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If he had had to give them a name, he supposed he would have called them horses, though there was something reptilian about them, too. They were completely fleshless, their black coats clinging to their skeletons, of which every bone was visible. Their heads were dragonish, and their pupil-less eyes white and staring. Wings sprouted from each wither — vast, black leathery wings that looked as though they ought to belong to giant bats. Standing still and quiet in the gathering gloom, the creatures looked eerie and sinister.


to my babes with depression/low energy: i’ve started to use this method to celebrate every daily victory, no matter how small. it really helps me to put the little things in a visual perspective, and to be proud of myself during especially low spells. i thought i would share this with you guys if anyone wants to begin to do this, too! living with a mental illness is rough, but things like these are what keep me staying positive, and realizing how many things i *do* complete, even when i feel like i’ve done nothing. (and to my magical friends: this works for spoonie witches, as well)! ♡ xoxo


My boyfriend is reading Harry Potter for the very first time. And just so he wouldn’t have to borrow mine I gave him a second hand copy I found in a thrift store. It’s so battered and it must have been soaked in water at one point. But we both love it! The sound it makes when you turn a page is so wonderful. Like some sort of old book sound! I didn’t know that was a thing but it TOTALLY is!!! :D