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• So this is us, @officialmariannino and me, meeting for the first time after 9 months of talking online.

We met through a Jacksepticeye group and since then we haven’t stop talking every single day. We both help each other and I have to say, it is a friendship that will remain in our hearts. Even though we talked for about 10 seconds because I had to leave (I was with school, and so was Marianna) we made these 10 seconds special by laughing and crying xD

Thank you Jack because without you I wouldn’t meet her, and thank you Marianna for being a part of my life now :)


Listen to me. I’ve seen ‘em all, and I’m telling you - and this is the honest-to-Zeus truth - you got somethin’ I’ve never seen before. I feel it right down to these stubby bowlegs of mine. There is nothing you can’t do, kid.


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

★ Time to celebrate, folks. Osomatsu-san season 2 has been confirmed!! ★


《 Celebration ★ Osomatsu-san anime 2nd term! 》
Tabimatsu are celebrating the 2nd term by releasing a special story that is only available at this time. ★
They are also releasing 2nd term special commemorative outfits as gifts. ♪
Today is “Osomatsu”!
More details can be found under notices/news in the application.
Please login every day. ♪ 【until 12th of April 3:59 (GMT+9 Japan)

*(t/n: They call it “2nd term” because the previous season was 2 quors - meaning 2 quarters - and thus one term.)

- Mod Ichi-nya ☆

Smutty September!

Thank you to the amazing Cat (@lattecalum) for this beautiful edit!

I’m so happy to announce the arrival of Smutty September! This is an event in which I post a new smut everyday of the month, including eight of each boy and two special items! 

I took inspiration from 5sexonds-of-smut’s 25 days of smut (it wouldn’t let me tag the blog), so full credit to them for giving me this idea! I started writing for this in May and I’m the worst at keeping secrets so I’m honestly surprised I’ve kept it this quiet for so long.

Anywayyy, this is going to be a masterpost where I’ll link each imagine with a little synopsis part. Please enjoy reading!!

Feedback/excitement would be appreciated! (pls come freak out with me)

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Listen, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but if I was hiding a lost special, and I had planted a billboard-sized clue in one of my episodes with the words “on March 8th the secret will be unleashed,” I would almost certainly release a teaser on BBC One featuring a glitching Moriarty saying “You didn’t think that was the whole story, did you?” and if not that I would definitely put a surprise minisode on YouTube with the announcement for the upcoming lost special at the end… either one would get lots of buzz and people reassessing their impressions of series 4 and going back to do what all of us have been doing all along, looking for clues and playing the game they’ve laid out for us within the show itself… get everybody intrigued and excited again for this history-making insane wish fulfillment etc etc… who knows about Mofftiss I’m just saying that’s what I’D do…

Just Special Interest™ things

-Waking up and having your first thought be about your special interest

-That feeling you get when you make your special interest both your icon and the backgrounds on your computer/phone

-Being unable to concentrate on work unless you incorperate your special interest to some extent

-Breaking through social anxiety only when the special interest is mentioned

-Constantly rambling about your special interest even when you know you’re annoying everyone

-Fearing talking about or drawing things related to the special interest because you don’t want people to think you’re obsessed

-Literally having your special interest on your mind 24/7

-Becoming frustrated when someone knows more about your special interest than you do

-Getting called obsessive or addicted by everyone

-”It’s just a phase!”

-Being made fun of for liking your special interest

-Hiding your special interest from your friends and family so they don’t make fun of you or judge you

-Having to hear allistic people refer to their hobby as their “special interest”

-Changing special interests as often as once a week, or as rarely as once a year, if ever

-Hating yourself during every second when your special interest becomes something embarrassing or bad, yet you can’t stop yourself from obsessing.

-Having more than one special interest so you try and mash them into one thing

Feel free to add more.

seriously tho, if it’s a topic related to Bakugou, chances are, i’ve probably made a post about it

Bakugou’s swearing origin story? got it

Bakugou’s smelly sweaty feet? yep

how Bakugou would react in a romantic relationship? covered (kacchako), twice

Bakugou crying?? the number of times, or how he specifically always wipes his tears with his right hand? because i got both

how Bakugou is similar to Edward Elric?? and how they’d react when meeting each other??? and how i imagine Bakugou’s reactions to romance would be the same as Ed’s????? all right here, my friends

Bakugou with Road Rage? uh-huh

a post analyzing Bakugou’s fashion sense?? here u go

Bakugou’s random amazing and aggressive domestic skills?? BOOM, HERE

Bakugou apparently doesn’t wear socks?? and the only time he DOES are the two times he’s been kidnapped???? right fucking here my bros

Aizawa babysitting baby Bakugou and embarrassing him in front of class 1A with baby stories whenever Bakugou misbehaves? absolutely

Bakugou meta? take your pick, i’ve got over two dozen of ‘em

Bakugou except the weird things behind his head are butterfly wings? boom


a post about Bakugou’s fucking HUGE-ASS ARMS? HERE AND HERE

Bakugou’s hair being super soft??? and being a result of him making sure he doesn’t accidentally light his own hair on fire??? got ‘em right here

Bakugou’s Customer Service Voice???? a-YEP, PART ONE AND TWO

Bakugou’s perpetual skull shirts?? here, and here

AU where everything is the same, except Bakugou learned how to style hair while at Best Jeanist’s b/c Best Jeanist said he couldn’t? oh yes

Babyfaced-Bakugou? absotively posilutely. bonus points: this was posted before we learned about Mitsuki’s youth glycerin quirk

Bakugou calling Aizawa dad? yes. a Dadzawa & Bakugou edit? YES

a comparison between Bakugou and Shishidou from Oumagadoki??? done not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR times!!!!


my ever growing list of Older Bakugou Headcanons? post one, two, three, four, five…..


anyway, long story short i have no life 

A few seconds

I got my Doukyuusei blu-ray box just 1 day after a scanlated version was released..and I really feel the need to talk about it. This chapter by Asumiko Nakamura was released as special chapter for Doukyuusei blu-ray booklet which is also released in english ;)  

The story is happening after Kusakabe and Sajou ran off and kissed.

I love this one because it shows that it was not just smooth development (from kiss to going out)…I mean yes it was genuinely smooth but with a little bit of awkwardness and embarrassment which I consider realistic (especially in highschool).

They try to be calm and talk normaly but soon as Kusakabe mentioned something that recalled the act of kissing, Sajou immediately blushes. The silent interaction when they are not talking but are aware of each other.

When without words Sajou follows Kusakabe and keeps his distance.

But then Kusakabe stops to wait Sajou and to brush away that distance –>  which I think means uncertainty from Sajou side but it disappeared by Kusakabe’s help. The embarrassed Kusakabe.

They came to crossroad where they need to saparate and befour Sajou leaves Kusakabe asked him: Were you surprised? And Sajou answers: I’m still in shock, even now. (from the booklet)

Embarrassed Kusakabe is LIFE. <3

Kusakabe requests to be together a little longer…and what surprised and made me happy the most was Sajou without any hesitation putting his bag away and sitting down and embarrassedly saying that he wants to wait a little bit more too.

Again they are sitting quietly with blushes on their faces…OMG I LOVE THIS SCENE :D  It’s so fresh, new, akward, nothing to talk right now…but want to be together.

And a little bit of akward interaction…what I really like is detailed starting with hands and ending the page with legs.

Then Sajou gets a message and then decide to head home.

At that moment Kusakabe leans to Sajou and kiss him…I really like how Asumiko Nakamura is playing with their eyes :D for me it makes it more intense.

Sajou’s quiet blushing face answers all Kusakabe’s questions.

-       The few centimeters of distance that I could see from afar, they have now dissapeared.  

It ends the chapter perfectly for me…but than again I have some questions…did Kusakabe happen to be in love with Sajou befour the learning lessons…?? I personally don’t believe that but maybe he was watching him and then fall in love with him between the time from lessons… And yes we know Kusakabe was the first one in love ;) :P