zoom in?”

Google mutters angrily, “Can I zoom in? Of course, I can zoom in…” He blows up the shot of Amy, and it’s then that his eyes pick up the strange black star on her neck. “That’s different. Did Amy get a tattoo?”

“Not that I know of,” Wilford answers, squinting his eyes at the screen. “That’s…” His eyes go wide. “That’s not good at all.”

Host jumps up. “Oh, would you tell us what it is already! Can’t you remember that I’m blind?”

Bim walks over and rubs the Host’s back gently. “There’s a strange marking on Amy’s neck, a black star of sorts. Wilford, can you tell us what it is?”

Wilford runs a hand through his hair, jaw working as he sums up how to put this. “It’s like a birthmark but for figments. Not every figment has one. But if they do, no matter what they look like, they carry that mark. Which means…”

“There’s a figment possessing Amy,” Ed finishes with a sigh of relief. “Well, at least we know she hasn’t lost her mind…”

“It’s still not a good thing,” Bim bites back. “Who knows what this figment has done to Amy to suppress her, and how long has it been since we’ve had the real Amy?”

Host taps his hand against his leg. “It’s been a few days. I sensed the change not long after Ego Inc. burned, but I wasn’t sure what it could be. She said all the right things… I thought the trauma of nearly losing Wilford might’ve been the cause.” He curls his hand into a fist and bites his knuckle in frustration. “I should’ve known!”

Bim shakes his head. “Host, there’s no way you could’ve known for sure. What we have to worry about now is how we’ll get our Amy back.”

Wilford makes a face. “And we’ll also have to decide whether we tell Mark or not,” he says, glancing back at the screen as Amy—not Amy—stares longingly up at Dark. Of all the things that have happened, could Mark handle this?

“No,” Host says, “we won’t concern Mark if we don’t have to. This is a figment, and we’ll deal with her ourselves.”

This headcanon is for thatscutebutno who asked me to write something about Sirius’ tattoos. Hope you like it!

  • Sirius got his first tattoo when he was fourteen. In a (not unusual) fit of teenage rebellion (he had just had a rather nasty fight with his mother, again), he dragged James to a tattoo parlour on a backstreet in Hogsmeade were he got the Gryffindor crest, roaring lion and all, permanently etched on his right shoulder blade. Walburga never actual saw her son’s first tattoo but Sirius didn’t care. What had started out as a way to piss off his mother became a comfort: no matter how dark his family might be, he knew that his Gryffindor nature was something they could never take away.
  • In 5th Year, after he and his friends succeeded in becoming animagi, Sirius once again visited the tattoo parlour in Hogsmeade. This time he got a black pawprint on his left hip.
  • That summer, Sirius ran away from home,  or rather ran away to home, the Potter’s house had always seem more like home to him than Grimmould Place. It was that July when he and James both got enchanted tattoos of the moon on the inside of their left wrists. Almost like a watch, it showed what phase the moon was in. (When Sirius was sent to Azkaban years later, the tattoo still held its charm. He would spend every full moon as Padfoot, the quilt of leaving Remus alone to much to take in human form.)
  • Sirius’ next tattoo was of two constellations on the inside of his right forearm. The first was Canis Major from which the star called Sirius shone. The second was Andromeda in honour of his favourite cousin and the reason he didn’t go insane those first eleven years of his life before he went to Hogwarts. (A few years later when Sirius learned that his estranged brother, Regulus, had joined the Death Eaters he had his brother’s constellation, Leo, tattooed there as well.)
  • When he and James graduated Auror training, he got the phrase “Constant Vigilance” tattooed on his left bicep in latin. (James thought it was hilarious, Moody just rolled his eyes in irritation). 
  • When Harry was born and James and Lily asked him to be Godfather he got Harry’s birthday on the inside of his upper left arm. 
  • When Sirius was locked away in Azkaban for twelve years, his tattoos became a reminder of better times, of why he was innocent and how much he had to remember that to stay sane.  
  • Sirius Black loved his tattoos. They covered his body; they told his story. Like scars, permanent marks on his skin, only…with happy memeries instead of pain. 
Sirius & His Tattoos Part 1

I’ve always had this headcanon that every tattoo Sirius gets has meaning behind it, he isn’t one of those people who just goes and gets a tattoo randomly.

• The first ever tattoo he gets is for Remus; on his ribcage is a moon and as the days pass, the tattoo changes, eventually turning into a full moon. He got this tattoo to help him keep a count during the holidays when he’s stuck with his family.

• The second is for Peter and James; this one comes slightly after they figure out their Animagus forms, he gets a set of pawprints for each boy, Peter’s is on his left bicep, James is close to his heart, and when they change the pawprints move, kind of like the marauders map.

• During their 7th year, Sirius gets a tattoo of the star constellation Alpha Leonis, in honour of Regulus, he still sees someone brave and good underneath and despite what everyone must think he still loves him dearly.

• Shortly after he starts dating Remus he gets his initials tattoo on his right hip; marriage for a werewolf/same sex couple is nearly impossible and he figured this was the closest thing he was could do.

• A few months after Harry is born, he gets a fawn on his wrist, it grows along with Harry until eventually becoming a strong deer like his dad.

• After many long years in Azkaban, Sirius decides that he needs one finally tattoo, as a short of reminder, right over his heart he gets a deer and a doe with the date Lily and James died underneath and the words Mischief Managed.

Second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning. 

Drew my friend’s Disney tattoo design that features Peter Pan, the sun from Tangled, the scarab beetle from Aladdin, snowflakes from Frozen, a balloon from Up, the rose from Beauty and the Beast, a clam shell from The Little Mermaid, Aurora’s crown from Sleeping Beauty and the glass slipper from Cinderella. 

okay but imagine

finn is really self conscious about the scar on his back but he doesn’t really bother to tell anyone ya know like it’s not really something you tell people other than “no, I’d rather not show you right now, maybe later” and it’s that easy to get around

but then there’s a lull in the war and the pilots and some recruits are playing some weird game with a ball out in a cleared space on the tarmac and poe invites him to play and briefly goes over the rules so finn starts playing and gets the hang of it and he’s like REALLY good at it but holy shit D’Qar is hot this time of year and most of the guys have already stripped their shirts off (including Poe, hello) and finn is about to die from heat stroke but he doesn’t want to stop playing and then

he looks around at the other soldiers and realizes that they’re all peppered with scars and wounds and some of them look cool and some of them look horrible and some of them just make their entire body look slightly deformed and no one cares and poe’s sporting his own set of awful scars and still no one cares, no one pays any mind, they’re all just out there playing and having a good time so finn sucks it up and takes his shirt off and about two seconds later he sees poe staring at him

but it’s not at his back, it’s at his front… but it’s not a good stare. its like a slightly horrified stare, like an almost angry stare. and finn is kinda panicking and worrying to death about his image and doesn’t know what’s going on right now so he follows Poe’s line of sight down to the small tattoo of his stormtrooper designation beneath his left collar bone


Question Time! 

I’m thinking about getting my second tattoo tomorrow with my roommate, but the question is, which one? The first is a BSG reference made by @onessiss that I’d like on my right back/shoulder. I’d change the wording to say “Sine qua non” instead. The second is obviously Princess Leia and either on my forearm or my right ankle, and the third option is the Star Trek comm. badge on my left wrist. 

So, what do you think?

Flowers And Tattoos

Okay so I found this prompt so Im going to make a oneshot out of it (phan)

warnings: EXTREME CUTENESS ( Smut in part 2)

enjoy love ellie

Once upon a time in a small town in England, there was a flower shop and a tattoo shop.  Ironically , they were right next to each other but nobody seemed to mind. The flower shop was run by a chestnut haired boy named Daniel Howell. Dan was pretty feminine, and wore button up shirts and dark wash jeans. The shop was handed down to him when he was 18, after his mother and father died in a car crash. Lucky enough though, him and his brother  Adrian didn’t die, considering that they were in the car as well. The shop had been passed down for 4 generations, and Dan was the fifth. It was always handed down to the oldest child and Dan was five years older than Adrian so he got the shop. The shop was called “ Roses Are Red” and had been named after the starting of the poem his great great grandfather gave to his then boyfriend ( They got married years later). The shop sold every type of flower you could imagine. They sold violets, roses, pansy’s, tulips, carnations and more.   Dan loved his job. He loved talking to the customers , and his bubbly personality certainly helped. Lots of the woman who came in would flirt with him , but Dan was not interested. He was more interested into the tattoo artist next door: Phil. Phil was the owner of the tattoo place next to Roses Are Red, and would often come in to pick out flowers to base off of.  Dan was instantly attracted to his raven black hair and blue eyes. He had this bad boy vibe but damn he was the sweetest thing ever. Phil had started the tattoo shop “Neon Needles” 5 years ago, around the same time as Dan got ownership of his. They never really talked in till one faithful day. Dan wanted to get a tattoo. It was the anniversary of Dans parents death. October 15th. He wanted to get two roses with the stems being his parents names and for them to form a heart. In the middle of the heart would say “ October 15th 2009″ .  That day he made sure the shop was closed so he could grieve a little bit. His apartment was on top of the shop, so when he woke up at around 12 pm , he got ready immediately and walked over to Neon Needles. When he walked in, he saw that he was nothing like the guys in here. Here he was, wearing a cardigan and a t shirt with cats  on it , and here are these guys with motorcycle jackets and leather jeans. He was clearly out of place. As he walks up to the counter, he sees Phil smiling at him , as if he had made his day. 

“ Hi Dan! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be working?” Dan is quiet for a moment, not knowing what to say

“ Well today is the fifth year anniversary of my parents death, I wanted to get a memorial piece.”

Phil walks around the counter and pulls Dan into a tight hug.

“ Im so sorry.” He whispers into Dans ear. Dan was trembling. Phil fucking Lester was hugging him. when in the hug, Dan could see Phils tattoo on his neck of a heart that says “ Let it be”.   

Phil pulls away. “ I will do your tattoo. Its on the house.”

“ I could never do th-”

“ Its on the house.”

Phil then grabs Dans hand and brings him over to the black dentist like chair. He sits down on it and puts out his wrist. 

“ So… what do you want? Considering you have your wrist put out, I guess you want whatever it is on your wrist.”

Dan explains what he wants to Phil. 

“ Okay let me go and do a sketch”

Phil runs off to the room next door and comes back with a sheet of parchment paper that has some sort of drawing on it

“So this is what ive got. Sorry if its crappy.”

The colors popped out as if it were 3D. He felt as he could reach out and touch it. 

“ Its exactly what I wanted. Its not crappy.” Dan looks up at Phil and flashes him a smile, his dimples caving in. Phil personally thought it was adorable. 

“Thank you Dan.” They stared at each other for what seemed like hours but was just a matter of minutes, as if when they were together…time stopped. 


“Phil, is this going to hurt” He looks over at Phil with his little brown eyes.

“Well considering i’m putting a needle into your skin…yes. But its not as bad as you may think”  Phil takes a cotton ball and dips it in alcohol. He rubs the ball over Dans wrist, making sure to cover the whole area. He grabs the tattoo gun off of the steel cart next to him. As Phil inches the gun towards Dans skin, Dan grabs his arm. He ameddiatly pulls it away, as if nothing happened…

“Sorry…” Dan whimpers out.

“ No its okay. Don’t feel sorry” 

Dan closes his eyes as the needle draws closer. He has always had a fear of needles. 




“FUCK” Dan yelps as the needle pierces his skin.

“ Shhhh its okay… I will be done in no time. Do you want me to distract you?”

Dan nods.

“So… can you tell me about your parents”

Dan sighs. People have always asked him this question. Everybody from therapists to classmates. He didn’t  mind it though. Not one bit.

“ Well… as you can see there names were Mary and Steve. They were the most caring parents I could ask for. I remember the day they died vividly. Its like it has been imprinted on my mind. That day , me , my brother and them were going to London to see my family when a car flew right towards us and crushed the car. The car caught on fire but luckily somebody saw it and called 999. The firefighters came in a mater of minutes. They managed to get all of us into the ambulance, but my parents didnt make it to the hospital. We found out later that the guy who hit us was drunk, no surprise. I always wanted my parents to see me get married , hold my first child, or see me go off to collage. I cant believe that was ripped away from me by some guy who decided to drive when he was drunk. I sometimes wish that I came out with more that a few broken bones and burns. I wish sometimes that crash took me instead.”

Phil takes a deep breath.

“I know how you feel. One of my mothers died for the same reason, except it was a hit and run type of murder.  It all happened when I was 12 and my mother was coming to my school to give a speech at an assembly, because she was the head of the PTA.  I remember siting on the cold gym floor, waiting for my mother to come out and all of a sudden it was canceled. Little did I know till I was called down to the office that she had died. It was devastating.”

Dan thought for a moment. Was this the case he thought it was?

“ Wait.. was it the unsolved Sandy Lester case?”

Phils face lights up with despair

“Yep.    That was my mama”

Dan just wanted to kiss Phil right this second. He wanted to make him     feel better. 

“Im so sorry for you” Dan says looking up at Phil.

“Its okay, It happened 10 years ago. Ive learned to accept it. I just want to let you know that I am always there for you. Okay?”

  “Okay.” Dan replies, giggling. He had just read The Fault In Our Stars. He was in love.

Phil finishes up the last line on the tattoo and turns off the tattoo gun. 

“And im done”

 Dan stands up and looks at his wrist. The tattoo was even more beautiful on his skin then it was on paper. The colors were even more vivid and the calligraphy was amazing. The flowers looked at you could reach out and touch them and the heart was a light purple. Saying he loved it is an understatement.

“ Its beautiful Phil”  Dan says , looking up at the ebony haired boy. 

Phil bit his lip and looked around for a moment.

Before Dan knew it, His lips were connected with Phils, as if they were puzzle pieces. They stay like that for a moment, Dans hands around Phils neck and Phils arms around Dans slim waist. As they pull away, they hear a loud clapping. They look over to the waiting room and they see all of the men Dan saw earlier standing up and clapping. 


“ What Phil?”

Phil smiles

“ Will you be my boyfriend?”


They then connect their lips again , just as they did before.

As soon as they disconnect, theu run out the door of the tattoo parlor to go to Roses Are Red. They wanted to have a little bit of private time

Lets just say…they lived happily ever after.


  YAY! Its done! I hope you liked it ^__^ . See I told you the writer of the blender fic could write fluff! But annyyywayyss , I have more writing on my wattpad ( Howellyoudoing) if you want to check it out! See yah ( Part two to be posted soon) Bye! love Ellie

Avengers Preference - Favourite Film/s to watch

I apologise if these are really OOC for them.

Steve: You two loved watching the Indiana Jones trilogy (you didn’t like the fourth one as much as the original three). He caught you whistling the theme song while making breakfast one day and asked what it was from so you found your DVDs and watched all three back-to-back. When in battle and asked what a plan was, he’d sometimes quote Indy and say “I don’t know, I’m makin’ this up as I go.”

Tony: You guys both like the James Bond franchise. Your favourite Bond is Sean Connery and Tony’s is Pierce Brosnan. You constantly bicker over who is better out of the two. You hold a Twitter war over it. You both tweeted the same thing ‘Who’s better Bond? Connery (RT) or Brosnan (fav)’ after 2 weeks, JARVIS counted up and you got more votes. You victory danced for 20 minutes before retiring to the sofa to watch a Die Another Day to make Tony happy.

Thor: He wanted to catch up with Midgardian classics so asked you what films he should watch. You started with Jurassic Park since it was your favourite childhood book and film. He thought the idea of dinosaurs in the present was strange but agreed to watch it anyway. By the end he was practically begging you to put the second one on. Upon asking, you told him the third one wasn’t worth watching and he trusted your judgement. You ended up taking him to see Jurassic World when that came out in theatres.

Bruce: Bruce watched Good Will Hunting for the first time when you left the DVD case on the counter after you’d watched it and he couldn’t understand why he’d never seen it before. He thought it was a very beautiful film. He found you later that day and actually thanked you for accidentally leaving the case out. You would always watch it when Bruce was on the verge of hulking out or when one of you was sick.

Bucky: He developed a love for The Great Escape. You watched it once while he was away on a mission, you didn’t want to watch it with him in case it caused any bad memories of the war. He came home a few days early from his mission and caught you in the middle of the film, he made you start it again and you watched it cuddled up on the sofa under blankets. You guys always watched it when either of you were stressed. You’d catch him whistling the theme to himself sometimes.

Clint: You both loved Peter Pan. As a child you’d always dreamed of Peter Pan appearing at your window and taking you to Neverland. One day you woke up to Clint sitting on your balcony in a ridiculous green outfit. At first you thought he was Robin Hood until you noticed the lack of bow and arrow. He told you he was going to take you to Neverland. He actually took you to the lounge on your floor of the tower where he had set up a giant pillow fort and you guys watched Peter Pan together while snuggling. A few weeks later you both got tattoos behind your ears of the Second Star to the Right.

Natasha: You and Natasha loved Gremlins. You’d liked it since you were younger and introduced it to Natasha one Christmas when she didn’t want to watch a typical Christmas film. She loved it straight away so you watched the sequel afterwards. You always forced the rest of the Avengers to watch it for Halloween and for Christmas because it fits both occasions. Everyone else grew bored of it but you guys loved it more and more every time. You bought her a Gizmo soft toy that Christmas.

Loki: You showed him the original Star Wars trilogy to see what he thought of it. He thinks that the representation of outer-space is ridiculous but loves the films regardless. You find yourself watching them quite regularly. He found out about the more recent ones and questioned you about why you hadn’t shown them to him. You watched the newer three with him but he fell asleep during the last one. When he woke up he apologised for not trusting your judgement of the films. You and him are looking forward to the new one after practically fangirling at Han Solo and Chewie being back.

Birthday fic for reviee :)

She wanted teacher/student which is also one of my favorite prompts, along with boss/secretary (you know, if any of you guys wanna write/draw for me ;)) This is really cheesy and probably not my best thing (esp the ending) so I’m sorry if you hate it but happy birthday anyway bby! (rated M)

The second-to-last thing Sakura expected was to see the handsome stranger she shared a kiss with at the nightclub.

The last thing she expected was to see him in a nicely pressed suit and glasses in front of her classroom, acting as if they had never even seen each other before.

“My name is Uchiha Sasuke,” he said, introducing himself. “I will be your teacher for the remainder of the semester until Kakashi-sensei comes back from paternity leave.” Sasuke turned around and began writing his name on the blackboard. From afar, Sakura admired his nicely sculpted back bulging from beneath his suit.

“Now,” Sasuke said, ignoring the star struck looks from the females in the class who wanted him and the males who wanted to be him. “Turn your books to page 73 and read the first few paragraphs quietly to yourself. When you’re finished, we will discuss.”

Sasuke ignored the soft giggles as the students opened their textbooks. Sakura quickly placed the book in front of her face, hoping Sasuke wouldn’t recognize her.

His eyes locked with hers for the briefest second before she turned away.

Oh, he knew all right…

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anonymous asked:

Any new shrunkyclunks fics?

These are the only new ones i’ve read recently

Just to See You Smile Again (WIP) by amadwinter

Bucky came back from Afghanistan with PTSD and a metal arm. After years of therapy, he’s finally regaining a sense of self and identity that was lost when he became a POW.

Then aliens descend upon Manhattan and Bucky is thrown back to Europe during World War II. Because why have one reality-shattering event when you can have two? But the 1940s weren’t meant to handle Bucky Barnes, and beyond the cardinal rule of time travel (you can’t go back in time and kill Hitler), there’s a few things he’s having trouble not messing up. Like Captain America’s epic romance with Peggy Carter or the whole damn timeline.

The last thing he needs is to fall in love with Steve Rogers (although Howard Stark gaining proprietary rights to the iPhone around the same time he helped split the atom was a very close second).

Lucky Seven by BetteNoire (WeAreWolves)

Captain America trashes his motorcycle a lot. Tony says he’ll fix it, then never gets around to it and just buys him a new one. Steve, the Depression-era kid, can’t stand the waste and goes looking for somewhere near him in Brooklyn where he can get his bike fixed. That’s how he finds Red Star Bike Repair, and the hot Russian-immigrant bike racer who runs it: all long hair and muscles and tattoos. And for the first time since he woke from the ice, Steve feels a connection to someone; a comfort in the other man’s silences and his space, an attraction in his sheer skill at racing. But James Barnes isn’t exactly who he seems…