second resort

Edgey’s Mountain Resort

Second times the charm huh?

Hello all! Edgeymun here to try this whole, discord server thing again, only this time its a roleplay server. Because of anons and the exchange rate of gold in the place Edgey lives, hes sort of really rich.

So, considering he is bored and wants more friends, he decided to make a resort for anyone to come to and hang out.

“Is my muse welcome here?”- Let me tell you, if your muse has a reasonable reason to be able to get to this place, then yes any muse is welcomed.

HOWEVER- While any muse is welcome here, I’d rather all muns to be over the age of 18 for the comfort of the people there, and the fact that there are rooms where people are allowed to do the do if they are comfortable enough to write it in public.

If you are interested, shoot my an IM! I’ll give you the discord link for you to join. 

'Babygirl' part 2

Justin’s POV
It had been exactly 3 weeks since our breakup. The first week i managed to convince myself that i was glad that i was finally a free man, i could fuck whoever i wanted to whenever i wanted to and i did. The second week, i resorted to pettiness. I posted over 10 pictures of Hailey and i on vacation including the one were we kissed on New Years Eve. The worst thing though, is when we were on vacation and Jaxon and Jazzy kept asking me where y/n was, i honestly didn’t know what to say to them. This last week though, has been a completely different story. Ive punched so many walls I’m pretty sure my knuckles are broken, there are broken beer bottles and plates everywhere, i haven’t eaten anything, and i’m so sleep deprived the bags under my eyes look like deep black holes. Ive tried everything to make my princess mine again. I call and text her so many times a day i’m pretty sure she has already changed her number, i’ve even sent her gifts ranging from roses, bears and jewelry to even buying her a car. Every time she would send them back, i’m pretty sure i could hear my heart break a little more.

Few days later~
“Come on y/n, pleasee pick up” i said into my phone. I was calling her for the 10th time today “hello?” Oh shit somebody picked up. “Is a-anybody there?” My breath hitched, she picked up, my baby finally picked up the phone. “Hello, y/n. Y/n is that you?” “J-justin” she sounded out of breath. “Y/n finally you picked up omg you picked up” “J-Justin w-what do you- oh shit” “y/n are you okay, why are you so out of breath” “i-im fine, what do you want?” “Y/n i just wanted to say that im so sorry, your my babygirl, my princess. I never meant to hurt you” she didnt answer “y/n are you there” “mmhm” she started breathing hard again “omg jason that feels so good” she moaned. The same feeling of my chest caving in came back. I dropped my phone in realization, she was with another man, another man was making her feel like i used to make her feel. She fucking picked up the phone while another man was fucking her just to make me jealous. I dropped to my knees, i could barely breath, the tears streamed down my face. Getting up, i stumbled to the kitchen and grabbed a beer bottle out of the fridge, chugging it down quickly. Looking at the bottle in my hand i stared at it until i finally threw it against the wall. Sinking to the floor, i brought my knees up and rested my elbows on them to support my head. My vision was blurry, i could feel my face starting to turn red, my breath was heavy. Until i finally realized my worst nightmare had come true. My baby, my princess, my everything, wasn’t mine anymore. My baby girl belonged to another man now, and it was all my fault.